Friday, April 17, 2009


Master Kuthumi through Lynette Leckie-Clark

I greet you once more in love, unity and Oneness of al that is, and
that which has been. As I come forward to you now, I bring with me the
Will of God the Creator, and His Blessing of Light to you. Be still a
moment and connect to the Light, feel it as it enters your energy
field, and travels through your crown chakra, down through the Pineal
gland, making it’s way down to further open and feed your Higher
Heart, connected to your Soul. For it is here, at the core of your
being that the connection, the sacred awareness of Mother, Father God
essence resides within you.

This Divine energy, which pulsates and now demands acknowledgement,
through your Soul, to connect back, to remember your true core, your
beginning, where you were truly born. It is time my friends, in this
magical year 2009, to remember. This year, translating to the number
11, a sacred number, which carries the vibrational energies for your
spiritual development this year. Through the Light particles
penetrating your being, activating your higher power centers, pulling
you up higher in vibration, you will desire to understand more of your
Soul knowledge – your purpose, your own unique path, your Soul and
it’s journey of your past and what is to be.

Indeed the planetary energies this year are propelling mankind forward
to his sacred home, to fully experience and be with the Creator
energy. Many of you will begin to awaken, to seek new knowledge and
understanding of your journey. It will be a year of connection to your
Higher Heart energy, to feeling your way to the completion of each
daily experience.

You are now in a time of connecting to this feeling center. It is what
we and our cosmic brothers have been preparing you for over a number
of years. The energies have intensified through your previous ten
years. You have felt this. Outwardly all of you have seen change, in
your personal worlds, your outer world, and in other lands. I have
spoken of these changes many times in my teachings to assist you.

Now here you are at the beginning of a New Year, a new cycle, a
powerful and a very significant crossroad. In my previous teaching I
spoke of this very crossroad, now I explain further. As I have said,
many are and will be questioning their role, their purpose, trying to
understand all that is. Why, when, how, what for? I say to you that I
have spoken much on all that you ask, as have other Light Beings. Yet
still you persist in this old mentality of thinking. It is time now to
connect to the heart center, the feeling center, the home of your
soul. For your Soul does not think – no – it feels. And it is able to
feel all, both the positive and negative emotions. I can tell you
where there is too much negativity around you, the Soul will withdraw.
This will leave you feeling empty – void of emotion and feelings. The
Soul is not present you see, and so you are temporarily in a Soul
vacuum until the Soul returns and awareness of feelings resume.

So it is that you are at a Soul crossroad. Where will you step? Will
you remain as you are thinking – again the mind energy – that you will
be safe as you are. You feel in the comfort zone with no desire to
change so you choose to remain in the same ‘place.’

Or will you step across onto the new path which leads to experiencing
a New Earth, a Divinity of pure joy and delight where unconditional
love resides?

What do you choose? You have the power to refuse, though as more time
passes it will require much more third dimensional energy to remain
where you are now. The crossroad is before each of you. It is time to
be still, to listen within. Really listen. Listen to your heart
through your Higher Self. The old ways you have experienced through so
many incarnations are crumbling. The ways of control through fear,
greed and humiliation of another are eroding very quickly. In those
who operate – even in the slightest manner – from any of these traits,
the changes on Earth and in your lives will create even more fear as
you vainly try to hold on to the old familiar energies. The new path
is upon you. Stop, consider let go of old ways which no longer serve

And so, 2009 will also be a year of challenges. The Divine energy
through the Light particles which penetrate your very being, awakening
your Soul Light, will draw you upward to new heights of inner peace
and joy. Many have not experienced the depth of pure joy available to
you through the Light. It will depend on the degree of Light you have
already integrated into your being, which will decide on how great
your own challenges will be. Remember the Light is your protector and
your weapon. There is no other weapon –no.

In times of despair, immerse yourself in the Light particles, you will
be uplifted. In times of verbal attack from another, do not lower
yourself to a third dimensional energy level, rather send them Light
merged with love. Immerse them in that energy – and yourself. For only
the Light has the power to dissolve all negativity, to transmute, to
soften, to heal. Many act in negative manner through fear. So I remind
you to use the power of the Light through any challenge presented to
you to experience. Remember the power of the Light is your birthright.


As you proceed through your coming year, there are many signposts
being sent to you through the Cosmic energies. However the greatest
will be on the 9 th September 2009.

On this day the infinity of Cosmic Light particles will be very
strong, invoking the deepest spiritual connection for all. It will be
a magnificent time. A time for all to drink their full of the Light
particles to complete the transformation of the DNA through your very
cells. Water will be the carrier. We call it a Cosmic Birth, a birth
of Divine Light within through Christ consciousness and unconditional
love. We await this great day of celebration and birthing. I Kuthumi
will speak more of this as this day in your time grows closer.

In preparation I give you two further dates of integration in
Divinity. The first will be on the 11th day of January 2009. Again you
will notice the sacred numerology of the number 11. This is the first
Cosmic doorway of preparation to further integrating your Soul Light –
the first doorway into the new creation of acceptance.

The second power dates I give you are the months of June and July.
Both are significant for your Divine development. June being another
time of important preparation and integration, for in July another
doorway of connection opens. You see, you must be prepared
energetically to enable you to withstand the new energies.

There is a third date near the end of this magnificent year which is
the eleventh day of November 2009 – again the vibration of the number
11, which contains much Divine power. This date is a doorway to uphold
you in Divine strength and peace through the new Cosmic birth.

Of course, since this is a pivotal year in your Soul awakening, many
other dates will also hold significant energies to empower you in
infinite Light energies. As always I will guide you through each step,
along with my brothers and sisters of the Great White Brotherhood. We
come to you, a few at a time, so our own Light does not blind you. As
in all things you must be prepared to experience great Light and high
vibrational energies. So my friends, you begin to see why I say you
are at a crossroad. Your shield and your armour are contained in your
Soul Light. The more Light you carry, the brighter and stronger your
Soul Light.


Now you will recall at the beginning of the previous year, 2008, I
gave you warning of what was to come, particularly with your financial
systems. You are now experiencing this. I can tell you that the
world’s financial upheaval is not yet complete. You are still
experiencing the illusion of money. There is an air of false financial
expectation being created. I say illusion because that is how those in
control of your financial markets are holding you through fear. They
still seek to control you through this creation of money and of course

I say to you to simplify your lives. Release this fear of financial
lack which is overpowering many. Simplify your lives. This will be a
challenge for many throughout this year. Look to what you need and
what you want. There is a vast difference. I urge you to simplify your

I wish to say to all of you that you are now entering mew times, a new
path of awareness and experiences. As I have said you are experiencing
great transformational times. I wish to remind you and I urge all to
listen – to truly listen – that this is a time to group together. To
help one another, to work together in tending the soil to grow your
food. To form communities in new ways of living together, of helping
one another in unconditional love.

It will be important to help one another emotionally as some will find
these further transitional times easier than others. It is not a time
to return to the ego self and to think of yourself as greater than
another – no. It is a time to work together, sharing your knowledge
and compassion with others freely.

We have spoken often of Oneness, of your connection to Oneness. I say
to you, how can you experience this great Oneness if you cannot work
together, if you cannot live together? Understand this does not need
to be in one large house, no, houses can be separate, yet aligned to
another with simple needs and unconditional love. This is before you.

And so, you are at a crossroad of choice. I ask, what do you choose to
create for your future?

I leave you in love and healing energies as you prepare for the cycle
of your New Year.

Master Kuthumi

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