Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Your Present Moment is Holographic to All Incarnations

Your Present Moment is Holographic to All Incarnations
DL Zeta

Your present life is holographic in nature. A single life is to the
arc of lifetimes as a drop of water is to the ocean. There is much you
can learn about your past and future life selves by developing
awareness of the parts of your self that play a dominant role in your
current life. At any given time, according to your current needs and
life circumstances, an "aspect" of your higher self is informing and
advising your present-moment self. Many are not aware when these
changeovers in spiritual advisers take place, but they are often aware
when a sudden "change of heart" or change in direction takes place in
their lives.

If your present consciousness is deeply entrenched with your current
identity, these changeovers in spiritual guidance can be dramatic. Any
resistance to change slows spiritual progress. Over time, one of two
scenarios takes place in a given life. In one scenario, the conscious
mind expands its spiritual awareness to embrace these changeovers,
which paves the way for spiritual growth and communion. In the second
scenario, the conscious mind becomes increasingly resistant to
spiritual evolution. In this instance, the soul begins to "phase out"
the incarnation by slowly cutting off the flow of life force to the
body. Sometimes an individual faced with a life-threatening illness
awakens to the need for spiritual growth and begins progressing again.
At this point, the soul often chooses to "re-instate" life force to
the incarnation. This is when remissions and "miracles" occur.

Embracing "Changeovers" in Spiritual Guidance

To be able to fulfill your spiritual purpose, it's important to set
welcome and embrace each new aspect of your "self" you encounter. A
new aspects arrives on the horizon of your awareness to guide and
assist you to your next stage of growth. You can begin a dialog with
each new guiding entity to learn more about it. Often it is possible
to learn if this is a past or future self where it resides in time.
These advising selves are aspects of your inner spiritual community
for your present life, just as your past and future life selves
represent the spiritual community of your soul. Each life mirrors all
other lifetimes and contains within it the possibility for inner
communion and homecoming.

Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing
and Transformation by DL Zeta

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