Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ooooooh Wheeeeee! New Energy Arrives!

Ooooooh Wheeeeee! New Energy Arrives!

April 16, 2009


Massive blasts of energy are arriving now, pushing us ever closer to
our very new beginnings. If you are one who is highly sensitive, you
may be experiencing heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, anxiety,
fear, and an over-all shakiness inside.

When these bursts of energy arrive, and we rarely have them anymore,
they serve to shake things up, move a lot of energy, and push much to
the surface. Auto accidents, personal accidents, feelings of being
rattled, and great insecurities are other common symptoms that derive
from great energy movement. And almost always when we make great
change within, allergy symptoms and sinus headaches can appear for
many as we are now vibrating vastly different from our outside
circumstances, and this causes the resistance that at times can create
allergies and sinus headaches.

As we near these very new beginnings, and near we are as we poise
ourselves with one foot in the air, hovering over the landing of our
very first step on a very new shore, we must be ready in every way.
Anything within us that is not in alignment with new and higher ways
of living and being, is now in the process of getting into alignment
as we must meet the necessary requirements for our very new residency.

“Insecurities” are the earmark of this latest energy surge. When we
are dangling in mid-air, before we reach that shore, we may feel
insecure as well, as there is nothing yet to hold onto, to anchor
into, or to land upon. But add to this a big energy surge, and the
insecurities can feel tenfold.

Feeling suddenly insecure and afraid, again, as we are still poised in
mid-air as well as having much pushing of old energies flying around
within and without, can bring about strange and unsettling feelings
indeed. We may suddenly change our plans abruptly, and now choose to
grasp for an immediate fix in regard to something that will bring us
some kind of security or shore. Or, we may make a new decision that
involves giving us more of a long-term fix, or we may even hook up
with anyone or everyone in order to find some kind of support and
community for the time being. But that is not what is really going on
here, because when we do indeed connect again, after leaving and
disconnecting from so much of the old, we will be enmeshed with very
new and much more permanent and long-lasting connections than ever
before. And they will feel glorious indeed.

When the energies begin moving like this, so much is moved out, that
darkness can be flying around everywhere as well, and this does not
help much when we may want to calm down. I just arrived at my
daughter’s house for a visit of several days, and tonight we are
moving the children’s beds into another bedroom, as Simeon says it is
just too freaky sleeping by the window next to the street, as the
window is “creeping” him out!

When darkness is moving around, it can make those of us who are
sensitive feel jumpy, jittery, scared, and unnerved as well. And
intense feelings of vulnerability are always present, even more so
when so much density has departed in these new and higher vibrating
realities we now find ourselves operating within.

These newly arriving energies are encouraging us to come together as
well. Teamwork and unity are stars on the very near horizon. Thus, we
are now being encouraged through this latest shift to examine within
ourselves what needs adjusting in regard to unity and teamwork. Are
you one who usually does it all, takes care of everything, and is very
weary of doing so? Do others rarely help? Or are you one who likes to
sit back and allow others to pull the load, perhaps not seeing that
you need to participate more? Are you tired of being alone?

Has this latest energy shift rattled enough cages so that many are now
willing to come together and share the burdens? Have you found your
team, the souls you have chosen to allow into your sacred space, or
perhaps feel oh so strongly that new arrivals are on the very near

This new shift in energy is doing all of that and more. It is
preparing us for all we have ever wanted, for new and divine
connections, and for happiness beyond our dreams. If we have been
standing back in any way, we will now be encouraged to come together,
as this is the beginning of our very new beginnings.

There is so much joy and change on the very near horizon…Ooooooh
wheee! It is a sight to see!

During most of the month of March, things had finally settled down
enough for me, that I was able to write the new mini-ebook (only two
or three more pages to go!), and to also process, process, and
process. I had so many aha’s that month, preparing me for letting go
of holding all that energy for the planet for so long, that it was one
amazing moment after another. And this is true for all of us.

If you are one who did not have the time or opportunity to do this
yet, then this newly arriving energy that just came in with such a bog
wallop, will do that for you, all by itself. It has moved so much
energy, that even if you are indeed ready for your very new beginning,
it might make you feel like you are having some kind of breakdown
anyway! We are really preparing now in regard to aligning ourselves
for what is ahead. Before we can move forward, then, anything that may
be holding us back will need to be addressed. And this is, as always,
simply a part of the process.

With a baby blowing raspberries in my ear and tugging at my cheek, it
is time to go for now….until next time… Wheeeee! Are you ready?

With much love and gratitude,