Friday, April 10, 2009

Evolution vs. Creation Revisited Again-- and Again

Evolution vs. Creation Revisited Again-- and Again
Mother Earth/Gaia through Pepper Lewis

Recently, we recognized the bi-centennial birth of Charles Darwin, best known for his Theory of Evolution. Why is there still so much controversy about this subject? The controversy will exist until humanity's origin is no longer a theory, but an established truth. In order to discover this truth, humanity must reach further into its past than it has thus far, and in order to do that, memories surrounding its more cosmic ancestry must first be restored.

Where are these memories stored? In a time capsule, for lack of a better word. Within the human mind there is a region that has access to greater or more expansive truths. This region begins where the lesser region ends, and to discover these truths humanity must make the effort to break through the shell of obscurity that separates the two; it must make the effort to reconcile the dualities that have framed its current existence. As long as humanity dwells in duality, its past and its future will be opaque and obscure.

Humanity evolved from a chaotic storm of creativity, and as this creation evolved it became even more creative. The next cataclysmic storm reinvented the human form and the one that followed inspired the human mind. Each of these cosmic storms created new possibilities and each was given the opportunity to evolve and express as both form and formlessness. Your heritage is richer and more diverse than even the most imaginative minds have yet recalled.

The problem of creation versus evolution is further compounded by the fact that humanity overly identifies with its human form. Without a firmer knowledge about your heavenly past, and with only a sketchy description of your development elsewhere, you have come to believe that your human form and the embodiments it has undertaken are both who and what you are. This is simply not the case. The design of the human body is marvelous, well-developed and capable of further evolution. Master geneticists who were privileged with both foresight and hindsight sculpted the human form and encoded it to correspond to the laws of nature. This means that as the earth continues to unfold a new version of Nature, the human form will do the same.

Currently, several organs of the human body are undergoing change at minute, but important, levels of the DNA sequence. These changes are self-activated and are designed to complement and mirror the changes that are taking place upon and within the earth. Other changes may not be as beneficial, especially if humanity does not claim its right to exist. Simply put, anything that lives must choose to live, which is what gives meaning to life. Without this choice, life becomes hollow and purposeless. When there is less regard and respect for life, an entity (you) and its host (me) are in danger of fraying the threads and fibers that link all of life. For this reason, humanity has been given tools with which to enhance its consciousness and further its own sovereign development.

The earth has always developed its own forms and assisted in their evolution. It has also welcomed and assisted in the adaptation of forms that had an origin elsewhere. Creation (elsewhere as well as here), evolution and adaptation have all played an equal part where humanity is concerned.

Erroneous beliefs, half-written truths and false interpretations have led to many theories regarding your origin, including the following:

* You were marooned here long ago as an after-thought of a more advanced race.
* You evolved from ape-like beings as a product of the natural selection of species to succeed one another.
* Having heard a clarion call from Angels and Higher Beings you descended to third dimensional earth to teach, heal and restore.
* You were created here on Earth from primordial material already present in order to serve the greedy desires of an advanced but war-like race.
* You are renegades and refugees from another planet, which due to mismanagement of resources and too many low-vibration agendas, exploded in space and cast you sans memories and awareness near enough to the gravitational field of the earth so as to drawn you up in this field and catch you in a web that includes a cycling through the wheel of birth and rebirth.
* You are angels, higher beings and inter-dimensional masters who have descended to earth in order to earn a higher degree of ascendancy through the path of service to others.
* Etcetera, and so forth, and unspecified others.

All of these theories contain an element of truth, but none are complete and some are absurd given the gem of life that you truly are.

When will humanity enrich itself with these greater truths? When the old ones are finally acknowledged as being invalid and obsolete. In order for this to happen, humanity must be willing to un-write and re-write lesser truths that are currently accepted as factual. This includes some of what has been written in religious texts, as well as some of what science has issued as an edict of fact; it is not compromise that is needed so much as an expanded truth born of an altogether new paradigm. Amidst the persistence of these older and lesser truths lies the challenge for the future.

Why doesn't Gaia and/or other knowledgeable sentient beings simply proclaim these truths as self-evident? A significant body of evidence already exists, hidden in plain sight and visible to almost all. In simplest terms, humanity does not yet wish to claim its heritage or its history because if and when it does the current paradigm will come to an absolute and abrupt end. Still, there are cosmic markers in place that determine proper and timely sequences for the opening and closing of eras and ages. As you might imagine, you are already upon the gate, and will soon be in the inner courtyard and knocking upon the door. There are unlikely prophets among you. Some of them are determined to uphold the prophecies of their ancestors and others are determined to tear them down. The human experiment will allow both of these experiences to co-exist. Duality cannot choose a victor; it can only oppose itself and reveal its opposite.

Between layers of lesser truths and obsolete facts a faint glimmer of light points the way to greater truth. This light is omni-directional and omni-dimensional, meaning that the next step in the discovery process can be found in the present as well as the past, on earth and in the higher heavens. False hope often envelops and protects greater seeds of truth; therefore even false prophets inspire and assist the feckless to embrace faith in the face of uncertainty.

How and when will you finally know the real truth? You will come to know it within before it is actually confirmed without. Inner truths are made of a finer and more natural substance than outer truths; they emerge from nothingness and without reason. Spirit will not shout at you to "Wake UP!" Instead, it will whisper to you lovingly and with soothing gestures that will cause you look deeper and dig further. Subsequent generations will already have these truths woven into the pattern of life and nature will determine the rate at which they take shape.

We will not reconcile this controversy in this writing, but perhaps we can place it at hand, near enough to make it accessible and attainable to those who seek and stretch. As you choose to engage this part of your mind you will have access to this truth and to others that are more than worthwhile. Empty your linear mind of what you can and cause your lesser thoughts to yield whenever possible so that you will not be imprisoned by them or be obliged to obey them. Let them find another master. Un-polarize yourself from any and all truths; consider the merit in each without subscribing to them. The truth does not lie to the far left or the far right of center, or in the center itself. The truth lies in the original thought of the divinity that later became Man.

As you dissolve the boundaries that separate you from this understanding, you will know not only who, but what you are. Enter the realm of original and creative thought that dwells within each and all and you will find answers to this question and many more. Doing so is as easy as you imagine and as difficult as you think, therefore in this regard (and in many others) sacrifice your thoughts in favor of your imagination, which is a more fertile ground.

Pepper Lewis is a natural intuitive, a gifted channel and a recognized writer, speaker and teacher of metaphysics. The unique and distinctive channeled messages brought forth by Pepper have become favorites of readers all over the world. Most popular are the featured articles authored by the sentience of our planet, Mother Earth, affectionately known as Gaia.

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