Thursday, April 2, 2009

Human Templates

Human Templates
April 1st, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, does the incarnating soul provide an energetic
template which is manifest as the human body by combining the soul’s
DNA with the DNA of the fetus? Einstein, in an interview in the book
“Talking with Leaders of the Past,” speaks of the re-blueprinting of
bodies by the use of intention to direct energy. Does this imply that
there was a blueprint in the first place? ~John M.

ANSWER: The fetus has a DNA template provided by the biological
parents whom it has chosen. This DNA supplies physical, ethnic,
medical, and physical sensitivities and propensities to the developing
body shell. The soul has its own history, carried in its DNA created
by the previous life experiences recorded in the Akashic records.

The physical DNA characteristics are imprinted within the physical
body, while the historic DNA is in the etheric body and may be called
into play, or not, as the soul sees fit during its lifetime. These
both may act as blueprints for the development of the person,
depending upon the soul’s freedom of choice for the experiences being

There is a third thing that can come into play in determining
characteristics and afflictions, based upon the soul’s freedom to call
things to itself through its intention. When something that is not
already part of its blueprint from parents or from past history is
desired, the soul rewrites its blueprint, with its intention to change
the direction in which it is heading.

For instance, a soul may have a propensity to be addicted because its
biological blueprint is for an addictive personality, and it has had
past lives as a drunk and an obsessive compulsive. But, as this person
grows up, that addictive personality realizes that he (or she) is
destructively addictive because he never wanted to take responsibility
for his actions and was running away. He then develops a strong sense
of self-worth and responsibility for every aspect of his life and
rewrites the blueprint, through intention, that he is a well-balanced,
non-addicted, responsible individual.