Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Archangel Michael: DNA and Vibration

Archangel Michael: DNA and Vibration
Received by Carolyn Evers

In Chaos Before Creation, we have given the stories of individual souls so you can understand that on each side of the divide called death souls exist and continue to grow. That is the basic news. The idea to add to that thought is that on each side there are patterns that bring together the drives of the soul and organize them to be implemented in the experiences in an orderly fashion.

On Earth it is your DNA, and on our side the experience is found in vibration. Whether it is DNA or a more refined vibration, the two are linked together and integrated into the soul's experience following laws that supersede thought.

We will discuss your side first. It is understood that DNA is comprised of parts that do not seem to be turned on now or working in a fashion that scientists recognize. We say to you that all parts of the DNA are working now; it is jut not recognized. We will add that the particles will soon become more integrated so that they will become understood and their work will be recognized.

Presently your scientists just have clues. As their studies bring more understanding they will find that these particles that seemed turned off are really activated as the pattern that is closely aligned to the thought process directs them.

What has been discovered is the part of the DNA that controls genetics. What hasn't been discovered is the part of the DNA that will come into play as the cells become crystalline.

Light will link DNA and it will become more obvious that this is the path of higher integration. This integration will turn on what will seem to be advanced abilities. This fact is starting to be recognized as scientists follow the processes found in nature.

For instance, it has been recognized that if the queen bee is destroyed or leaves the swarm, the swarm is not only leaderless, but unable to function: their organization is lost along with the directions to the individual bees.

This is a function of DNA and it is the queen bee's DNA that has set up the organizational pattern. If every bee had this organizational pattern, there would be confusion and strife in the hive. This is part of organization

In humanity this DNA that is part of the organizational process is a function of light and light is part of enlightenment. This part of your DNA that is being turned on is regulated by light and it will have within its structure the ability to regulate the corpus callosum, or what some call the third eye. The way showers are part of that process now, as light is responsible for increasing the strands over this structure.

You will recognize this if your spiritual promptings are getting stronger. You intuitively sense that these messages are from a higher source as you resonate with the incoming vibration as it feels comfortable to you as you receive them. You know that this part of your assistance that you are receiving is true and beneficial to your soul.

Now on my side of the divide, we do not have DNA exactly as you do, but we do have a system similar to yours. Since we do not have the physical framework, DNA as it exists in your biology would not be of assistance to us.

In your world, what would act as your DNA is received by us as impulses. We have assistance in beings that function as guidance to this level, but this guidance is also prompted to the individual as impulses that pulsate with the vibrations from the higher realms.

It is the attraction or pull that one feels to move on and graduate to higher levels of existence. We have said many times that all is part of a progression. Whether it is on your level or mine, the pull of advancement is inherent in all.

Blessed Be,
Archangel Michael

Received by Carolyn Evers

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