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Expanding Your Definition of the Present Moment

Expanding Your Definition of the Present Moment
DL Zeta

(Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness, Part 10)

When accessing fifth-dimensional consciousness, you may find it
necessary to expand your definition of the present moment. You have
probably heard it said that the key to developing awareness is to "be
here now." Being present and awake within each moment is undeniably a
major component of spiritual awareness. We ask you now to take a step
further to examine the scope of your "present moment." Who are you
within this moment? Are you limited to what you see in front of you,
or do you hold within your consciousness a vast repertoire of
possibilities you can activate at any second? Do you hold within you
maps of consciousness that point to infinite locations and states you
can access at will? Do you feel your past (in this life and others) is
inaccessible or do you feel connected to these past aspects and even
assisted and supported by them? Are you able to travel through the
doorway of your imagination to visit your future and learn what you
are creating in order to fine-tune your present moment?

Does your present moment contain a doorway to an inner temple where
you regularly commune with angels, guides and other aspects of your
being, or does your present moment contain a barren, one-room shanty
where you feel lonely and cut off from the rest of the universe and
worse, from parts of yourself?

The perception that your present moment is compartmentalized and shut
off from both past and future limits your ability to access other
aspects of your consciousness. These aspects represent parts of you
incarnated through time that can help you heal the past, design future
realities, and access a wide range of latent skills and abilities.

Each Moment Contains Infinite Possibilities

We have undertaken this discussion to bring focus to the infinite
possibilities that exist within each moment. It's not enough to simply
say, "Be here now." If a person's belief system isn't sufficiently
expanded, they will likely find the present moment to be rather dull
and uninteresting. When faced with residing solely within a lackluster
"present moment," many people create outer diversions, become thrill
seekers and even develop addictions. Depending on a person's early
programming and beliefs, they may extend this perception of emptiness
to themselves, finding themselves lacking. Many thrill seekers at the
root feel themselves empty without a dust storm of activity swirling
around them. They keep others at a distance, fearing they would
perceive their emptiness if they got too close. This doesn't have to
be the case. Expanding your definition of the present moment can open
a dazzling array of possibilities that will never leave you feeling
bored, lacking, or empty.

Steps to Expanding Your Present Moment

A first step to expanding your definition of the present moment is to
examine your present beliefs about who you are. If you believe you're
a vast, multidimensional being of infinite capabilities, you're well
on your way to expanding your present moment. If, however, you believe
your present physical reality is all you have and that you are limited
to the information you've programmed into your personal CPU, your
definition of the present moment could use some stretching.

When you view the world through the eyes of spirit, it's easy to see
how each person is spirit incarnate. Spirit, with its infinite nature,
has the ability to be all places at all times. The word "omniscient"
is often used to describe this unlimited potential. Some of you might
say, "But this is the word we use to describe God." Now we are finally
getting to the root of things. Do you see God as separate from
yourself or as a part of yourself? We offer this holographic
definition: you are to God as a drop of water is to the ocean. A drop
of water has the same properties as the ocean. It is holographically
the same as the ocean, just as you're holographically the same as God
and with the same properties and potentials. This is a second step in
expanding your present moment – to see God, all-that-is - whatever
word you choose to describe the infinite – as a part of you.

You are an Omnipresent Spark of Spirit

You as an omnipresent spark of spirit have likely been incarnated
hundreds and even thousands of times. We say "likely" because some
entities in this universe incarnate only on a few occasions and for
specific purposes. Younger souls have by definition experienced fewer
incarnations than older souls. (The fact that you're reading this says
you're an older soul).

You have been incarnated in numerous timeframes throughout history,
both past and future. You may find it a stretch to contemplate the
possibility that your spirit has incarnated into future timeframes.
You might wonder why a being who has experienced life in 2100 would
choose to stage their next incarnation in 1950. There are reasons why
an advanced soul chooses to incarnate into a "past" timeframe. We will
speak more about this in the next segment of this series titled
"Beings from the Future." For now, we will simply say that you have
been incarnated in the past and that you likely have been or will be
incarnated in future times on planet Earth or elsewhere.

You are Simultaneously Incarnated throughout Time

There is no "time" in the expanded concept of the universe. All your
incarnations are occurring simultaneously in various realities. If you
had a lifetime in Egypt in 550 AD, that "you" is still alive and well
in its own energetic coordinate in the universe. Likewise, if a future
"you" is incarnated in the year 2550 on your home planet of
Betelgeuse, that being is alive and well within its own energetic

Some incarnations are closer energetic matches to your present moment
than others. These other "yous" are creating other experiences and
understandings in their own timeframes, but they still hold various
levels of resonance to the "you" that exists in your present moment.

Your higher self is in tune with all these various incarnations
occurring simultaneously. It is by tuning in to your higher self that
you learn about these other "yous" incarnated throughout time. As you
learn about them, you can choose to visit them in consciousness. In
this way, you are able to share information, knowledge and skills.

It is by learning about and connecting with these other "yous" that
you are able to come more fully into latent talents and abilities. A
Mozart or Einstein is not created in one lifetime. True genius
develops over an arc of lifetimes and culminates in a timeframe where
the individual is able to merge with other aspects of themselves to
consolidate understandings and abilities honed throughout time.

Charting a Map of your Consciousness

When an idea, thought, vision or sensation flashes across the horizon
of your present moment, it can originate from within your present
moment or from any of your other "incarnated aspects" with which you
have suddenly come into heightened resonance. Such momentary flashes
occur all the time.

Not only are you able to spontaneously enter into closer range with
your other "aspects," you are also able to access them at will. To do
this, you will need to begin a process of consciousness mapping to
identify the incarnational aspects most strongly aligned with your
present lifetime. You can begin a consciousness mapping process by
closely examining your present moment, which is a hologram of your
entire being. Every facet of your present reality points to a specific
aspect of your being that exists elsewhere "in time." You meet these
other aspects of yourself every day – nightly, in dreams, in
daydreams, or whenever you encounter a new person or new situation
with which you strongly resonate.

There are aspects of your consciousness you know well. You may be very
familiar with your nurturing self, your musical self, your creative
self, but have little experience with your scientific self, your
healer self or your inventor self. One day you may find yourself
suddenly fascinated with healing and feel healing energy surging in
your hands. This is a moment when you come into closer range with your
healer self. As you add these new selves to the map of your
consciousness, they become like phone numbers or hyper text links
connecting you with other realities where other "yous" exist in other

Projecting Your Consciousness to Other Locations

Each person is able to project their consciousness to any desired
location in time and space. You can project your consciousness to a
point in the past where you are able to view past events from an
expanded perspective. Seeing an old situation in a new and expanded
way helps you "see-through" any emotional densities you may have
assigned to events at a time when your understandings were not as
great as they are now.

As you continue to expand spiritually, you can extend your
consciousness into other locations in time and space. The
possibilities are endless and only limited by the scope of your

You can visit another location on Earth, another location anywhere in
the universe and at any point in time - past or future. Once you have
projected your consciousness into a location, it becomes a point on
the map of your consciousness you can return to. Your travels in
consciousness become part of your memory field. These "memories" are
as real as any others; they are part of who you are.

Being able to project your consciousness into a much larger
perspective is emotionally freeing. That is because you are able to
see the bigger picture of what is happening at the moment. Stepping
beyond the confines of your physical existence allows you to see the
interconnectedness of all things. Any time you are able to shift from
the small picture of what you are experiencing to the larger picture,
you are able to understand the meaning of what is happening. When you
can project your consciousness into the bigger picture, you make
decisions from a broader framework.

When you project your consciousness into the point on the map where
you are creating your future, you are able to make conscious
adjustments in your present efforts. It is not that you are creating
new spaces in consciousness; you're simply stretching into more of
what is already there. Just as the map is not the road, your current
understandings and the points on the map you have discovered so far
are not the totality of your consciousness. Your experiences are
points on the map of your infinite consciousness.

Discovering and Healing Past Traumas

As you learn to chart and access other aspects of yourself, you may
become aware of inner wounds you have carried over into your present
lifetime. You're able to track through time to other "yous" still
experiencing traumatic or troubling events. These other "yous"
experiencing trauma broadcast signals through time that you
continuously pick up on until you heal the wound within yourself. It
is by coming into awareness of these other "yous" that you are able to
free your spirit from past events and gain the understandings you were
seeking by creating the original events.

Visiting a Future Creation

Just as you can heal your past within your present moment, you can
also visit your future to gain important knowledge and information.
You do this by looking at your dreams and visions of what you want to
create in this lifetime. Track your intended creations into the future
to witness their arrival in physical reality. You do this through the
eyes of future "yous" within this lifetime. This allows you to fine-
tune your creations and learn from the aspects of yourself who have
completed the experiences that are "in progress" within your present

You can learn how to live your life right now by visiting your last
day on Earth in this lifetime. During this visit, you may receive
information of important undertakings that might be left undone if you
stay on your present course. In this way, you are able to make course
adjustments now. You can also visit your next lifetime to see what
will be "carried over" from this lifetime that you could clear up and
resolve now.

Experiencing Vertical Time

Most people tend to think of moments as happening in a horizontal or
"linear" fashion. But there is another way to experience moments. You
might think of this as "vertical time." In vertical time, you may
experience a week that feels like a year of "linear" time. One way to
experience vertical time is to step outside of time. You do this by
removing your conscious focus from the space/time continuum to
effectively "step outside of time" into the world of no-time. This is
the timeless dimension of spirit where you become a time traveler
visiting your past and future to discover your spiritual destiny. By
traveling through time to your past, you are able to bring about
healing and release for the parts of your spirit trapped in time by
emotional traumas and other misunderstandings. Releasing your past
frees trapped energy that becomes available to empower your present
moment. It is this process of retrieving your soul in all the places
where it is held that frees your consciousness and allows your
complete focus in the present moment. This complete focus allows you
to discover and fulfill your spiritual purpose and destiny.

An empowered present-moment self is able to travel to your future to
commune with your future self and discover who you are becoming and
what you came here to do. By merging with your future "self," you are
able to view the fruits of your present creations and make course
corrections if you don't like what you see.

The Doorway of the Imagination

Your ability to expand your present moment is largely dependent on
your willingness to travel through the doorway of your imagination.

There is a thoughtform on earth that whatever resides in the realm of
the imagination is "not real" or "made up." Those who belittle the
workings of the imagination are limiting themselves to a purely
physical-based existence.

The imagination is the doorway to true spiritual liberation and
transcendence. It is the imagination that expands the consciousness
into new realms and thoughtforms that effectively create new pathways
in the mind and spirit.

The person who cultivates an active and vivid imagination is able to
join hands with their past and future to bring their point of power
(the present moment) to a laser focus for creating the highest good
for themselves and all others. It is this laser beam of conscious,
clear vision that has the power to heal you at all levels and
transport you into a future of joy and well-being.

In the next segment of this series, we will look at how beings from
the future are helping usher in fifth-dimensional consciousness.

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