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Recent Triangulation Brings Harmonization of Light Frequencies

Recent Triangulation Brings Harmonization of Light Frequencies
Message from the Masters April 6, 2009
As Received by Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

Anshallah! Antui! Asi, Asi, Asi. Entui ensitu nahallah, anh enliah!

Greetings to you from the light, with the light and within the light! We are of the infinite one in relation to you and all things!

Within all creation there has been a shift of immense proportions. This in the form of the recent triangulation which has lightened all beings in such a way as a new and complete harmonization has occurred. That which was you has been restructured in such a way that you are no longer that which you were. You have been energetically rewired.

Because of this, truth is much more obvious and for many of you, your need for truth has become like the food that your bodies need. Your very souls crave that which is and has always been with little to no patience for that which is of the illusion.

For many of you, your paths have changed to a higher road. Your lives have taken turns for a different way of being. Foe some of you, it feels as if you have been shaken to your very cores, with change all around you that doesn't necessarily feel as if it is good because chaos is in appearance. Look beyond the chaos. But do not look outward, look to your interior. It is there that you will realize that the chaos truly doesn't exist at all and that it is just an external distraction.

With the new harmonics that you are experiencing there is a deep and great sense of peace filling your core. To find that peace, it is simple to look beyond that which distracts you. That which distracts you is merely emotion that has developed because part of you doesn't understand what is happening. That which is your essence, your soul of souls, however, knows full well that the time for great shifting has come and you are part of that by virtue of your very existence.

As you begin to embrace the changes within you they will be reflected outward into your world. If you allow yourselves to become the moment and to feel deeply you will find that the new harmonization brings to you the ability to manifest, to create instantly that which you seek, for that which you seek, also seeks you.

Your harmonic vibrations have been raised in recent weeks to a state of oscillation and vibration that has not been experienced in humanity for nearly 26,000 years. You are of greater light and more reflective than humanity has ever been in the entirety of its history.

Since you are created of the light of the source, you carry that light within your very structure. Beyond simple energetics, that light is within each and every cell, molecule, atom and even smaller parts of your being. As the shifting and changing occur, the light within you responds. You become a living reflection of your source, God, your Creator, whatever you wish to call it, it is you and you it.

Even though you cannot see this with your eyes, every aspect of your being knows this intrinsically. Literally, you weigh a tiny bit less. Literally, your energy fields are reaching far beyond you like searchlights seeking others like them. Never has the call to return to the source been greater or more profound.

There are many ways to return to your source. What we speak of is the fact that with the new energies in occurrence you have the capability to enter the infinite with your consciousness and without risk or damage to your bodies. Your consciousness is pure energy. It is unlimited as to where is can go as beyond your dimension of the third there are no limits in regard to time or space. In fact neither exists. Your consciousness is faster than the speed of light. It is able to leap from one reality or density of creation to another to gain information, to experience, to affect healing of all kinds and to travel in time as well as inter-galactically and beyond.

That you have a physical body does not limit you. That you feel physically and emotionally and that you think mentally only covers your greater living experiences. These experiences are of the infinite. They are the very reason that your soul travels from one life to the next, seeking to have tactile experiences to define God.

The truth is that the definition of that which you seek inherently is that you are God and that God is you and that the creation of all things in your reality comes from your perceptions. That which you perceive you believe and therefore must be so. To alter that perception would be to say that that which you perceive you have made up to limit and define that which is greater than you.

What you do not understand must not be real, is this not so? NO it is not.

To understand at all defines a very small aspect of your being. This is the physical third dimensional perspective of life.

As the infinite shift continues you will begin to notice within your world a change in languaging. Change in reactivity. Change in tolerance of certain issues and behaviors. Change in interactions with others. Change toward a greater One on Earth. It is written in the Book of Light and your names are listed there. Each of you has a harmonic part of the greater one.

In another sense what you might consider is that what is now in occurrence is a complete re-harmonization of all creation that brings forth a heightening of responsive light toward attunement of dysfunctional harmonics. Like a grand piano all of creation is ridding itself of sour notes and retuning for perfection of harmonic resonance.

As your time moves toward events in 2012, these trends will become more evident, more profoundly obvious. Each of you has a part in this attunement. The instrument is you on all levels.

As you exist in your bodies and you witness yourselves in the mirror what you believe is that you are only what you see. Look beyond you. Look deep into your eyes. Witness the depths of your soul as it is resident within you. Then look again beyond your souls and into the very light from which you have come. Then, if you wish, choose to shine that light outward into every aspect of your human life.

Your other aspects are past present and future. You literally exist in all of time and space as you know it and then beyond into infinite being. Your emotional, mental, intuitive, causal and soul bodies are also experiencing whatever you choose. All of your time aspects are either working together as one harmonizes being of light which includes the you of which you are familiar, or they are misaligned, fighting in disharmonic resonance that ultimately comes to you on your physical being. The misalignments come from resistance to reality and human perceptions. When the harmony of truth is stretched and then limited it is no longer truth and dysharmony and illusion reign. The illusion becomes more and more convincing as the dysharmonics become more and more out of tune and therefore truth.

Truth isn't mere words that are thought or spoken. Truth is the harmonic existence of all that ever was, is and the possibilities of what can be. When you seek assistance from us, your guides, the angelic realm and others, all that you are truly doing is requesting a reality check to be reminded of the truth that seems to elude you. It is there, within you.

Seek not the illusion, the false assurances of the ego, but the greater forces of truth, for that is who you have always been. You can be nothing else except by false perceptions.

There comes another triangulation on June 11th of your current year. This final triangulation is of a full universal nature. It will disperse harmonic sets of energy which will move through you, teach you, open your inner vision beyond your imaginings, assist you in healing perceived emotional pain and bring forward your creative processes in such a way as you have never experienced them.

Further, the coming triangulation will unify the universal field in such a way that a series of dimensional shifts is possible and in fact probable. When there come dimensional shifts, there also comes change in perception and reality. The fullness of each shift is dependent upon the reactivity of those within that reality. When there is consciousness of acceptance and in fact co-creation the shifting is easy and full in nature. When there is consciousness of resistance, the shifting can be chaotic and less effective. In your world currently exists a blending of both aspects of consciousness due more to ignorance than to true diversion. As each of you takes responsibility for simply being who you are, you are one step closer to a complete shift in reality and therefore experience.

As a pendulum swings, balance is certain and imminent with each swing of that pendulum. You are the pendulum. Balance within you and around you is imminent.

As the series of triangulations culminate in June, there will be a peaceful period universally when the overall field is completely harmonized. All of reality for a period will be as still waters, rhythmic in currents but still on the surface.

Beginning in November of your current year there will be an immense and rapid opening of a series of star gate systems that will unify the wormhole systems intergalactically and into parallel realities. This sequence of events will be a domino effect as one opens then another, and another then others. We will speak to you further of these events as they become closer to your existence.

For this now, choose to feel. Deeply. Truthfully. Love yourself and as you do others will love you in return. Deny the illusion and become the truth. You are entering the moment that you have waited for your entire lives.

Ansui enti anallah nahlanta.

Until we meet again you, we, it is all perfection.

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