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Kryon ~ Channelled through David Brown 3/3/09

Kryon ~ Channelled through David Brown
3 March 2009 at Marina da Gama, Cape Town
"Breaking through the energy of shame"

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you all this night here in Marina da Gama
for there is much love in the air and there is much change in the air.
This world is on its way to becoming a very, very different place.
There is a passage in your holy book the Bible that says “the meek
shall inherit the earth” and this is what it means; it means that all
of you that have had difficult childhoods, that have had to fight your
way through life, all of you that have been processing your difficult
childhood and difficult lives, all of you that have come with a
particular energy, a healer energy will shortly become leaders on this

There are new waves of energy coming over this earth and there is a
global meltdown happening as we speak and this meltdown will not
cease; there will be no end to this meltdown. People in the world are
disillusioned, dissatisfied, unhappy, depressed, deluding themselves
that money is the answer to all their problems. Spirit world is not
happy with this situation. It is spirit’s desire to have a love filled
planet earth, a planet that holds the space for love, joy and freedom,
a planet where people can grow old and whole at the same time. That
was always the plan always, always, always but there have been certain
energies that have stood in its way.

It has now been over 2000 years since Christ brought consciousness to
this planet; and that Christ consciousness has not permeated the cells
and the DNA of the people who live on this earth plane as it should.
There are certain energies manipulating and controlling this situation
and those energies are slowly but surely being dissolved. The power to
hold a business together, an economy together, where it favours a few
and the masses are disenfranchised is completely unacceptable, where
consciousness is kept away from the masses this is completely
unacceptable to spirit world; and this is what has happened.

This is what has happened since the dawn of time particularly in these
last 2000 years on planet earth and it is still happening. Technology
is not consciousness. Technology takes you away from your
consciousness. Consciousness is love, technology does not allow you to
love yourself, technology is not what love is about, technology is
here to assist you in your day to day tasks here on earth; it is not
here to disenfranchise you from yourself, technology is here to
support you to give you extra time to give you more and more freedom
but this planet is set up in such a way that you are taxed to the
absolute maximum in more ways than financial. There is little
opportunity to find true freedom; very few people on planet earth find
true freedom and this is not the way of spirit. Spirit wants each
human being to be divinely infused, to be filled with the Divine love,
to know that they are loved. Life in the factory is not Divine love.
Divine love is relationships, it is meeting people, its understanding
one’s self, and it is feeling good about one’s self.

There is no such thing as the original sin; that is a deeply shaming
and antagonising message that is given to people on this planet.
Wounded maybe, wounded for sure but a wound is not a sin. All
difficult behaviour, all bad behaviour, if we are to judge behaviour
as good and bad comes out of wounding. A conscious person has healed
his wounds and has learned exactly where his wounding comes from.
There are only two places where the wounding can come from. The one
place is the relationship between you as a child and your mother and
your father, the second place where the wounding occurs is you as a
child in between the relationship between your mother and your father
as husband and wife. Those are the only two places that you can really
receive your wounding. There is no need to look anywhere else for your
wounds they come from that source and that source alone.

Your journey through life is to heal those wounds and if you look
really closely at the English language you will find that the founders
of the English language understood this journey into wholeness. They
were wise people, they were powerful people but they brought you a
language that understood the journey into wholeness, the journey into
love, for love and wholeness is one and the same; for a person who is
whole will be deeply loving of himself or herself. A person who deeply
loves him or herself will find himself or herself on the journey to
becoming whole, that energy will flow, the love will flow.

Dear Ones, as Kryon of Magnetic Service I issue you a little bit more
understanding as this planet is going into deeper and deeper shifts of
energies. This planet will move further and further on its axis to
bring you into divine alignment with your magnetics, your energies,
and these shifts will be a little bit harsher and a little bit
stronger than they have been in the past; and after all the time you
have spent working on yourselves you should be able to handle this. We
are here to completely change the magnetics of this planet and bring a
whole new world to you as promised. As promised in the Mayan
prophesies and in these channellings all along we have told you that
one day you will create the reality that you deeply choose. There are
many of you that are very close to that point and there are billions
of people on this planet that are completely clueless and going
absolutely nowhere. Those that are clueless and going absolutely
nowhere are about to be woken into a new world.

Spirit is about to take a much stronger approach to life on this
planet, for those people who are in power that are working against
spirit that hold the power, the financial muscle on planet earth, they
will find themselves disenfranchised if they don’t find a way of
working with spirit. We have long said in these channellings that the
politicians of the world will loose their power if they don’t act out
of goodness and wholeness and love. If they base their politics in
self interest they will go the way of George Bush, they will leave
office in disgrace and they will not be easily welcomed back into

There is a whole new world on the horizon. A world more fantastic than
you can ever imagine. With every birth there is pain and also when
something dies it is also a painful process. So let the old systems of
the planet fall away and bring in new systems, new structures, new
ways of manifesting, new ways of authority, new ways of discipline.
When the population lives in love there is little to discipline for
every one supports one another and one creates a fantastic future, a
fantastic world, a whole lot of love. One will create joy, freedom and
ecstasy for even the handful that are in power do not enjoy joy,
freedom and ecstasy, they are so busy controlling and manipulating
that they haven’t got the time to have love, joy, freedom and ecstasy.
Those of you with nothing probably have more love, joy, freedom and
ecstasy then those of the highest echelons of power who are
controlling and manipulating a set or circumstance to meet their own
ends. No matter whether you are the lowliest beggar or the highest
president you still have thoughts, you still have emotions and if
these thoughts and emotions are negative one creates a negative
reality for your self and for the nation that one leads.

There is a new world around the corner, a new world beckoning and here
in spirit world we have learnt more and more and more about the human
condition since our arrival here. There has always been spirit here
but we are bringing much more spiritual force to this earth, bringing
much more change to this earth ensuring that Christ consciousness
pervades all 6 billion humans on this planet. There will be a short
time span for this and that time span will be 6 to 10 years.

There are new energies coming to this planet Christ consciousness
should have happened 2000 years ago. It didn’t. It arrived but never
permeated the cells and the DNA of the population of planet earth.
Spirit world is in no mood for a continuation of this. Planet Earth
and its vibrations reverberate throughout the Universe affecting all
other life forms in this Universe. The whole Universe is life the
whole Universe is an intelligence, it is light vibrations and energy,
just as you are. There are many, many different life forms and many
different ways and states of being, there are many different levels
and layers of consciousness to be permeated but a new world is on its
way. Planet earth is causing problems in the Universe itself by not
evolving in the way that it should. Technology is not an evolution of
the human spirit, consciousness is an evolution of the human spirit,
but the consciousness on this planet whether you believe it or not is
actually falling. It has lost its vibration in the last 2000 years. It
has not increased its vibration as it should.

Technology is not evolution, love is evolution. To evolve is love
spelt backwards and love spelt forwards. Evolve is about love, not
about using a computer, it is not about using a washing machine it is
not about watching television. Evolution is the way you create your
reality. Evolving to the highest is about learning to love yourself,
it is about bringing love into your world, its about loving others, it
is about becoming love; and you are dearly, dearly, dearly loved for
absolutely no reason whatsoever. The love surrounds you, the love is
with, you the love is always there. It is like a sponge immersed in
water but the sponge doesn’t let the water come into it, it fights the
water. The water is the analogy of love and the sponge would be you;
the natural state is for the sponge to soak up the water. The natural
state of being for man is to soak up love, to soak up consciousness.
But you are fighting love, never allowing the love to come. You are
not letting the love come in. You are spending so much energy creating
new technology whereby if you loved yourself, if you became the sponge
and soaked up the Divine love there would be so many gifts.
Manifestation would become so easy, so many gifts. Inter-planetary
travel for instance wouldn’t be a problem; and, we can’t have
unconscious beings moving around the Universe. We need consciousness
in the Universe we need love.

We are speaking strongly today, we are speaking directly to the
healers, to those who have come to this earth with gifts to elevate
the consciousness and now it is your turn for there are many gifts
coming to you, gifts of consciousness that you would never expect. The
first gift you have to give it to yourself to prove your intent, to
prove that your intent is pure, that you heal yourself, that you walk
out of the traps that you are holding yourselves in. You will be
looked after, and in these channellings we have told you that over and
over and over again. We will love you and we will give you what you
ask, but whilst your energies go to what doesn’t serve you we can’t
help you. When you are like a sponge still in its packaging, its
plastic packaging, immersed in water you just float like a bobble on
the water. We want you to take off your plastic packaging and we want
you to become like a sponge. Soak up the love, you have to become
vulnerable, you have to let go of what you have always known. Step
into the unknown, and yes, we understand it is unknown. The gifts that
are coming to this planet are beyond your wildest dreams. You won’t
see them until they actually bite you on the nose.

We have always said this in these channellings that you are all
magical beings of this Universe. You all have the capacity for inter-
planetary travel, for dialogue with one another on each side of the
world, you can do things like levitation, transporting yourself
wherever you want, creating what you want, creating the world of what
you want, but you have to become safe, secure, and you have to become
relaxed for it is in the tension that you hold onto the darkness. The
darkness stops you being truly who you are and it is for you to infuse
these dark places in your life with light, with love, with prana. We
suggest to you that you watch the way that you breathe, that you
exercise and breathe and see that you breathe deeply into your bodies,
bringing new light, and new energies on a daily basis to your bodies.
That you eat food that is high in prana or life force such as
vegetables, uncooked, raw, salads, we ask that you limit how much meat
you consume. Once again the fear that is created by killing your
animals is downgrading the vibration of the planet.

See that every day you do your spiritual practise, see that you infuse
yourself more and more with the Divine. Just lie in your bed and just
call the Divine, become like a blanket, just soak up the Divine love.
Just ask and you will feel, you will allow this love to permeate your
bodies. Just watch the quantities of alcohol that you drink for
alcohol is poison. It is not good for you in its purest form. It is
for you to purify your bodies in every which way that you can and we
know that as you purify your bodies the emotions will release, and
those are perhaps the emotions that make you want to stop purifying
your body; and in that knowledge of knowing that that emotion wants
you to stop purifying your body it should give you the urge and the
energy and the fortitude to walk through and to purify your body, your

Cleanse the parasites from your body by taking cloves and black walnut
for instance; if you have parasites on the inside then you will have
parasites on the outside. You will have people who become parasitic on
you if you have parasites in your intestines or wherever then
metaphysically you must create a reality to show that there are
parasites in your life and it is for you to open your eyes and see
‘who is taking what from me?’, ‘where is all my energy going to?’
because every day you have as much energy as you want but if you are
feeling tired and lethargic it is going somewhere. Where is it going
to? You should feel alive and well, full of love. That love belongs to
you. Every day, every minute of every hour there is Divine love
surrounding you, just as if you were submerged in water you would know
you were submerged in water, so too if you are submerged in Divine
love you will know that you are submerged in Divine love. It is for
you to allow that love to flow into your body, into your aches and
your pains and to allow the release, allow the ebb and the flow of
love. Let it come and let it go. Don’t let it come and hang on to it
because more love can’t come, the more love that you let come and let
go the more love will come and will go. You don’t see a river, one
minute it flows and the next minute it stops flowing because it is
afraid of where it is going to go to next, the river just flows, flows
and flows. So allow yourself to flow like a river. Observe your lives.
Let spirit flow through your life, let spirit bring that abundance,
that love to you; by relaxing, breathing, loving, caring and sharing.

There is nothing more important to a human being than love; it is the
source, the alpha and the omega of your life. How you treat others
expect to be treated; and know, just know, that if you treat someone
badly there is part of you inside that has been treated badly and it
needs to be healed, it needs to be loved, it needs to be cared for.
Know that whatever is on the inside you will create on the outside.

So we ask you to close your eyes and go inside and we ask you to
observe ‘what is it I am creating in the outside world in my life that
I don’t enjoy, that doesn’t really float my boat, that doesn’t really
belong to me?’ ‘What is it that I am creating?’ Just connect strongly
to Mother Earth and to Father Sky. Allow the energies of Mother Earth
to flow through your feet, through your ankles and into your calves,
into your thighs and your hips, let it flow through your torso into
your heart, into your throat and into your head and out and become
like a fountain showering all over you… Let the energy of Father Sky
flow through your crown charka spiralling through your body,
spiralling and merging with the feminine energy of Mother Earth. Now
let it flow through your third eye down into your throat and through
your heart, it knows the way. Just relax, keep breathing, keep
breathing, just relax, just relax. Going deeper and deeper and deeper;
going deeper and deeper and deeper; going deeper and deeper and

Find yourself at the top of a spiral staircase and find yourself stood
next to Kryon and let Kryon guide you down this spiral staircase going
deeper and deeper and deeper into a space that you have not looked at
for a long, long time. There is something in your life that you are
creating that you don’t like and it is always, always, not 99% of the
time but 100% of the time an aspect of the wounded inner child. At the
bottom of these stairs you will find an aspect of your inner child and
it will correlate with what you are creating in your outside world.
Just keep walking down those steps that spiral staircase deeper and
deeper and deeper down into the darkness, deeper and deeper and deeper
and whatever you are feeling let the feelings come and let the
feelings go and one of the most profound, and we use this word with
care and with dignity, emasculating energies that we find on planet
earth is the energy of shame, emasculating. Both men and women have
masculine energies; you need the energy to drive yourself through life
here on earth to give yourself the gifts, the joy, the freedom that
your feminine needs to express her feminine delight.

So we ask you to find your shame, to walk through the shame that is
holding this wounded aspect of your inner child in a place of limbo,
in a place of stuckness, in a place where there can be anger and
resentment, it can be a place of total sadness of deep melancholy or
it could be a child that is in the deepest state of fear. Any one of
these energies you are emitting from your psyche, you are pushing it
out into the world creating your reality but the shame that you have
to walk through to get to this child is disgusting. It is a foul,
disgusting, gooey, black, thick, horrible energy that under a normal
set of circumstances you would run a million miles from. But Dear
Ones, tonight we hold you in a space of love, we hold you in a space
where you can be relaxed, where you can move through your shame and
you can move through your shame of having shame. You can know that
there can be no shame in having shame. Everybody on this planet is
tarred with the same brush, for if you will pardon the pun, the shame
brush. Allow yourselves to feel your shame, to own your shame, to be
with your shame for shame is not a very nice energy. For those who
call you sinners it is those that are shaming you. From the very, very
youngest days as little children on this planet you have been taught
of this sin, from now on this sin no longer belongs to you. This mass
consciousness of shaming sin is to be dissolved and you are the first
ones in the Kryon family to walk through this energy, to cleanse and
purify yourselves of this energy. The energy has shown, although is
not like any other energy, it is no different either… when you can be
with your shame, when you can feel your shame and when you can own
your shame you can let it go.

Underneath your shame you will find the champagne bubbles of your life
you will find the love, the joy, the freedom and the ecstasy, they are
Christ consciousness they are a natural conditioning of human life, of
human dignity. We ask you not to cast your shame back at those who
have shamed you, for all it takes for a little child to be shamed is
the child’s mother or father to be arguing or shouting in front of a
very small or even an unborn child. That is all it takes to create
shame in another human being. The younger a child the more
impressionable that child is, for that child’s parents are the gods
for that child.

So allow yourself to remember a time when you felt shame or you felt
shamed or you shamed someone else, it is all the same. Allow
yourselves to drop deeper and deeper and deeper into that black gooey
mess called shame. Just allow the feelings, let the feelings come and
let the feelings go. Dear Ones we hold you in a cocoon of love here
this night, this very night. We have angels from all sides of the
galaxy and galaxies beyond, specialist practitioners in the psyche of
man all surrounding you, with you, healing this disgusting energy.
Once you have no shame you can be free.

Your shame will unlock all the other emotions. Releasing your shame is
like putting the key in the lock of your emotional prison cell. Put
the key in the lock, where is that key? It must somewhere inside
yourself for that is law. You come with everything, every single thing
that you need, to get free. You have every single gift that you need
to get free. When you come to this earth you come with your karma, and
you come with all the tools in your tool kit to set your self free. So
look around and find that little child that is in the prison cell at
the bottom of the spiral staircase, hidden, suppressed, repressed,
denied because you can’t face your shame. Maybe you have never even
thought to face your shame and all you have to do is feel your shame,
let it come and let it go. For this night, this very night there is
more esoteric support than at any other Kryon channelling ever. Break
through this energy of shame. Shame is not quite like the other
energies, it is a mixture of them all. It is a devaluation of
yourself, it is almost invisible but once you start looking at it you
see it. Like every other energy once you face it head on then you can
be with it, and with that energy you can let it go.

This Dear Ones, is love, this is an act of self love being here this
night, this very night to bring love into your shame, remembering
those things that you never ever wanted to remember, placing those
things in the darkest corner of your psyche at the bottom of the
barrel where you could avoid it at all costs. Dear Ones, we invite you
to release your shame, to let it go, to let love and life flow through
your heart, flowing into those areas of your body that the shame has
denied you. Shame is aging; releasing your shame is anti-aging. Shame
sucks your energy, drains your energy, takes your life force. Sometime
the shame can be as thick and as black as tar. It needs to be heated
up, warmed up so that it can flow, flow out of your bodies. So let the
love heat up the shame and allow the shame to flow to release and to
go. There can be the possibility that you can be carrying your
mother’s or your father’s shame, let that go also. Hand this shame
over to Spirit; become who you are meant to be, for all healers come
to this planet with gifts, with an energy so powerful. It is shame
that you in spirit world decided to use to suppress your powers to
learn your lessons here on this earth. It is your shame. Allow the
shame to release and let it go for you are dearly, dearly, dearly
wanted here in your power on planet earth. Dear Ones, this night, this
very night we will work through the night and the next day and the day
after and the night after that and the day after that releasing your
shame, setting you up for a world of love, joy, champagne bubbles and

Go well and God Bless and take care, thank you for this is Kryon
signing out.

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