Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Council of 12 through Selacia

The Council of 12 through Selacia

(Excerpted from Living in Times of Great Change)

--The Distortion of Fear--

"The following is an example of how fear can distort your reality.

Your typical livelihood may be threatened by an economic downturn or
other changes in your workplace. Perhaps funding for your type of job
is in question. You are very good at what you do, and you would like
to continue doing it. You know that you have additional skills, too,
which could be applied to other things, but your fear causes you to
overlook this. Your focus, instead, is on the possible "loss" and
your desire to keep things on your own terms.

That focus, of course, is your fear talking and not your intuitively
guided reason.
When you investigate your fear, you may discover that it is based on
some outmoded belief systems recorded in your DNA. These beliefs,
stored in your subconscious mind and out of ordinary view, may come
from your ancestral lineage.

In a way, these beliefs are part of you, for they are in your DNA, yet
in another way, they are old energy you took on from people of long
ago who lived in different times. When you realize you have these
limiting beliefs, of course, you see how debilitating they are to the
current "you" of this lifetime. You understand that these belief
systems are casting a dark shadow on your experience, preventing you
from seeing things clearly.

Your ancestors may have lived during a time when it was the norm to
work in the family business. That work was their livelihood, and the
fruits of it were enjoyed by subsequent generations when children
matured and took over responsibilities. Perhaps war or lengthy severe
weather patterns destroyed the family business. The young man just
about to take over his father's role was forced into a life of
servitude with another family far away. This young man, one of your
ancestors, in response to what happened, developed the following
belief systems that were passed down through the generations to you.

1. When I lose my job, I lose my freedom.
2. When a business fails, I fail.
3. When my business collapses, I am never successful again.
4. When my job ends, I am poor.
5. When my family has misfortune, I am destined to have misfortune.
6. When I lose my job, I lose the place I know as home.

If you have beliefs such as these in your DNA and your livelihood is
threatened, the potential job loss can catalyze the beliefs into
active expression. Then, without your conscious direction, these fear-
based beliefs can begin influencing how you respond to the uncertainty
at work. Typically when this happens it's a very subtle, but potent,
force in the background.

Since the beliefs triggered are from your subconscious and not from
something you personally experienced this life, it's unlikely that you
connect the dots to recognize what is occurring.

Right now, as you witness the great changes on your planet, remember
in each moment that you are here to help turn the tide from fear and
lack to love and abundance. It is encoded within your DNA to do

How do you carry out this task?

First, by acknowledging your role and accepting it.

Second, by being willing to witness what is happening--both
individually and collectively.

Third, by accepting the possibility that you and your human conrades
have taken on dysfunctional patterns that obscure your view of truth.

Fourth, by letting go of the habit of judging self and others, and
simply doing what you are guided to do to clear dysfunctional
patterns. Start with yourself. Love yourself each day as much as you
can. As that love grows, you will have plenty to share with others.
In that sharing, you plant seeds within people allowing them to seek
out and facilitate their own shifting out of fear.

From these actions, you will help to facilitate the positive changes
needed to shift your world into a place of light.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we
surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12."

Copyright 2009 by Selacia

Note: all Council of 12 messages are copyrighted. If you wish to
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About The Council of 12

The Council of 12 is a group of nonphysical Masters who work with
Selacia. These nonphysical beings partner with Selacia, who is a
longtime channel for their loving wisdom and healing energies. Their
profound insights and teachings are provided through Selacia in her
private session work, public teachings, and a growing collection of
writings. These Masters in the spiritual hierarchy are working with
humanity and the Earth at this pivotal time of change, helping to
facilitate the great shift in consciousness. A part of their role is
to awaken people to their true Divine nature, and to accelerate
spiritual transformation.