Monday, April 13, 2009

The Mystery of What Will Be

The Mystery of What Will Be
by Quado & Carrie Hart
April 5, 2009

The amazing thing about what is truly new is that the promise is yet to be revealed. The startling thing about what is original is that the outcome, by definition, cannot be predicted and known until it moves into the present moment. And the wondrous thing about true change is that the trail of the past is all that can be seen and the future remains veiled in obscurity, moment by moment.

And yet, even as we yearn for the new, the original and for true change, we continue to ask: What will happen? Will I be all right? Will my dreams come true?

And the answer is that these answers can only come if what that is transpiring is an aspect of old and familiar and if the so-called change is merely a new face on an old way of being.

To welcome change, you must let go of your illusions and let be. To fully embrace the new, you must embrace it moment by moment, as the little red spout becomes a green stem, then becomes a tight little green bud and slowly unfurls. You can come back day after day asking: Will it be red? Will it be gold? Or you can glory in the spring day that envelops you as you stand outside, you can look to the wonders of the bird that flies overhead, you can take the hand of the loved one that stands beside you, and simply move into the moment and all that is, all while glancing occasionally at the rose bud, enjoying its slow progression into becomingness.

But what of plans? What of that celebration party for the opening of the roses? Should it be themed in red or in gold? And when should the invitations be issued?

There are new ways to live in the new ways of being. If you sit quietly and listen to the bids, listen to the grass as it grows, watch the clouds floating across a sky alive with moving particles of light, allow a spreading tree to envelop you with its loving energy, you will find the answer: that every moment is a celebration of being and becoming and that the red and the gold, while different, are both welcome into the world of wonder and beauty, and that the mystery of what will be reveals itself in its own time.

wish you love and peace,

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