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Atlantis, 2012 & the Age of Revealing

Atlantis, 2012 & the Age of Revealing

check out this list of ascension symptoms

The Ascension Process

Some of the emotional, mental and physical symptoms you could be feeling include disorientation when you get up in the morning seeing everything as ?unfamiliar.

* Crying for no specific reason.

* Emotional clearing.

* Not enjoying or being interested in some of the things you have always liked before.

* Not liking the same foods that you have enjoyed all your life.

* A feeling of disconnect from your work (3D Job). You can?t quite wrap your mind around why you are still doing it since it hold no meaning or fulfilment for you. You know there is something else.

* Feeling a disconnect with friends or relatives, no longer feeling anything in common with them and seeing no purpose in continuing the relationship.

* Very low tolerance for anything that is not serving you such as relationships, jobs, living conditions, etc.

* Feeling very present. Fully in the moment. Really grounded in the NOW.

* Larger awareness.

This is just the short list of what is happening to all of us symptom wise as our DNA shifts and the encodements are being activated in our DNA.


We are already enlightened beings we just don't remember that we are. This is because we don't remember who we really are.

We are divine spiritual beings who come directly from the Source, God.

Now, knowing this, you might be wondering why we don't seem to have the endless flow of everything we want including joy and happiness.

The secret is in your already knowingness (in your already knowing this); and what I mean by that is what has been programmed by society, including from family, must be let go of. No, that doesn't mean you have to drop your family and friends. It means, rather, that you need to see yourself anew. Drop the Karmic Drama that you've developed over many lifetimes. Then what is allowed is your authentic self. You might be surprised by who you really are.

It is not that hard to do. We know that something is karmic when it charges us with a very dramatic feeling that propels us into relationships, jobs even when we know they are not the road we want to walk down.

Why.......are we still playing this game of karma, still absorbed in some very old, outdated issues that are like grooves in a record. Have you ever wondered why you get the same type of boss every job. Think about the grooves on a record being stuck, playing something over, and over again.

Isn't it time to get out of that old groove and into the creational life you were meant to live?

You can do this quite easily. Just choose it.

Don't choose the old ways of going along with what is in front of you. If you don't like it, change it.


Spoken: I now unhook from any and all karma, in any and all space, time and dimensions in all my fragments. As you say this feel that you are no longer hooked into the wheel of karma; rather, you are free to create.


Now that you have taken this big step you will need to think, feel, say and do in accordance with divine will. Because you really are that divine will. You are a projection, your own projection, in this program of Earth Game and your divine nature is the real you. So the second step to this process is the reconnecting to spirit, your soul self.

Many philosophers have said that there is only one us. We are all fragments split from the Source God. This means that we are all the same being anywhere in the universe and that we are all part of God (or we are God).

Think about it.

What we see in front of us is ourselves playing different roles, different parts in the Earth Program Play. Pretty funny actually.

It really makes sense why some people have said to me that they feel like puppets. Well, they didn't know that they were their own puppet master.

When you incarnate on the earth plane you pick your parents, your general life rules, your issues to cover in the life time.

Each time you get angry at anyone in your family about something that happened when you were growing up, just take a chill pill because they are your special teachers. Look at what you learned from the situation. Maybe self-reliance, patience, resilience, getting over being too sensitive, etc. So now as an adult you have the tools to function with your Gifts. When you hear the saying ?ĺyour greatest challenge is your greatest gift.?Ĺ This is what it means.

When you go out into life as an adult and you still find difficulties within yourself - these are your greatest strengths. Let them work for you and stop fighting them, stop being afraid.

Let go of the struggle and drama and just see yourself differently, as a Spiritual Divine Being.


You have read what all the great masters who have taught on earth have said "all is within you."

You are already enlightened and the Kingdom of God is within your own heart the same place where the Holy Gail resides. A little off subject but still interesting is the Holy Grail. At some level we know this is important to us but we have not been able to remember it exactly why.

The Di Vinchi Code comes along in a timely way to remind us about the sacred feminine and the Holy Grail.

Symbolically the Di Vinchi Code is saying that each of us has the masculine and feminine within us and the divine feminine in our hearts is the Holy Grail.

Chose to enjoy your life in a new and free way from this day forward.

So Be It.

Valerie Phillips

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