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Higher Self Through Carolyn Gervais

Higher Self Through Carolyn Gervais


Creation, ah creation; quite a phenomenon; is it not? Many believe
creation began with “The Big Bang.” The “Big Bang” gives a definition
of the energy that brought about the physical manifestation of
Creation, of which took place as the Cosmos came into being. Have you
ever thought that maybe every frequency or level of energy on any
plane of existence, is a never ending experiment that has and will
continue to change, and that that never ceases?

Every level of energy is Creation manifesting whether that be in a
form or non- form. Think about this: There are many frequencies and
realms of existence that are still dormant, unconscious and asleep, in
that they do not yet know that they are a living aspect of the
Universal Life Source or even that they are life itself.

Let us look at what part “Self” plays in awareness:

“Self” implies being conscious of a self, that which is one with all
consciousness but yet individualized. Without a consciousness of
“Self,” there is no self, which means no self-awareness or purpose for
individuality. Though this would definitely be a place of bliss,
eternal love and peace…there is no awakened “Self” to give the bliss;
eternal love and peace meaning or expression… in a realm that is alive
but not yet conscious of its “Self” as life. It is much easier to
understand this from your scientist’s point of view because they can
use pictures and physical phenomena to demonstrate how these energy
realms might look to the human eye. Scientists talk about “wormholes
and black holes” of which are formations of manifested energy. Many
of these formations serve as doors into other realms, that are in
various degrees of unconsciousness and consciousness states of being;
in other words in various degrees of awaking or sleeping. Unconscious
means not being aware of, while conscious means being aware of being
aware. If you really think about it, everyone has pockets of
dormancy or unconsciousness inside of them. You are each a realm in
and of yourself that is awakening in varying degrees of expressing
your consciousness as self individuality. But yet, you are not
individual in Essence. Many of you have been awakening for so long
that you are now conscious enough to know how to create with the
energy of the Creative Force in many ways. And that ability is
becoming more understood and honed with each day of conscious life.

What does a conscious life mean?

A conscious life is not only being conscious; it is also being
conscious of where you are in the moment, physically, mentally and
emotionally. As you know it takes conscious effort to be able to
think about the past. So is reliving or living in the past, being
cognizant of now? No! Living in the past hinders each now moment
of consciousness, because the past is a memory or a mirage of a
different conscious state of being, that represents an old way of
thinking. That past conscious state is what has catapulted you into
an expanded version of yourself in your now, new conscious state …no
matter how small or large you feel that expansion may be.

Here is an example of someone who lives in an alternate past:

There is a middle-aged woman in the city of Arizona where Carolyn
lives… we will call Annabelle. Annabelle walks for miles and miles,
almost every day of the week, to various destinations of her choice,
in her town. Annabelle is different in that she looks like a
southern belle straight out of the dawning of the twentieth century.
Her colorful southern looking dresses are trimmed with bows and lace
and the full skirts are supported with starched under crinolines. A
southern frilled hat or bonnet always adorns Annabelle’s head. And,
she always carries a colorful, feminine parasol of which completes her
southern belle persona.

Though she appears to be tenuously connected to your present century,
it is enough of a connection to be able to take care of her human
needs. Annabelle is seen in one particular small grocery store
frequently and though her clothes are Vintage, they do cost
something. When you look at her eyes and face, they are
expressionless and somewhat blank…like she is not quite seeing what
others are seeing. It is as if she has been transported from another
time; another century into the twenty-first century; with a foot in
each one.

Our Annabelle seems content to live in what is obviously an alternate,
parallel version of herself, of which resides some place in the deep
southern part of the United States; at the beginning of the twentieth
century. We say “lives” because that era is still thriving and alive
in another time frequency that most do not see, from their present
perception in the twenty-first century.

Is Annabelle living in the moment? She may be, but that moment is
being lived somewhere else besides here and now in the present day.
What this means is that she is not completely conscious of self in
this century and therefore is also living in another time frequency
because that is where she gravitates to consciously, sub-consciously;
on semi-conscious levels of herself in both realities.

What does this have to do with the “wormholes and black holes” we
spoke of as being door ways to other realms that are in various states
of awakening? All realms express some degree of the creative process
that leads to the awakening of a conscious self. Many of these realms
are still in a birthing state, while others are in a sleeping state of
non-conscious awareness or are still dormant. And then there are
those alternate realms that are in a Self-conscious state of being, of
which some scientists believe lead to your parallel lives in parallel
realms. Remember that your Earth is also a parallel realm to other

For example: Let us say that you in an alternate reality or
frequency; never had children of your own… while in this reality, you
have three. Each of these experiences, of having children and not
having children, will bleed through from one to the other where a
similar thread connects the two realms. For instance the self that
never had children may have a natural ability to beneficially interact
with children and therefore was trained to become an expert who now
works with children as a counselor or teacher. The self that has
three children in this reality…will absorb some of that knowledge from
her parallel self; who has been trained in childhood development. But
on the other hand, the counselor, teacher aspect will also absorb some
of your knowledge in raising children. Working with children is the
common thread that connects both of you. With this give and take of
experiences and knowledge with your alternate realities….comes a more
balanced you as “Self” in all parallel lives. This is known as a
bleed through from one reality to another and it happens with everyone
in some way. This is why you may at times have a memory of some
experience but know it has never happened in the reality you know as
now… quite that way.

Here’s a true life example of this type of experience:

As a young girl, Carolyn and her two sisters were at the bedside of
their grandmother, who was in the hospital and dying after a stroke.
Grandmother had all kinds of tubes and needles hooked up to her while
she lay unconscious, in a semi-coma. After Carolyn and her sisters
had been sitting awhile at their grandmother’s bedside, Carolyn saw
her sisters get up and exit the room, leaving her alone with her
grandmother. She was telling grandma how thankful she was to have had
such a nurturing, loving grandmother in her life, and that if it is
time for her to go, she understands.

That was when Carolyn saw grandmother open her eyes and look at her.
She was trying to ask Carolyn where she was and what happened, but she
couldn’t form the words because of the stroke. Carolyn tried to ease
her grandmother’s mind by explaining to her where she was and why.
That’s when her grandmother began pulling out all the needles and
tubes from her body. Carolyn yelled for the nurse to come in and help
calm her grandmother. Carolyn took her grandmother’s hand to comfort
her as she said, ”It is okay grandma, you’re safe sweetie. I love you
grandma.” Grandmother was trying to say the words “I love you” back
but couldn’t. “Don’t worry grandma,” Carolyn said, “I know you love

Grandmother then laid back, closed her eyes and fell back into a

Carolyn noticed that her sisters had re-entered the hospital room.
She was telling them what had happened with grandmother while they
were gone. They looked at her as if she were crazy and said, “No
Carolyn, you’re imagining things or something because we’ve been here
with you the whole time and grandma never opened her eyes, tried to
speak or anything else you’re saying she did.”

So which reality was real? Though Carolyn didn’t know it at the time,
they both were.

As you open to these alternate realities you are more easily merging
and unifying the energy frequencies of your alternate selves.
Before, this was mostly taking place on unconscious levels. Now you
are beginning to consciously experience this merging affect in some
capacity, with the all encompassing “Self.” In doing so, you are
becoming more aware of your alternate selves while awake; in dreams
and during meditation.

This does not mean that everyone on Earth will become a picture of
complete balance and harmony at the same time; to same degree or even
in the same way. Each will become his or her balanced “Self “in the
way that best serves their present stage of evolution. This means
there will continue to be diversity and degrees of balance and harmony
in each person that makes up humanity.

What you are doing at this juncture of human existence, is allowing
yourself to have a bigger picture of your creative potential on
Earth. It is as if you are stepping back and a little out of your
body, so that you are better able to look at yourself in a somewhat
detached manner that allows you to gain a more insightful view of your
totality. This can be done both consciously and unconsciously. If
one is not yet ready to experience this stepping back, to more clearly
interact with “Self,” they may be doing so in unconscious and
subconscious ways.

This stepping back is to awaken more fully the personal self to the
real “Self.” It will also help you to more easily recognize your
ability to recreate you. Gradually this stepping back and out of your
physical aspect…will present to you ways that can help balance “The
Light and The Darkness” that exists in your reality. This is where a
degree of what we will call “Self-ness” becomes necessary in your
life. Self-ness is the positive form of selfishness, in that self-
ness means taking time to slow down the pace of your life enough to
allow you to step back and out of your physicality, far enough for you
to look objectively at your real “Self,” and not at your persona.

The part of you that we are calling “Self,” is what triggers
awakening, as you give it permission to synthesize and process through
the physical self. This creates an interconnectedness to “Self” as
awareness. This kind of interconnectedness to “Self,” is what awakens
you to other aspects of yourself of which may be dormant. We use the
word dormant to describe the mind, or parts of the mind, that are not
yet open to those other aspects, including alternate or parallel
lives. As an example: The average human uses only 10% of their brain
capacity. Why? The less brain capacity being used, is normal for
someone who is not yet consciously awakened to their “Real Self “;
enough, to awaken other parts of the brain that are yet dormant. As
those other parts of the brain awaken…a person may begin to experience
crossovers; also known as a bleed through… to parallel lives and other

As you are able to let go and step back from your human aspect
somewhat, think of something that brings love forward on a conscious
level. This can come from the love for your children; your spouse or
partner; the beauty of nature…or whatever opens you to love.

So relax and let go of other feelings. Take some deep breaths… then
breathe calmly and feel your heart swell with the love that you feel.
Feel the innocence of a child, or of anyone you love. That is the
real “Self.” Now ask what it needs from you to open to “Self” more
freely, in a healthy way for your whole being…then listen… see or feel
the answer. Write your answers down, each time you do this. As you
do so, you will begin to see a pattern that will eventually reveal
what your real “Self” needs at this juncture from you. We suggest
that you also watch for answers in your everyday life as well.

Do you see that life in all realms is part of a never ending
experiment and experience that will forever continue to create and
recreate “Its self” and that, that will never cease to be? Does this
not mean that life can be lived in any way life chooses life? Yes it
does! Life cannot help but to live life as it chooses. Are there
consequences for what life chooses? Yes, of course… without
consequences of what you call “good and bad,” there would be no
purpose for living your human life. Every choice, every consequence
recreates you into something you were not before… so all is what it
must be.

Life as “Self” naturally expresses itself in endless dimensional and
multi-dimensional ways as it moves within “Itself” and awakens to what
is yet to be acknowledged. As it does so, IT creates more doors to
open; more realms to be experienced and awakened… and awakened to. A
new consciousness is what is manifesting the “worm holes and black
holes” in space, and awakening your scientists to the possibility of
alternate Earths with parallel human lives.

These theories which are not just a theory; are like seeds that will
gradually germinate and awaken dormant aspects of the human brain to
realities yet to be experienced by the many.

We close with this thought: “Inside the universal Self of all selves,
life awakens unto “Itself” to live, dream and experience all aspects
of life….as you.

Higher Self through Carolyn

Copyright 2009