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We have returned to be in your presence and to continue our
final efforts in this present energy form. We certainly feel that the
information that has been presented will be most helpful to many and
we are looking forward to being of assistance to you in our new and
exciting energy form.

As we said previously, we see a very, very bright future for
all of you who have worked so diligently to bring forth and elicit
changes in your lives. Tonight, we will deliver our final session. We
had originally projected two sessions, but after review of what is
already available and what we included in the last session, we feel
that we can provide everything that is needed in one session.

We are going to speak once again on energy, but we would like
to discuss YOU as energy. It is important to understand the concepts
that have been set down by us and by The Buddha Consciousness as a
series of tools and a body of information that have been provided to
you in order that your lives may become alive for you, but it is never
meant that any one individual should become so involved in the work
that the work possesses you.

Energy is an aspect of God. Light is an aspect of God.
Therefore, all things visible and invisible are an aspect of God. So,
as you begin to understand yourselves as light and energy, you then
begin to see that, in every cell, God's divinity flows through you and
is an element that is an integral part of your being. It is that
message that spirit guides have come to impart to you in any way
possible through living channels, through intuition, and through
creativity: That, from your very core, you are an aspect of divinity
and an aspect of God, and that, as such, all things are possible in
your lives.

When you use light and energy, it is important to view it as
an extension of yourself, rather than simply something that enters you
and leaves you. And yes, indeed, energy does flow in and out of you
under many different circumstances. So, begin to view energy as part
of the multiplicity of possibilities. In other words, energy is all
around you, comes in different levels and in a sense in different
forms. By 'different forms' we mean different frequencies and
different vibrations.

If you are suffering from limitation in your life, begin to
look into the self and see how you are viewing energy. Are you viewing
it as one thing? Are you feeling that there is only that one
possibility flowing through you, that one stream of energy, or are you
understanding that while energy flows through you, you are, in fact,
energy itself? Know that, as the energy flows through you, that you
are requesting for positivity, when it flows out of you it is taking
an aspect of you with it.

As we discussed in the last chapter, if you are filled with
negativity, the image that flows forward into the Universe is a
negative image. But, as this energy flows through you, there is a
fusion that takes place. The energy that flows out of you... begin to
realize that it is the energy of God that is fusing with the energy
flowing through you of positivity.

As that energy flows out of you, begin to project your
spiritual message to the Universe. Not just your message for
manifestation, rather your spiritual message that indeed you, too, are
aware of the spiritual nature of your being and that, as that energy
flows to you, as you send yourself a blessing, as you send yourself
light, as you conduct your affairs spiritually through meditation,
through prayer, light and energy, let that energy flow back out of you
and realize that you are indeed sharing your God energy with others
and with the Universe... and that, as such, you are sending a
definitive message. You are sending a message of your spiritual
commitment. You are sending a message of light and love to others and
you are sending a message of your willingness to receive all that is
available to you.

As you realize the multiplicity of energy, rather than the
singleness of energy, the cosmos opens up in its vastness for you. All
things are energy, including the stars and other planets, including
the sky, the atmosphere, everything you behold is energy, but
vibrating to different frequencies and different levels. And so,
energy is available to you, as is the multiplicity of possibilities
that The Buddha Consciousness speaks of.

Energy is available to you in an abundance of forms for your
use. And, as that energy attunes to your body and absorbs the
positivity from your heart that you are emitting in connection with
free will, that energy flows out of you as a message of your spiritual
being once you recognize your complete connection with God. If you
view energy as a single thing you are separating yourself from God
without even being aware of it, because God is indescribable... and in
viewing energy as a single thing, you are determining that so is God a
single thing.

In opening up to the multiplicity of possibilities, you allow
the mind to contemplate and consider the multiplicity inherent in
everything in the Universe, the different levels, different
dimensions, different opportunities. The multiplicity of vibrational
attunement is extraordinary in the Universe, so you need not limit
yourself when you are using light and energy. And this is what has
been stressed throughout all of the collaborative work that has come
through this particular vehicle: That light and energy are available
to you in a multi-faceted, multi-colored variety and that they are
there for your use.

As you begin to conceptualize those possibilities, then you
can attune yourself to the light and vibration that you wish in
different circumstances. In other words, when you are ill, you will
use perhaps a green light... but perhaps not. It is up to you to begin
to look into the inner self and ask for a light to present itself that
is in concert with what you need. As those lights present themselves
in a variety of circumstances and you begin to accept the different
vibrational attunements as they flow through you, you are attuning in
different sets of circumstances to different energies and you are
opening yourself to a whole new range of inner experiences that
manifest themselves on your outer level as reality on your plane.

Reality begins behind the scenes. It does not begin as a fully
conceptualized and manifested form. Reality begins in the center of
your being, in your heart. And what you deeply believe in your heart
determines the nature of your reality. If you deeply believe in the
singleness of the Universe, then you are consenting to limitation. You
must open your heart to the variety of opportunities, the multiplicity
of opportunities that the Universe has to offer, begin to see those
facets and opportunities as available to you, and to use your physical
body as an extension of that energy so that, when you are creating in
your life, you are using energy that is appropriate to your

This is achieved simply by closing your eyes and asking your
inner self what the correct light is to use in a specific set of
circumstances. That light will present itself and then you can call on
that light. As that light enters your body, realize that it is an
aspect of God connecting with an aspect of God, and flowing through
you back out into the aspect of God, which is All-Things and that, as
such, there is total connection with everything you need... always...
there is total connection with the manifestation of everything that
has been promised to you.

There is total connection with health, wealth, well-being and
happiness at all times. But if you perceive energy flowing through you
and then back out into the Universe, and, at some point there is a cut-
off in your mind where your body stays on the earth plane, the energy
goes into the Universe and then the separation from God becomes like
an abyss.

So, you must understand that, as you call on different lights,
you are calling on different aspects of Spirit, different aspects of
the Universe, and you are opening forth the multiplicity of
possibilities. You are calling upon reality in different forms as you
allow that to merge with your inner expression of positivity and your
realization that it is God connecting with God, returning to God, and
returning to you as life.

That is the total connection and why we say you are
responsible for all things, because, as all of this is happening, you
are creating from your deepest beliefs, you are creating from your
sense of limitation and, as a result, you are feeling that the life is
not productive. All the time, then, you have been the originator of
your destiny, but not in the way you would wish. And more than that,
as your destiny seems to elude you, your experience and separation
from God becomes profound.

In order to reduce and eliminate the separation from God, you
must experience, for yourself, light and energy fusing with you, and
then releasing and returning, and understanding that it is all God.
When we say you are loved unconditionally, that vibration flows
through you, but you must see it and realize it for yourself. So, at
all times, you are in total support by the Universe. You are never
left alone, you are never separated from God and you never were, and
you are never separated from your dreams. But if your eyes are not
opened to the truth of what is happening, you experience aloneness and
separation from God.

Creating your life is the most interesting thing you can do,
because you are doing it anyway. Consciously creating your life
through the use of energy, through the use of your insights and
intuition, can all meld together as a great positive force for good in
the world and good in your life. This cannot happen if you are
ignorant of what is physically occurring for you. So, it is essential
that you know your inner heart. It is essential that you get in touch
with your deep beliefs about yourself and it is essential that you get
in touch with your beliefs about God. If you believe that God is a far
off being who occasionally intervenes in time of difficulty, then you
will experience limitation and separation from God and the loneliness
you feel will be profound.

All of mankind longs for the experience of God's love, longs
for the experience of unconditional caring... when it is part of you
already. It is already yours. You only need to know, for yourself,
that it flows through you, merges with you and returns to the Universe
as your spiritual message. So, if you are seeing a single energy
flowing through you and back out of you, you are unconsciously sending
a message to the Universe that there is spiritual impoverishment in
your life, and very often that is seen as a lack in finances. We
realize that this is not a deliberate activity, but that it is a lack
of understanding that has brought these circumstances about. So this
message is coming to help solidify all of the concepts of The Buddha
Consciousness as well as those that we have set down in this form in
our two books.

Mankind naturally responds to spiritual living. However, the
yardstick of the world will tell you that living by light and energy
is not sensible. And, if you are separated from God in your mind, then
using light and energy is a slow process. But, if you understand the
concept of all things as God, including your good, then your access is
instant, your access to well-being, your access to your dreams.

So light and energy will not save you. What will save you is
your understanding of the true nature of the Universe, that light and
energy are God flowing into you and returning to the Universe as the
message of your spiritual fulfillment bringing to you fulfillment. For
like attracts like. It is a very simple use of cause and effect, and
all that it requires is that you take into your heart the concept of
forgiving all of your circumstances, releasing all of your beliefs in
terms of the singleness of the Universe, opening your heart to
yourself as a being of light and spirituality, and letting that
message merge with the lights and energies that you use for the
variety of situations that arise in your lives.

This is called glorifying God. This is called living by the
word. This is called receiving grace, knowing that you are truly one
with God and that separation is impossible. Only the mind separates
you from God and that is why there is no death.

It is important to understand that the subliminal connection
with God moves you beyond the concept of limitation. The subliminal
connection with God is that activity of relating to Spirit through
your physical body, and yet stepping beyond faith into the realm of
knowing that, indeed, God not only exists, but that God loves you
unconditionally. These are the aspects of spiritual understanding that
will move you beyond the understanding that you currently receive on
the earth plane in various forms which limit God.

It is most important, for you as human beings, to understand
that the only limitation is in your mind and indeed, this is why we
subscribe to the use of light and energy and the understanding that,
through free will and the unconscious connection that you have with
your heart, you can move mountains. For what are mountains, but
perceptions and limitations? To feel that the life must go forward in
a specific and prescribed way, or else the life is not worthy, is

The subliminal connection with God alters the life in such a
way that, very often, it does not express itself as the same life you
previously led or, indeed, as the same life others lead. Conducting
your affairs with light and energy, with faith and discipline, with
confidence in your heart that highest good, as an aspect of God, will
elicit for you the most positive outcome of any difficult
circumstances, is your highest endeavor in any incarnation.

Glorifying God brings God into your life as a living element
of spiritual upliftment. Spiritual upliftment occurs in many, many
forms. Certainly upliftment takes place when you are exposed to
beautiful material, when you see a beautiful day or when you
experience happiness in your life.

But there is another measure of upliftment which we would like
to address and that is a resonation from your soul that there are no
limits, that you are a spiritual being filled with the light and love
of god, that all things are created for your use, for your growth and
for your benefit, and that the planet earth was given to you in its
magnificence for your spiritual learning on the human plane. These
upliftments take you beyond the limitations of your daily life and
move you into an aspect of spirituality and joy that automatically
connects you in a subliminal way, through your heart, with God. For
indeed, joy is the door to your subliminal connection with God.

Light and energy are those elements of the Universe which flow
through you and are available to you for your use in conducting your
affairs, in changing how you feel and perceive things and, as time
goes on, in your ability to alter the energy behind the scenes.

As you progress in your spirituality, it is essential to
understand that God cannot be viewed as a concept. God cannot be
viewed in any way that defines or limits our Heavenly Father. God can
only be experienced as grace in your life and as the beauty and joy
that your soul pours forth, as you begin to understand the blessings
of limitless living and your subliminal connection with God through
your heart and free will.

This is a great understanding, which we are speaking of, and
one which can only impart into your life a sense of peace and
accomplishment that will take you beyond the ordinary. Setting goals
which take you beyond the ordinary is never particularly easy, but it
is the fruition of your spirituality. That is not to say that those
who live ordinary lives are not spiritual, but it is to say that, as
your subliminal connection with God unfolds, the life often changes so
completely as to become extraordinary.

So, our message to you in this last session we will be
presenting in our current form, is to prepare yourself for the
extraordinary, to uplift yourselves from the within to the joy that
flows through you as light and energy, and to allow your heart to be
that door to joy that connects you subliminally, automatically, to
your spiritual experience... which is God.

It is important to understand that, when we say "connect," we
are simply wanting you to realize that the connection is an experience
that you have inside you. But, in reality, you are never separated
from God, you are never separated from God's individual and
unconditional love, you are never separated from creativity and
intuition. It is only fear and limitation which can lead you to
believe such unthinkable things.

You were never meant to live your lives on your planet alone,
but as history unfolded, mankind began to experience a separation in
the mind from God. And as limitation and negativity imposed itself,
God became, in the human mind, separated from mankind. You were
created in a spiritual image, that is, as aspects of Spirit, as light
and energy, as beauty itself. And so, these things must be kept in
mind as you progress along the path toward your total understanding of
your subliminal connection with God and the beauty that lies ahead for
all of you.

We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to have
served you all. We are most appreciative of your growth, your support
and your efforts. We will return in the very near future in a new and
more profound energy form that we feel will allow us to see through
your eyes, yet with spiritual objectivity and limitless understanding
to provide you with avenues for your growth and development while you
are on the earth plane.

We wish you all very well on your spiritual sojourn and want
you to know that you are loved unconditionally. We look forward to
working with each and every one of you in our new energy form and
offer you our blessings, love and peace at this time.

And so we say, then, to you blessings, blessings and farewell.

In our parting meditation, we would like simply to take a few
minutes with you to let you experience yourself as inseparable from
God. So, if you will, simply close your eyes and relax, opening the
crown chakra and the chakras of the bottoms of the feet, and begin now
to experience a lavender light flowing down from the heavens, through
your body.

Let this light simply fill you to capacity and overflowing.

So, let the light just fill up your physical space.

And now, let that light flow out of the bottoms of your feet.

See it return to the Universe and then return back to you.

And, as this light begins to have this circular and arcing
effect, flowing through you and returning to the Universe and then
returning to you, begin to feel, for yourself, the different aspects
of that energy.

As the energy flows out of you, feel it flowing out of you and
then as it returns to you, notice how fulfilling it is. Then realize
that, as it flows out of you, that it feels different also, and that
is because it is absorbing all of the aspects of your being and
returning that to the Universe.

So, as this light flows out and then returns to you, just
experience the differences as it flows into you, through your body and
out through the bottoms of your feet.

Now begin to simply open your inner eyes, open your heart
chakra and experience this light as God flowing through the top of
your crown chakra and through your body, filling your body.

Just let it fill you and flow out of you.

And now, as that light returns to you, begin to feel the
merging of this light with your physical body and realize that there
is no difference between the light entering you and what is already

Just notice, for yourself, that that light is actually you, in
your fullest sense, of course.

Just experience that light for a moment, now, as it flows in
and out of you. Feel yourself as that light, flowing out through the
bottoms of your feet and returning back through the crown chakra. See
how that feels. Just let that light flow in and out of you for a
minute or two.

Now take this opportunity to ask your heart if there is one
thing, one image you would like to present to the Universe in regard
to something that you are trying to currently manifest in your lives.
Let your heart tell you what that is, now.

Let that message float up from your heart, filling your body
and becoming immersed in that light that is continuing to flow through

And let it flow out now through the bottoms of your feet,
sending your message, on your spiritual waves of grace, to the

Now, let that flow back into you.

Again, let that message flow out of you and feel the fullness
of the image you are sending. Feel the impact your connection with
your image and your spirituality has as it flows out of you, sending a
positive message on many levels to the Universe in regard to you, and
what you wish to manifest.

Now feel that lavender God-energy returning to you. And as it
flows back into you, realize that, as this energy comes into your
body, you are receiving the fullness of your manifestation as God.

Just let that flow through you now for a few minutes.

Ask your heart if there is anything you are ready to release
and forgive, anything at all, and let that flow out of you also on
that wave of lavender light.

Just let it flow out of you and release you and any bondage
that this has created. Let it flow out of you.

See that release return to you as positive energy, flowing
through you, positive energy absorbing into your unconscious as
spirituality, abundance, good will, love and happiness.

So, let that lavender energy continue to fill you and merge
with all of your cells and know that, as it flows out of you, it is
your inseparable relationship with God that flows as lavender light
and energy out of you and returns now through your crown chakra,
simply blessing you.

Just let that energy fill you and bless you at this time.

Now, simply release that energy.

If there is excess, just release it out through the bottoms of
your feet.

And as you give this release, just give thanks for all of the
abundance that you have. Give thanks for the positive expression of
abundance in your life.

Take a moment, then, to send your light to everyone in the
room. Share your light. Just share your spirituality for a moment with
each other.

Now send your message of spirituality and peace to your planet
on a wave of lavender light.

Now release any expectations you may have about how your
abundance should be received.

And, as you release those expectations, just simply know, in
your heart, that all things in your life will be completed for your
highest good.

Now close your chakras... lovingly close your chakras. Ask the
crown chakra, chakras of the feet and heart to close.

Just ask them to close, call in the apricot light and surround
yourself with comfortable light that will return you to your present
circumstances and ground you.

You can begin to open your eyes. Just comfortably open your
eyes. Just return now, and open your eyes.

We simply would like to once again let you know what a great
blessing it has been to have experienced your energies and to let you
know that we look forward to returning and providing you with
additional information in about ten days, after we undergo all that
awaits us.

We thank you for your participation in this session and in all
of our previous gatherings.

Once again we say, you are loved unconditionally and supported
totally. Do not be afraid to pursue your dreams.

And so we say, peace to you... peace... blessings.

Farewell, then.

* * * * * * *

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