Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Poised on the Edge of the New - -

Poised on the Edge of the New - -
Setting Foot on a New Shore
By Karen Bishop
April 3, 2009


As the process of leaving the old behind and settling in to a very new experience continues on for a while, we can rest assured knowing that our anchors are lowering more and more, if ever so slowly, and a new horizon is making itself visible in small, yet incremental ways.

Most of us are going through a massive transformation within. and it is massive indeed. In order that we be in alignment with this very new space, we needed to make adjustments to ensure a good, proper, and more pleasant fit.

Most of the transitional and transformative experiences we are having, all have to do with letting go of holding the old space. We are letting go of any and all energies we placed in the old world in order to bring it up in vibration before we could make our recent departure. Thus, there is a lot of disconnecting going on until we can completely make our exit into a very new reality. Any parts of ourselves that we had injected into the old reality now have to be reclaimed and brought home.

These transformations can be felt in a variety of ways, as the ascension process continues to create many different scenarios for all of us, even though their end result is the same. Intestinal distress, nightmares, unpleasant or strange dreams, fatigue, dizziness, brain fog, feeling as if one is floating, becoming emotional for no apparent reason, being cold with an inability to get warm, seeing more light in our surroundings (or having things look brighter, literally) and the like, are some possible experiences of transitioning from one reality to another. One of my least favorite experiences in regard to ascension is the need to eat extremely often, as our structures are so rapidly changing and we need all the fuel we can get to support this "morphing" process. Having to eat so often can be frustrating when one is trying to lose those added pounds that our evolutionary process continues to put on!

We are right at the edge of the cliff right now.just ready to jump off completely. This means that we have made enormous progress since late summer of 2008 when our dis-connecting really began in earnest. We have made great progress is setting up new foundations, in realizing that most of us will be doing something entirely new and different, or perhaps even making our same contribution with our same role, but with a very new slant.

We have let go of much, have removed ourselves from much, and thus, are more prepared than ever for this exciting new reality on our exciting new horizon. Currently, we are poised then, at the very edge of this cliff. When I see where we are and where we are going, I have to say, that I become extremely emotional and teary eyed. What a journey this has been!

We are just teetering now, as the final pieces are oh so close. Waiting for that very important thing to arrive in the mail, waiting for word on something that will make such a difference for us, and waiting for that dam to break oh so very soon, allowing the flow to begin that will take us along the river and move us more fully into our new reality, are some of the current energies we are experiencing. We are this close! And believe me, things will absolutely and most assuredly occur as they were intended. Everything is finally ready!

The flow will begin, the tide will turn, and we will begin progressing forward more fully beginning in mid-April. Smiles, joy, relief, gratitude, and high emotions will fill us up, as we will then wonder why we ever doubted anything in the first place. Much light will arrive, or so it will seem, and we will notice our feet stepping upon something very new, something very sweet, and something very pristine that has been waiting for our arrival for so very long.

Being willing to let go of the old is vitally important to our arrival in this new space. And while we may have had doubts, stress, or confusion about letting go and transitioning, we had some help as well. During this journey from the end of 2008 until now, and before we were able to set foot upon our new shore, we had supports and help from our angel friends. One of my readers sent me a wonderful letter telling of her experiences of losing things important, only to find them in very unexpected places that she could not miss, right when she needed them. Several weeks ago, my daughter began to become weary of the many nightly feedings of our twin babies. One morning she woke up rested to find empty bottles on her nightstand, and had absolutely no memory of waking up and ever feeding Arion or Solomon. And just the other day, I had been trying to purchase some new web site editing software on-line, could not get the "buy" link to work in any way, so I shut down my computer and left for the Post Office. When I returned, the cd drawer on my laptop was open. I had received some old software from a friend on a cd, that was of course free for me, and was not sure about using it. Well, after this, I became very sure, loaded it in, and just love it!

We are being so lovingly watched over by the angels, until we become very special angels ourselves. Our angels are opening doors for us as well. So many times we may be confused about something or feel that things are not flowing. But if we look closely, we will see that some doors literally fly open, beckoning us in, while others may shut abruptly or never open in the first place. In this way, it can be a simple process of following the crumbs, of simply going through the open doors, and of simply staying put until a door or invitation beckons us onward. There is no possibility that we will not be supported on our journey. No possibility at all. If we choose to pay close attention, we will see that we are being given the keys to the kingdom, in a very magical, loving, and miraculous way. What awesome times we are in!

So then, we are now poised on the edge of that cliff. Things are being held back for a very brief time now, even though everything is finally ready. But when it is time, the dam will break and the river will flow. Any darkness will lose its footing, be washed away and unsupported, and we will be carried to our very new shore until we become completely anchored in, in June. The light will fill any open spaces that darkness has temporarily utilized during this recent transition. Our feet will touch down very soon and set foot on a very new shore. And many tears of gratitude will fill our eyes.I can feel them already!

With much love and gratitude...until next time,

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