Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Alchemy of the Solstice

The Alchemy of the Solstice

Archangel Metatron via J Tyberonn

December 21, 2008
Special AA Metatron Channeling for the Solstice

Greetings Dear Ones,

And so we gather on this auspicious day, one of celestial import and
Earthen significance within the energy of what you term the December

Dear Ones, that you term the Solstice is truly a momentous
frequencial-astronomical event that occurs bi-annually in the solar
return when the tilt of the Earth's axis is most oriented toward or
away from the Sun, causing the Sun to reach its northernmost or
southernmost extreme. As your ancients knew, on the solstices the Sun
stands still in declination. Its apparent movement north or south
comes to a brief but critically important gravitational standstill.

As such this event should be understood in complexities, in a wider
perspective. In fact the energy created in such an apexial pause opens
a window in causal space time as perceived from the Earth that enables
an influx passage of enormous energy gates for a period of 144 hours;
72 hours prior and 72 hours after the Heliotropic halt seemingly occurs.

The solstices, together with the equinoxes create an energetic
axialtonal cross between the patterns that seemingly connects the
Earthen seasons.You perceive these dates as beginnings of seasons, in
fact that are centre points. Indeed these centre points are portals
that interface vibrationally with all matter and all consciousness in
ways that you do not fully understand as yet. Suffice it to say that
your Beingness is triggered within these gates.

Your probable Sun orbits the center of what you term the Milky Way
galaxy at a distance of approximately 26,000 light-years from the
galactic center (according to your present vector in space-time).

The Great Central Sun

Beyond your Milky Way is the Great Central Sun, termed TULA. It is the
Source and the Center of the Cosmos. It is the Point of Integration of
the matter-antimatter 'Flash' aspect of the Divine Cosmos Hologram. It
is the Metatronic Origin of all physical-spiritual creation. It is the
nuclear Cosmic Egg.

The Star Sirius is the Focal receiver -transmitter of the Great
Central Sun in your sector of the Galaxy. The 'SON' behind the SUN of
Cosmos is perceived as the Cosmic Christos, which is the energetic
frequency of Divine Thought thru which the Formless Void was endowed
with geometric light. Your 'I AM ' Beingness is in fact triggered
within these frequential sources. Accordingly thru this Metatronic
mechanism were all Worlds draped in physicality.

Certain portals occur within the Cosmos thru events such as the
Solstices and Equinoxes that allow greater flow of this creative
energy into the Earth plane.

The Alchemy of the Solstice Gate

The Solstice has always been recognized by the ancients of mankind as
one of the four most powerful points of the solar year. In the
Northern Hemisphere this celestial event usually occurs on December
21st. The timing of the solstice this year is today, interpreted in
your calendar as Sunday, December 21, at 7:04 a.m. EST, 4:04 a.m. PST,
or 12:04 p.m. Universal Time. Yet we tell you its energy gate of
opportunity extends thru December 24th, 72 hours beyond centre point,
before the gate narrows to closure. It is a time for you to utilize
contemplation and prayer.

Dear Ones, the very frequencial energy of this extraordinary
solstice will for most of you create an intensity that can effect you
in many ways. Imagine it as a full moon X 100. Yet know that with this
is an axial grail of akashic energy, of coded light. Within this is a
very real download of unique 'matrix-creation' energy that will allow
for a sense of hope through the very mechanisms of change.

A gate is open, and thus you are given an opportunity to create those
changes on the micro and macro that you desire. It is an opportunity
that you are urged to seize. It is an electromagnetic force of
Celestial source sent to you from the Realms of the Ascended Masters
and Elohim. The Legion of Enochian Metatronic Light ! It is time for
the Quest of Final Mastery , and you are being facilitated in a way
that has not yet occurred upon your Earth. It is the gate of
quickening, it is an influx of HOPE.

And so this year of 2008 the northern solstice provides a succinct
ethereal influence and purposed energetic influx of rare potency. It
is the most vital solar gate felt on the planet in your current
lifetime. Initially it can be so powerful that you feel overwhelmed,
but Dear Ones do not fall into despair with this increase voltage of
life force that bombards you this day. Indeed many will, but recognize
it as an opportunity, for this energy is the underpinning of that you
term co-creation. Use it wisely. Seize the Day!

And while this energy is extremely intense in one interpretation , it
is also quite osmotically available to you. It was designed in a way
that allows it to be digestible to your MerKaBah and MerKiVah.
Energies are increasing on your planet and indeed it is incumbent on
you to increase your ability to work within them.

The December 21st solstice of 2008 had its initial feed or reciprocal
out-flux on the exceptionally aligned and energized 12-12 gate of
December 12, 2008. This is why many of you felt compelled to gather
in ceremony and prayer on the extraordinary Full Moon on the 12th of
December. Thousands of you did, and indeed within power-nodes of the
planet, and this was felt. This has had an impact of great benefit to
your planet.

The 12-12 influenced what you are receiving today and will continue
to receive for the following 72 hours. It is a magnanimous download of
Celestial Light Code encapsulating the planet and indeed the conscious
and subtle light-bodies of all mankind on the planet. Your very DNA is
being expanded and re-coded! Initially you may find it difficult to
focus in this intensity, but through focus you can achieve great
states of clarity within this influx.

The Crucible Effect

Systems are breaking down on the individual and planetary levels of
Consciousness. That which no longer serves you is being melted down in
the crucible of purification.

Relationships that do not lead to higher good are ending, systems that
do not serve the higher good are collapsing, rebooting in order to
reform in the new paradigm.

Dear Ones, many of you are sensing trepidation, doubt and anxiety.
Many of you are drawn to remodel your life. Even those of you on the
path are being required to examine those remaining bits of your life
that need changing.

Doubt and fear cannot fit into the crystalline paradigm of the Unified
Field of the Ascension, but Dear Ones, we implore you to understand
the difference between the recognition of inner-conflict and the
feeling of self-doubt. The former serves you, the latter does not.
Self-exploration is not doubt, indeed it is required through out your

This solstice is a time to change that which needs changing! But in
order to make the change you must first go deep within to reveal those
aspects and habitudes which conflict with your Impeccability, with
your highest path. The more you advance, the more difficult it can be
to see what remains to clarify. You see, for most of you on the
Spiritual Path, you have already made the easy changes. What remains
takes more work. What remains is often more complex and doesn't appear
in easy to read contrasts of black and white. The choices are not so
clearly defined.

The remaining changes may have been hidden under the bed of
consciousness, and deeply buried or packaged in boxes that are stored
in layers of multidimensional aspects, you term past lives.

You may be stuck in superficial patterns, in spiritual ego, or in
relationships that do not allow growth. You may be required to severe
a tie that causes pain, yet ultimately serves the growth of all
parties by allowing the experience and review of revelation that could
not be seen while within the impatterned relationship.

All of you within the Group Consciousness of the Earth are
experiencing the most intensified cleansing of your current systems,
governments, policies and structures in micro and macro that do not
serve the highest good. Your economic rebooting is one example of this.

We tell you clearly that this is a requisite crucible. It is a
requisite function in order to merge into the Crystalline Field. It is
a necessary change that opens the pathway the gate for the heralded
ASCENSION into the Unified Field.

But Dear Ones, it will not come without pain for many of you. Yet we
tell you it will cause great purging that will allow quantum growth

You see, by design, within the new approaching energy, you cannot sit
on the fence anymore. You must choose. Either you take the path of
least resistance, or you boldly choose to take your power. Often
taking power requires the strength to swim upstream.

Call it spiritual aerobics, and know that it is the true manner for
the co-creative manifestation of your individual and planetary
graduation on the road to perfection. Often the hardest realization is
that you are NOT here to serve others as the primary causal role. That
is so hard for many of you to grasp. You are here to grow, and you
serve others through the example of serving self first, in highest
good, in growth. That is the crucible and a key realization in this
school of duality you call Earth.

You are spiritual beings in biological clothes. You are here to
discover your Divinity. When you make that discovery, you serve others
in the example of that achievement!

Because you wear consciousness filters within the linear time-sequence
of duality, because you operate on the surface in the ego-personality
mind it is often difficult for you humans to see true nature of your
own reality.

The masses of Humanity do not see the bigger picture. Most see only
the still frames of the linear expression. The focus is on the painful
physical and emotional scenarios that are playing out in their 3d
lives. It is easy to feel powerless to make changes. You may feel
stuck, and overwhelmed.

For others, you may feel you have achieved a high level of
consciousness and are well progressed on the path. For some of you
this is true. But be aware that there is always more ahead, always the
next level to meld into. As such, there is always more to learn, more
to clear to get to the next stage. This is the Nature of consciousness
in your paradigm. When you master one aspect, one level, one paradigm
, another is presented.

Now, as you progress on your path, you receive much growth, much
knowledge to be assimilated. Yet many of you lack a true sense of well
being. We implore you to spend time developing this attribute. Well
being compliments you on your path. Take time to develop this Dear Ones.

So within this period of the Solstice, we urge you to take time to
meditate, take time to explore the inner self. The Angelic Realm and
the Ascended Masters are available to you is closer proximity than you
may realize during this phase.

Utilize this Day and the following 3 days to create what you desire in
your life for your Highest Good. Indeed 2009 is a year for new
partnership, for new vision, for the manifestation of the New Earth.

Crystalline Activations in 2009

2009 will have many frequential portals. Each of the equinoxes and
solstices in 2009 will be increasingly powerful in their inflow of
higher dimensional Light. On the powerful 9-9-9, the Crystalline Grid
will achieve 75% activity and the powerful Earth-Keeper Crystals of
the Atlantean Temples will flow into greater activity. The Om Crystal,
The Green Crystal of Healing and the Blue Crystal of Knowledge will
connect to the 144 Grid more potently on the 9-9-9.

The 9-9-9 will also activate some very ancient crystalline fields of
metamorphic stratum on the earth. These are powerful stratum that emit
a crystalline field. Ancient rocks exceeding 3.5 billion years in age
are found on all of Earth's continents. The most potent of the
Metamorphic Crystals are the Canadian Shield, the Acasta Gneisses in
northwestern Canada ,the Isua Supracrustal in Greenland,the lower
Shield in Minnesota and Michigan, in ancient crustal rock in
Swaziland and in Western Australia. All will connect to the grid and
activate in sentience and unity into the New Earth. Indeed it is true.

December 21, 2008

Todays Solstice will pave the way. Today's northern solstice activates
the entry into 2009.

Millions of humanity are praying for Divine Guidance. This powerful
event, in synchroncity with the millions of Earth-Keepers, Seekers &
Lightworkers across the planet who today are meditating to activate
the Lightforce of Creator- God, have played a key role in co-creating
the greatest download of Akashic Light the Earth has ever experienced.
Indeed,within todays northen Solstice there is a great feeding of the
energy of Hope bathing the planet and Humanity over the 72 hours
remaining in the opening of this 08 December Solstice Gate. It is
being immersed into and through the hearts of people around the world
on every continent.

This Divine Interjection will greatly empower the patterns of
perfection for the New Earth, and it will accelerate your individual
hopes and dreams in a quantum leap.

Dear Ones, we assure you that all is in perfection. Even as the old
patterns, old systems and archetypes fall, the expansion of the new
rebooted patterns for the Ascended Earth are reforming and manifesting
to allow for joyful fulfillment and great hopeful visions in to the
energy fields and lives of all mankind that diligently seek this

We have told you before that the Light Quotient on the planet is now
at a higher resonance than at any historical phase of the Earth. It is
the root cause of the Ascension. But works remains to be done.

The shift is happening, and your energy is needed NOW, more than ever.
You are here to navigate the great shift.

There are specific openings and portals that allow you to make the
shift. Today is one such opportunity. There will be others. Utilize
them all. Bring in the change, bring in the HOPE , and eliminate fear.

Manifest well-being. Change is coming, and Dear Ones, you are a part
of it. Indeed you have chosen it. In a true sense you have created it
and it is indeed your chosen destiny. It will happen, it already has.

We honor each of you. We know your pain, we know your doubts, we know
your trials. We are here close by your side. Utilize this energy to
create the world that is at your fingertips, it is closer than you may
realize. We nurture you, we ask you to be kind to one another, and
love your SELF.

Seize this Day!!!

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths.

And so it is.