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SaLuSa 10-December-2008

SaLuSa 10-December-2008

Dear Ones, we feel a need to emphasize that whatever acts are carried
out that go against the Light and harm other souls, not one individual
person will escape their Karmic responsibilities. You are all at
different levels completing Karmic experiences that can come from your
present lifetime, or several lives ago. It comes down to opportunities
that allow for further experiences that wipe the slate clean. It is
often involving other souls to whom you owe a form of compensation for
past deeds. As we often make the point, it is you who decide to take
such a path but it is usually by following the advice of your Guides.
At present you are seeing the dark ones try to place their guilt and
responsibility for some of the most heinous crimes, on others with
lesser involvement. Be sure that no matter how clever you are at
avoiding justice upon Earth, once you have returned to the Astral
Realms you fully review your life. The Light of Truth leaves no stone
unturned, and you will not only re-live your experiences but also
those of other souls that are involved. This is not given as
punishment, but an understanding that you are responsible for your

Therefore bear in mind that whatever happens where your dark ones are
concerned, they will stand in the Halls of Justice before they start a
new experience. It will sound odd to many of you, but it is best to
send love to all those who have lost touch with their inner being of
Light. They are as much a part of you as any other soul of the Light,
and need help to see through their darkness. To greater or lesser
degrees, all of you have experienced lives that you would sooner
forget and you have atoned for them and they no longer affect you. The
object of being in this cycle of duality is to experience the dark and
balance it against the Light, and eventually transmute it. In your
subconsciousness you have all experiences that have shaped your
progress upon the Path of Light. They serve you well and with the
higher energies now being beamed to Earth, you can lift up and leave
them behind. The detail is not as important as the lessons learnt
through experience.

For those who follow the growth of the Light and its effect upon you
great progress can be made, and the opportunity to ascend confidently
taken. It is a matter of living within your vision of what it means to
you, and walking in your Light. You can live through this period
unscathed by the dark energies if you so dedicate yourself to it. The
promise of major changes that will direct your lives onto a new path
is clearly manifesting, and now is the time that positive moves are
bringing them into being. There is still much turmoil and chaos
throughout the world, and instead of the dark being allowed to use it
to advance their aims for global control, it will instead give the
Lightworkers their opportunity to bring in the Light of Freedom. This
will fulfill the promises made to you by the Councils of Light, headed
by the Elders and other Higher Beings. You have never been left to the
uncertainty of life without direction from above. That is why you have
reached this point of choice and opportunity to leave this cycle, and
move back into the Light and leave the dark energies behind.

Look at life as a collective experience, because it is shaping your
mass consciousness all of the time. It is this that will determine
when as a civilization you are ready to move out of duality. You are
each unique and whatever you experience is part of it that completes
the whole. It also puts you in the direction that is most powerfully
supported, although on a higher level the Light is used to bring some
balance into your lives. When you look back at your history you will
find that your Spiritual Leaders often arose at the most volatile
times, to try and re-direct you onto a path that led to the Light. Now
it is no different, and Beings of Light stand ready to carry out their
duties to lift Mankind up. It is your destiny to achieve your victory
over the dark forces, and already they are in retreat. Get behind
those Dear Ones who are being identified as important to your future,
and know them by their Light and love for the truth.

As you approach the festive time of the year, do not forget its true
meaning. Your thoughts and prayers for a time of joy and celebration
of the Light will hasten the day when it will fully return to Earth.
You have much more power to determine your future than you are aware,
so we say keep your eyes on it but one that fulfils the promises you
have been given that will take you towards the Golden Age. Be to
others as you would have them be to you, and put aside judgement when
confronted by the deeds of the dark ones. They have laid down their
own future without realizing what lays in store. If you live by the
dark energies that will indeed be what you will find awaits you. There
is no escape as the Law of Responsibility is most definite in its
application, and you cannot avoid its consequences.

Soon you will be hearing or reading of many predictions for the coming
year, and change will be top of the list. The outcome is sometimes
seen through the eyes of those with their own expectations, so
naturally there will be many interpretations as to what it means. It
is as well to note the more recent ones as prophecies from much older
periods no longer hold good. Those couched in doom and gloom, were
from a period when Man was heading for oblivion and appropriate for
that time. Now however, the growth in Light has put you beyond the
scale of death and destruction associated with some of the old
prophecies. First and foremost, there will not be another World War
although the dark has tried to ferment unrest through what you call
“false flag” events. Next year is going to be one where your leaders
will be called into question, as to their ability or suitability to
lead you into the Light. The old corrupt ways that have become
accepted must be removed, and open dealings seen to take place that
serve the people.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and speak on behalf of the Galactic
Federation, and tell you that everything proceeds well but still a
little more patience is required. You are moving into a period of
positive happenings, and shall soon see the evidence of change that
has been promised. We are with you and give our Light and Love to you
all, knowing our reunion and the time of celebration is fast beckoning.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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