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From Akashic Records: Energies of December, 2008

From Akashic Records: Energies of December, 2008
Channeled by Jen Eramith, MA

What energies and experiences can we expect during the month of December 2008?

Clarity. December 2008 is like a big white light. For those of you who practice meditation, December 2008 is like the clarity that comes after sitting in silence for a long period of time. When you still your mind for a long enough time, even by accident when you daydream, you come to a moment of stillness. It happens occasionally for everyone. The energy of December 2008 is like that stillness; it is the pause between breaths, and it can provide the flash insight that occurs after surrender, after you give up the fight for whatever it is you may have been fighting for. December 2008 contains this energy.

That is not to say you are going to feel that kind of blissful clarity the entire month. This energy that is set for the month is what is available for you to access more often than you would at other times. December 2008 can be used like a blank slate -- a time to reset the intentions, the motivations, and the patterns in your life. December 2008 is a time to disregard the things that have stood in your way before. You have done so much work to understand them, heal them and release them, that now in December 2008 you can simply disregard them. It is time to stop looking at the obstacles in your way, you can eliminate them at this point, but you must choose to stop the fight against them, for as long as you fight against them, they must exist. Consider this month that you can just cease engaging with them and explore what that might look like in your personal lives.

December 2008 is a time to recommit to your spiritual practices, be they part of a religion or something you have discovered in another way. Your spiritual practices have a window for success, peace, and joy during December 2008 that they normally do not. As much as possible, create space and time for solitude in your life during the month of December. A great deal of clarity will unfold if you will do so.

What are the best ways we can use or work with this energy?

Solitude will be beneficial. Also, imagine throughout the month of December 2008 that you carry a white flag. A white flag represents surrender; when someone waves a white flag they are telling their opposition that they given up the fight and that they will not cause harm. In December, one of the most useful things you can do is to carry in your heart a white flag and be willing to pull it out and wave it, metaphorically speaking, any time something is amiss. Any time something is not working for you in December, let your first response be to wave the white flag so to speak. Let your first response be to let go of what you might be fighting for, to set aside any resentments, to release any need you have to be on top or to be correct or to be seen or to be forgiven. Any of those interpersonal needs, set them aside, wave the white flag and let the people in your life know that you support them; you accept them as they are. Set aside your opinions and your judgments of yourself and others during the month of December. Let it be a time of peace. That is the most beneficial you can do for yourselves during the month of December 2008 because the energy is preset to be peaceful. You actually have to fight hard to have anything other than peace. So if you are experiencing something other than peace assume that is because you are fighting too hard and just set it down, set it aside.

Are there any power days or important days for us to know about in December 2008?

Yes there are. December 3 and 4 are like a star twinkling. Look for flashes of insight on these days; look for a sense of being able to stand above everything and look around with a broader perspective. Choose to see things from the perspective of your higher self on December 3 and 4. There is like a twinkly, sparkly star energy on these days.

During December 12 through 15 there is work to be done. During this time you may find some of your inner demons coming up. The patterns, belief systems, and struggles that you have carried with you will be evident during this window of time. They will be evident so that you can apply this energy in December to them. Imagine that you carry with you a little box of unresolved issues that continually trip you up and get in your way. It is a gift to yourself to open that box in the midst of the white light that is flooding the planet during December, for then all of those issues are exposed to the light and they are more easily resolved -- they become more enlightened. Do not be afraid to acknowledge your flaws, your downfalls, your mistakes, and your doubts. Let yourself see these things on December 12 through15, because if you let yourself see them, you will find that they are not so difficult after all. You will find more forgiveness and a stronger sense of harmony and peace to apply to them than you normally do. This is a perfect time to acknowledge and make amends for your mistakes.

December 23 is a day to engage your power; it is a day when your sense of your power and your truth is heightened, so it will be important on December 23 to be willing to celebrate the truth and the perspective of other people. Be willing to see that your truth can coexist with the truth of another person. You do not need to decide that one is right or the other is wrong. Allow yourself to be celebrated and celebrate those around you on December 23.

December 29 you will find an initiation of the month of January -- an entirely new energy that comes in during the month of January. On December 29, pay close attention to the thoughts, ideas, and feelings that arise for you. Take note of them. The things you think and the things you feel and the situations you find yourselves in on December 29 will tell you a lot about where you are going and what issues are arising in the new cycle that begins after the white light of December. A new cycle is initiated, a new cycle of growth that will continue throughout the coming months. December 29 will give you a preview of what that will look like for you on a personal level. Pay attention, take note and refer back to those notes as the future months unfold.

Is there any final thing the Keepers have to say about the month of December 2008?

Let it be simple, let it be easy, just let it be. This is a time not to miss the opportunity to infuse yourselves with the white light of the divine during this month. It is a golden opportunity. Do not miss it; do not distract yourself from it by fighting or holding onto resentments or arguing or getting stuck on your expectations. Dis-attach yourself from your ego, let yourself relax and enjoy the world around you rather than trying to fix it or change it. This is the best way to work with December. In December, it is vitally important that you really take that advice to heart. Do not miss this beautiful opportunity to stand in your most gracious self. You have earned it, but you still must choose to do it!

From Keepers of the Akashic Records * Channeled by Jen Eramith, MA *

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