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Coming Full Circle

Coming Full Circle
by Lisa Renee

December 2008

Right now is a moment in time where our human evolution has reached
unchartered territory. With the vibrational choices being made at this
time, ( see last month’s article) razor thin discernment of personal
resonance is more enhanced than ever before. The multidimensional
timeline and future direction of our consciousness is standing at a
critical mass and directly based upon the energetic signature and
resonance being held. This is activating a level of completion in many
ways that have previously influenced our experience of ourselves as a
human consciousness.
As a consciousness of a species called “human beings” we experience
ourselves as an “idea” that we have had, a dream that we have had in
order to experience what we believe it is to be a human being. This
happens at every level of the hologram, at a personal and collective
consciousness level. This is very much like understanding the nature
of programming, it is a series of belief systems, values and
archetypes that define an identity.

Questioning Group Identity

Similarly that group holographic identity is what defines the nature
of the group holographic reality experience. It is this personal and
group identity that we have believed to be the experiential reality of
a human being as a species. This entire Identity at every level, is
being questioned, reassessed and revalued. We are undergoing a series
of processes that is like going through every level of our lives with
a fine toothed comb. We are checking for inconsistency and
incongruency in every pattern of our lives, our ideas of identity and
discarding and retooling much of it.

Similarly it is like describing that we have had influences since our
birth on this plane that were like being a train on a “track”. We were
being propelled forward through time in a direction that kept us on
the “track”. This track was influencing our future probable
possibilities, to understand this track of moving forward through the
timeline was what is described as an “event horizon”. As a group human
consciousness, as we stay on the track together, we influence our
future reality into a series of probabilities based upon the energetic
resonance and vibrational choices that are being made.

Now the tracks are being removed and nothing is there, nothing is
being used to propel us in a forward momentum. Some may still use the
tracks at this time, largely from habitual programming and resistance
to change our beliefs. However, many of us are being freed from their
connection that used to directly influence our direction. There are
still energies/entities that are choosing to manipulate these old
tracks in order to maintain the status quo of control by resisting the
change of evolution. It does not matter as this is their choice, it
does not have to be yours.

Testing Inner Integrity

This is a necessary phase of our evolution and growth and may result
in change or withdrawal from the group activity or a time of personal
sequestering. Many of us are in the process of Questioning the Group
Identity in every situation that appears in what we perceive as our
external “personal” reality.

As we Question the Group Identity we Test our Inner Integrity and we
learn how to sustain our inner connection as the Truth Vibration and
develop our personal relationship to the God Source. We test our inner
integrity and inner connection against the external values of what is
showing up. This is a process of learning how to self source your own
inner connection by testing yourself against your external view and
verifying it or not with what you feel is your personal resonance.

Many of us are utilizing this technique at this time and what is
important to remember is not to judge the external based on your
personal resonance. No thing or no person is good or bad or ugly it
just IS. This is a personal test of your inner congruency in self
sourcing so that you are not unconsciously using the external to
“feed” yourself. This is to understand all things feed on something,
and you can choose your personal level of inner sustainability by
commanding your inner integrity to the God Source as the Ultimate
Authority. No matter what it looks like, or what shows up. As you
connect inside yourself, YOU KNOW THE TRUTH no matter how chaotic it
may get outside.

If you are not inner sustained, or self sourced, you will be a vampire
to something outside of yourself in order to feed the nature of your
reality programming. Or to feed the emotion or identity that has been
held rigidly in place as an illusion of security or safety in these
uncertain times. (Most of the planet population is in this phase of
feeling fear and thus using the personal ego will to control and
manipulate their illusion to manifest some idea into a belief of their

Popular manipulation techniques being used now are all polarity
thinking: Us vs.Them, Enemy patterning ( there is a terrorist to get
you), not that way - but my way is better, ( imposing your will on
another) fear of the unknown, nowhere is safe, I know the truth,
he/she doesn’t, that person is evil or that person is “good” or
whatever else is fabricated from the holographic projection of the
personal or group identity. This is all an ego trip of judgment,
emotional vampirism and distraction that takes you outside of
yourself, instead of being inside of yourself. Every opportunity to
distract you from yourself is happening right now so take care to be
with your inner sanctum. These activities and thought forms will drain
you of your personal power.

You will experience a myriad of emotion or feeling in these multitudes
of resonances. The best use of this experience is as a tool to empower
you, however remember nothing external is what it appears to be so do
not judge it or create panic. There is no need to be anxious or urgent
in order to have to explain yourself by creating any drama around
this. Now, there is a plethora of intensified energies, entities and
experiences and many of these will test your personal experience about
what you know to be true and aligned in your heart. Do not succumb to
lower nature by harming yourself with negative thoughts or emotions.
Understand what this is and stand in your power by commanding your
right to God sovereignty at ALL TIMES. It is the game that is being
played out here in this realm, pure and simple.

Choose your resonance knowing your personal vibration is your
sovereign power and right to express your fully creative nature, free
from manipulation or control. It is you alone that is responsible to
self source your God Power, nothing outside of you can take this away,
even though in many cases you are challenged to do so in order to
retain your inner integrity.

Completion of Birth Agreement

Consequently many of us have come to a Full Circle with our birth
agreements (Blueprint of our incarnation or spiritual purpose) with
this planet and hence this is a time of experiencing completion.
Completion and endings of an Identity in the world, including the
belief systems, values and images that others have held of who they
think you are. Much of these agreements have stemmed from the genetic
pattern we have received from the history of our ancestral past, and
that which has been encoded in our cells since our birth.

Our bodies are the sum total of all of our experiences at every level
of the time space continuum. The time space continuum exists as a
multidimensional platform and includes every potential experience that
you can imagine or not. These collective images of “recorded” cellular
experiences are coming to a surface review in our consciousness. Some
of this is similar to a death review we have had experienced on the
Astral plane many times before in between physical incarnation, and so
a feeling of “phantom death” energy may be prevalent during this time.
The vision of the archetype of the tarot card “Death” is useful to
remember as it is being experienced at this time, and means not of a
literal physical death in most cases, but a huge inner transformation
is present that feels like a death to the old order. Some apathy,
sluggishness and sadness can be present when we are dying to the “old
order”, as a part of us is grieving the change as a loss. Know that we
are being transformed as what follows the “death process” is a new

Many of these memory records of the “old order” of the human
experience have energized a platform of energetic architecture of
false or enslaved human programming and are now being dissolved at
radical speeds. We each experience this dissolution in a unique way to
our vibrational level and our genetic configuration as this is our
unique contribution to the overall pattern of evolution at this time.

When we understand that every thought, emotion and experience of our
ancestors is recorded in our cells (and at the next vibrational level
of service to clear this planet), also includes that memory of the
collective human soul, we then understand the interconnectedness of
All things as One. There can be no separation in this experience as
the energetic reality is of One. Our energetic responsibility as a
human being is to remember our Unification principle, that we are here
together as One. No darkness, shadow or entity is separate from
ourselves and cannot be judged as good or bad. It just IS. And it is
this understanding how these polarities exist in ourselves and our
hologram that actually will free us from its bondage. We will have to
face the synthesis of these polarities to reach our entire
Unification. It starts with us and ends with us. We cannot point
fingers at each other or blame anymore. We cannot rise one onto a
pedestal of perfection only to knock them off when they displease you.
It is a time of Ultimate Responsibility to Accept our connection
unilaterally with All things, whatever has been once deemed, the good,
the bad and the ugly.

Embarking a New Platform

Having come through a full circle of our current birth agreements also
means at this time we may experience many closures, endings and
completions in all areas of our life to make room for the new. I have
experienced seeing the layers of a new reality architecture in place
that appears like a new scaffolding of pristine support that allows
for the possibility of a new human emotional/heart experience.

It is akin to seeing an improved foundation being built of which
spiritual frequency can be raised in ever higher octaves. If one rung
in the ladder is broken, it is very hard to reach the next step of the
ladder. This broken ladder was keeping many levels of consciousness in
the Astral layers without realizing that was where it was residing.
The Astral Plane relates to the 4th Chakra, the heart complex in the
human light body. The Astral Plane was compared to one “rung” in the
ladder that was very damaged (equating to the relative emotional
damage of most human beings) and therefore many beings were stuck in
the rungs of the octaves within the Astral Layers. From my experience
with the Guardians throughout 2008, I have experienced a huge change
underway in the Astral Plane layers of our personal light body as well
as that which has impacted the Astral Body of the Planet. This is like
an upgrade to the way the human being can process and experience
“emotional” intelligence.

The Astral Plane damage had interfered with this level of the human
heart and its emotional bodies ability to experience direct
knowingness though the source connection. This astral body
reconfiguration is an answer to that issue both at the planetary and
personal experience level. It was expressed by the Guardians that it
was projected that more beings would heart awaken through the Galactic
frequency activations in 2008, and with this astral body upgrade it
would support more awakening waves in 2009.

The journey into Source is a feeling experience, and if we are cut off
from the depths of our heart it interferes with our ability to
perceive the intuitional feeling of our guidance and connection to our
source. The deeper levels of our heart complex open into the gateways
of Universal Intelligence and are that which give us the direct
cognition of cellular knowingness as our experience of self. This is
much different than a “thinking” process that impulses from the mind
principle. The heart intelligence is the direct knowingness of the
experience rather than a perception coming from an intellectual
concept. This is a function of the energy receivers in our human
lightbody when it is actually working properly.

It does appear so close to us now, as if we are soon to phase
transition to this level. For some of us this may be an interim phase
of growth which will feel much easier. It has been explained from the
Guardian perspective that the emotional bodies damage in the mass
population of the human lightbody had such intense blockages that it
was suppressing the ability of the consciousness to experience itself
as a “soul” or connected to its “source”. This new platform is an
Astral Body and Emotional Upgrade that will allow the Heart Chakra and
its energetic intelligence to be experienced differently. Thus
allowing a connection to the soul matrix that allows the first steps
of awakening to activate the lightbody.

Additionally this reconfiguration will not allow the same level of the
human emotional body (the level of addiction, and pain body) to be
manipulated by entities that have controlled humanity in the same way.
This has created an aggression to reassert control mechanisms in the
Astral plane recently. For those of us sensitive, such as the planet
grid workers or Polarity Integrators, it may have been a tough time.
Our group experiences more of this shift than most, and our lightbody
becomes a source of attempts to drain or siphon our source.

Update for the Galactic Polarity Integrator

Those of us working with the energetic architecture of dismantling the
old and building the new energy reality systems have been mediating
some incredibly intense polarities to synthesize. New galactic
energies and the related memory of their timelines have been pouring
through the 11th Stargate in the United Kingdom. I referred to this
briefly last month and in the ES member community forums as the
Nibiruian timeline of “wormwood”.

As mentioned last month as these energetic memories are reintroduced
to our surface grid they hold a theme of “pole shift” (catastrophe)
and “invasion” (terrorism) and there is some of this playing out in
the mass consciousness. The fear of catastrophe brings up anxiety
amplified as we may experience anxiety for no apparent reason, except
we have this feeling the other shoe is about to drop without knowing
when. Also, the theme of invasion brings up fears that relate to the
current terrorism rhetoric and to those unconscious of how this is
manipulating their actions, some are the pawn to act out that play in
the global theatre. Again this is mentioned to empower your
understanding of seeing the macro and micro relationships to the
movement of the global human agreement through the entire holographic
reality we perceive. Nothing is separate and everything has
architecture and pattern. There is no need to buy into these patterns
as they will be amplified now by those wishing to sway mass
consciousness by fear.

The grid work has been intense and much soul retrieval and replacement
has been necessary to relieve souls, fragments that have been bound to
pieces of the planet’s grid and therefore the planet’s lightbody. This
is mentioned in previous news about the clearing of sacrificial energy
grids made to a perceived “God”, or the human historical holographic
record of the wars created in the name of a “God”. One of the main
grid projects is to clear the Christ Crucifixion Implant Memory out of
the planetary field, by rehabilitating the consciousness that was
traumatized from that memory in multiple time space continuums. This
is a primary project underway to disentangle and transport these
entities and energies to help return them to their source, or merge
back into the Galactic Core, the Center Point of All Union.

Heavy coordinate points that cross into and flood the energy
tributaries into the Axiatonal Lines from the 4th and 7th Dimension
are being repaired. Since the planetary 7th dimensional axiatonal line
is the main disruption of the false christ crucifixion implants this
has been a primary repair project. The 7th ray (Violet Flame) is
transmitted through the planetary 7th Axiatonal lines and is being
recoded. Previously this false crucifixion energy implanted in the 7th
Axiatonal line was feeding another false program being used in the
Astral plane which was like a mirage. This mirage I have referred to
in previous articles is the “False Ascension Matrix” Program. This is
why the 4th (astral plane) and the 7th dimensions (violet flame and
planetary logos/group mind) are so important in how they intersect and
feed the levels of false (enslavement) programming.

I will add that this is such a major piece that determines the future
of the planet’s territorial dispute over controlling human
consciousness that aggression has been intensified. Incredible
interference, direct psychic attack, holographic inserts and
projections have been more aggressive than ever. Generally I see it
more directed at this group of Polarity Integrators that interface
with the Planet Lightbody Planes and its Grid. As anytime a piece of
enslavement or control is being released from the collective
consciousness there are groups resisting that are not happy with this

The new technology being used is a type of holographic insert that
projects an image to a remote viewer. Many channels and intuitives
will scan another beings energy field, many times without permission
from the being they are scanning. This is a type of “remote viewing”.
Without invitation from the object being scanned, or that they have
not addressed you personally for interaction, there is no agreement
and this becomes a field intrusion. This breaks the higher sovereign
agreement held between the two entities and allows the choice of
exercising one’s personal will (superimposition) over the divine will
( pure beingness). It is an act that does not honor the beings freedom
and sovereign right to creative expression. What this personal will
choice does is allow for “intrusion” and manipulation and triggers a
holographic insert that acts as a mirage. When the remote viewer sees
the “mirage” it sees an illusion of a program placed there to create a
negatively judged experience. Since personal will is about applying
judgment, judgment becomes the playing field of manipulation.

What I am noticing is many of these holographic field inserts
happening are on spiritual leaders or group facilitators. As a group
it may empower us to be aware of these potentials, ( holographic
inserts) as this is an aggressive tactic to employ a last ditch effort
to thwart us from our collaborative group impact. Conquer and Divide
is the main agenda to keep separation consciousness alive. If
spiritual leaders or facilitators become competitive, judgmental with
each other or publically diss another spiritual leader, use this as a
benchmark to put your own ego in check. Perceived power over others is
an extremely slippery pitfall of the ego consciousness. There is never
any excuse to put down any being ever, as each and every one of us is
here to provide a specific niche and unique frequency to collaborate
into the whole of creation. It is each and every beings responsibility
to decide their own personal pathway of resonance and not rely or
depend on any outside source through attachment. Discernment over
judgment, preference over attachment and self sourcing your inner
sustenance is a huge path of mastery at this time. Walk the tightrope
carefully however be kind in every way you can. The current adversity
can pound us out of our kindness towards our self and others, and it
is a time where kindness and compassion are the most needed.

At the time of our monthly Q & A Class (December 17th) I will answer
any questions around this to bring more clarity if this is resonant as
a part of your planetary service at this time. Naturally this is not
everyone’s role here, however there is a group of us that work
together to perform group planet grid repair projects.

Stay in the luminosity of your heart and soul path! We are here as One!

Love, Lisa

© 2008, Lisa Renee

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