Thursday, December 25, 2008

Diane: You Are Never Alone, Legions of Light Beings

Diane: You Are Never Alone, Legions of Light Beings
Are On Earth, and Near to Earth to Help You

I am Diane from Sirius, and note that as many of you begin to take a break from the daily routine, so a softness and calmness enters your lives, which is so welcome after the hectic period you have recently gone through. It seems as if a whole year of many frustrations and disappointments are suddenly consigned to the past, and no longer impact you as before. I say to you that the energies you are now bringing into focus are the means of your upliftment, and they will continue for quite some time. What you have achieved has been immensely assisted by the opportunities afforded by the Winter Solstice, under the guidance of Archangel Michael. Periodically there is an input of the higher energies such as at this time, and there are sufficient Lightworkers to ground them upon Earth. These benefit each and every one of you, and will increasingly continue to take you in the direction of Ascension.

I acknowledge that for many there is sadness and dismay, and that the upheavals upon Earth have embroiled them in the affects of the financial and economic breakdown. You are not without our greatest sympathy and compassion, and may we assure you that your problems will not be far reaching or long lived. We as you, patiently await the fast approaching time when it is appropriate and in all of our interests, to back changes that put you on course for release of the Abundance program. Much depends on how quick a start your new President can make, and already he has ambitious plans in mind. He is the Man of the moment holding your future in his hands, and we do not mind saying that they are safe hands. You will have your first legally appointed President for many years, and he has the backing of the Light forces. Look to the greater possibilities for stability and a new approach to your worldwide problems, rather than the impending break up of the old ways. They have had their day, and as any other defunct systems they will disappear from sight.

All around the world the people have celebrations that occur over a period of some weeks, and this maintains the momentum that is created by the positive vibrations of love and peace. Forget for a moment that attempts of the dark forces to continue with their intent to create fearful situations. Do not give in to their last ditch attempts to stop the inevitable demise of their empire. Fear is still their weapon of mass destruction of your morale and hope for the future. Fear is the energy that feeds their empowerment over you, and it cannot be so unless you concede to their attempts to make you feel powerless against them. The fact is that you are fully able to deflect the dark energies back to them, by simply standing at all times in your Light. It is your impenetrable protection against them, and you need nothing more than the intent to do so. You are far from helpless as you are often made to feel, and in truth you have the upper hand in these battles.

We observe that more of you are gradually taking back your power, and that can only augur well for the future. You are in the ascendancy and leaving the old energies behind, as they no longer serve you and have indeed held you back. This is not a lone battle as there are legions of Light Beings on Earth, and also near to Earth ensuring that all those of you that can carry the Light are given every opportunity to do so. To ensure completion of God's Divine Plan, many souls have volunteered to assist you make it to the Golden Age that follows Ascension. As you lift up into the higher vibrations so they will come nearer still, and as you allow it will guide you on your pathway of Light.

Dear Ones, let the fate of the Dark Ones no longer concern you, as not one soul can avoid responsibility for their actions. Do not even speculate as to how they will answer for their decimation of the Human Race, and to their lack of love and compassion for their fellow travellers through duality. It is not given to you to know whether they will suffer, or bring punishment upon themselves. All you need to know is that every soul remains a spark of God, and should be respected for the immutable Light that they carry. It will be ignited again on the long road back to the levels of Light they originally came from, and their experiences will eventually leave them highly motivated to serve those who can benefit from them. At a time when so much goodwill is given out extend it as far as possible, to include those who have forsaken their Light to be the motivators of you all so that you may find yours.

No achievement will be as great as reaching a point where you can view every soul as God does, with Unconditional Love. It means dedication to rise above the daily challenges that come at you from all angles, sometimes when you least expect them. Yet even if you fail to succeed every time in deflecting the lower energies, there are lessons you can learn that leave you much stronger than before. You are not expected to reach a state of perfection upon Earth, but a firm intent to do so will carry you on to the higher levels where you will experience completion of exactly that desire. Do not despair if such an achievement seems far away from you at present, as much help will be available as you enter the final stages of your homeward journey.

Once the major influences of the Illuminati are removed from your midst, you will find it easier to express yourself as a Being of Light. The cleansing of Earth allows for the dark energies to be removed, after centuries of polluting the very ground that you walk upon. Mother Earth can handle them but her way is to literally shake them off. That can be largely avoided with your help and you can do this by anchoring the higher energies for her. It would be a loving gesture on your part, paying back some of the karma you have created through the misuse of the wealth of the Earth. Mother Earth has willingly allowed you to use her for your experience and evolution, but it is now payback time. Your loving attention and response to her needs will go a long way to averting what otherwise could be catastrophes resulting from physical changes. However, do not allow this to cause you any distress, as there are precautions in place that we have taken to eliminate the more serious risks.

We of the Galactic Federation would not just stand by without helping you, and our instructions are to ensure you safely reach Ascension. Of that we can assure you of success, and we wish you a peaceful time in which to gather your thoughts and be that All-Loving God that you really are already.

Thank you Diane,
Mike Quinsey