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Planetary/Ascension Reading - December 26, 2008

Planetary/Ascension Reading - December 26, 2008
by Joe and Jen (KA and Royen)

Planetary Reading December 26th, 2008

The World, or planet Earth is now entering into its time of Renewal
and Rebirth. The 3D aspects of what is currently, and over the next 4
years, taking place on the planet may seem "bad," "scary," even like
the end of the world at times, but it's simply the Process we must go
through in order to evolve. But, the Truth is this:

In order for us (the planet) to raise our vibration, transmute all the
illusions and negative energies that we've gathered both collectively
and individually (which is the same as we are all ONE) over many eons
of time, and to bring "Heaven to Earth" by stepping into the 5th
Dimension, we must go through "The Fall."

The Fall may look nasty, but in reality, we're preparing to
self-actualize as a WHOLE. We're preparing to transmute all the
illusions, false belief systems, and man-created false realities. We
are headed toward Unity and Harmony in ALL things; Within and without.
We are "working" our way back to our Natural and Divine state of Being.

The World's deepest fear is/will be death...death of their ways of
life, death of everything they thought was real, death of the planet.
However, this is oh, so, not the case. We are striving for a much more
Loving world and it will do not fear anything. As fear is the
ultimate of all illusions.

As a WHOLE, we are being Enlightened, Awakened...and Remembering. Our
True Wisdom and Spirituality will soon be liberated. We are amidst
combining our masculine and feminine, and all polarity, as polarity is
what we experience on this plane...only. There is no polarity or
contrast on the "Other Side."

This Transition/Ascension does not happen in one fell swoop. It will
happen (and has begun), and will continue over the next 4 years, as no
one could handle this type of Transmutation/Process overnight, so to

Opposites are being blended. Balance and moderation, along with
cooperation among peoples, Nations, Races, Cultures, Ideas, Religions,
etc...will soon be more and more apparent. Sounds beautiful, ha?!
Simply remember, however, that it will take some time, and may seem
like a slow process for some, and a quicker one for others. It's
important to remember that we're all ONE and must go through this
Process as our Higher Selves have already predestined.

The planet is beginning to experience the TRUE meaning of: "The Truth
Shall Set You Free." All things will be illuminated; good and bad. To
many some things may be shocking. Some may refuse to look into the
eyes of Truth. Many things/ideas that we considered "bad" or "evil"
will be seen as the opposite. And, much that's been believed to be
"good," "right," acceptable, or even the "truths" we've been brought
up with, or the ways we SHOULD live our lives, are going to be set
straight; are going to be illuminated as the LIGHT will shine upon all
darkness, which then becomes LIGHT.

Basically, a house NOT built on solid foundations will eventually
collapse...this is taking place on the planet. BUT, the good news is
that it is crumbling in order to rebuild upon a VERY solid foundation.
Many "things," institutions, governments, etc....that (we) rely upon
or believe in, just knowing they'll always be there and remain the
same...are not.

This will be very disturbing and upsetting to many who may feel unable
to "change." Again, remember, everyone has chosen their path prior to
entering this life. Ironically, the Planet desires these changes and
has planned them for a very, very long time. We've all chosen to
participate in our own way during these most amazing of times!

Trust this: Your Higher Self, the True You, knows exactly what's going
on and will guide you...You must listen to your Inner KNOWER, your Heart.

Also, it is SHOWN that we will enter a time of great Healing, Peace
and Hope, once going thru the not-so-much-fun stuff. The future is
very Glorious and Beautiful...we must have faith and trust!

People, the planet, is soon to be going into a time of Deep Inner
Reflection...Again, this takes place both individually and on a
planetary basis, as people will Awaken and Ascend at different times;
in stages, if you will. Soon, many will begin questioning and "going
Inside" for answers. "Inside" is where all Truth and ALL answers lie.

Much inner strength and determination will be required for many, as
this Process is not an easy one. In the end, it's ALL WORTH IT.
However, there are some painful and uncomfortable aspects of this
Transition. After all, (we) are dying and being Reborn...

Many new opportunities will be on the horizon...the world is changing,
and many "positions" in life are changing. People will be Awakening to
their True Selves, and with this comes their True Gifts, Talents,
Creativity and Joy. What one can offer mankind will be discovered and
used to its greatest potential, as we will come together as ONE. So,
look Deep in your Heart....

If something isn't working for you, or isn't coming easily or
naturally, it is not the right path. Don't bang your head against the
wall trying to force anything. What is your True path, or calling, or
"way" will come easily and without struggle.

"Don't make any life decisions based on money." - Royen

We are currently passing thru a period of preparation for the Great
Change. We are passing through a time where Control and Compliance was
not only the norm, but was dictated. We're coming through a period of
time where Governments, Religious institutions, Regimes, military and
public authority figures rule our existence, and determine for us what
is right and wrong. But soon, no more.

Now, like mentioned above, many will resist or "fight" these changes
and necessary Shift. Many believe they can control or manipulate
what's Spiritually and inevitably happening on the planet. They will
go to any length, in vain, including unethical manners of dealings, in
order to try to stop the Shift. The powers that be, if you will, will
not be pleased with the changes. Any selfish so-called "victories"
will be short lived, however.

The Illuminati, or what's left of "darkness," (which is also Light,
but has not been exposed yet) will be greatly disappointed in their
efforts. Many will simply remain "blind" to what's going on. But, the
Fall will take place regardless, so that we can rebuild.

As a whole, the planet is being Spiritually Enlightened. From a Higher
point of view, we have all agreed to suffer and sacrifice somewhat for
the betterment of the WHOLE. You see, we (our True Selves) know that
this (Truly minute) suffering leads to a Miraculous end/Beginning.
Many people throughout the ages from different cultures and religions,
etc....have experienced great suffering, voluntarily, in order to
achieve great Understanding and Enlightenment. This is what many of us
are doing now, we just don't necessarily remember yet.

So, if you're feeling forsaken, forgotten, sacrificed, pain and
suffering, etc...remember, you've volunteered...You're on the Right
Path, You've done nothing wrong, and you're a beautiful Being of Light
that is playing a major part in this Great Shift! You're not alone,
and NEVER forgotten.

And, we will be learning to work together in all our dealings in life,
balancing home, "work," family, friends, living circumstances, ensure harmony, as we are moving into Unity.

And finally, the entire Universes are watching us and are backing us
with great enthusiasm. THEY are proud of us and encouraging our
evolutionary process every step of the way! We have successfully begun
this Great Leap of awareness, and we are well on our way. We have the
choice to make this Growth and Awareness as smooth or as difficult as
we wish. But, none the less, it is taking has begun. All is
in Divine and Perfect Order.

This Planetary Reading is a current and NOW update....I will continue
to keep you posted as deemed necessary. Wishing you ALL Much Love and
Light...along with a Happy and Joyful Holidays!


Joe and Jen