Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lord Metatron:The Current Economic Worldwide

Lord Metatron:The Current Economic Worldwide

What is the prognosis concerning the current economic situation both in the USA and worldwide?

Let us discuss the word prognosis first as that can have many meanings. First of all know that all is in Divine Order. This unwinding of the financial markets might seem as something dire and for those who have lost homes or jobs, they are experiencing the dire effects of this unwinding. However, as an overview of events, this is happening to dislodge the dark from the money supply.

In that progression many will be hurt, and perhaps some will find more strength in their souls, and some will be discouraged and feel abandoned. Know in each situation each soul has the opportunity to stretch their wings so to say and evolve to the next higher level of ability.

No-one can go through trauma and not come out a stronger or weaker individual. Nothing stays static as the universe is in constant motion. We assist those who have been experiencing hardships and are feeling discouraged and some even abandoned. We send energy continually and it is up to the individuals who experience such pain to turn towards us and accept our gifts.

This aspect of Divine Love has always been present upon the planet Earth no matter what humanity has experienced. This has been true during all the eons of life as it has evolved upon Earth. So I am glad to take this opportunity to reinforce that idea. It is up to everyone to search for the gift of support and light during all the dark moments that one might find on their journey.

Sometimes this is called the dark night of the soul. No one can walk through this path and not find some sort of enlightenment at the end unless they lash out against their Creator and give up every vestige of hope. However for those who hope and search and reach for their Creator, they will find our extension of love and once they cooperate with our love they will find a way out of the morass of darkness and reach for the light.

I wanted to say that first so you understand that no matter where one finds themselves, there is always a lifeline given and in that gift there is the avenue towards growth and love for the Father/Mother God, the one we serve and the one we love.

I lead with that answer so you know that this is a very important part of the prognosis as you call it. This was considered before we began the struggle for the equality of payment for goods and services supplied to one another by the workforce.

For too long those who would confiscate every bit of your labor for less value than it is worth, have been taking advantage of the situation in government and in commerce. Those who have suffered for so long have sent their cries for Justice where they have set at the feet of Source and now you have your answer, though you do not see the hand of God in this unfolding.

So we say to you that the unfolding of the financial markets is but the unfolding of Justice and upon that unfolding is the hand of God.

We understand that what you really want is an answer as to how this will unfold in the financial markets. We say to you that this is just the beginning of the unwinding and this will not stop until all the masters of control are severed from the unbridled greed and the effects of greed upon the marketplace.

How far it will go will depend upon lessons learned by the controllers and what we see is that they are not learning. Rather in their arrogance they continue to feel that everyone should bail them out of their hardships that they see coming their way as this very careless set of dominoes continue to fall and bring down other phases of their governance.

Unless, and until, they see the injustice of their ways, this fallout will continue. Their greed and avarice is noted by your congress as those Presidents of the automobile industry went to Washington in their corporate jets to beg for more money from the public coffers. This was a good example of what I meant when I described the situation among the controllers.

Mother/Father God has decreed that there will be Justice in the area of payment for services. Each must be honored for what they bring to the world supply. The one that scrubs the halls of the hospitals must by the very nature of Justice receive their fair share of the profits that are received by the hospital. But rather what happens is instead of being a place of healing and compassion, there are those who now own shares in the hospital by way of stock and they receive the vast return upon what is considered a business and not a service to humanity.

My friends this has been happening gradually and so you do not see these results. There are those who have great knowledge through experience to serve the public in love and healing attention and they are brushed aside for promotion and pay increases by those who hold a degree from your universities and have no experience and receive the largest share of remuneration. We are not suggesting that education shouldn't be pursued, but rather that service and experience should receive their fair share of the pay scale. All of this must be changed.

Those who suffer and are pushed out of hospitals before their time of healing is complete have struggled and in that struggling have cried out to Father/Mother God and it is another thorn set in place in the side of Justice.

Money, my dear friends and the greed that it has brought upon the backs of humanity must be taken out of the lexicon of humanity's thought processes. As I mention these things you can see that these roots are deep and injustice is deep. If all of these things must by the nature of the decree of the Mother/Father God, be removed, then you can see that this will take a long time for Justice to come to pass.

We cannot say that this will be resolved soon. We cannot say that the bailouts that are planned will solve the problems of humanity. We will not stand by and see the Captains of Industry who have been absorbed in greed and the effort to control all the productive services of the people, themselves made whole while the people suffer more.

I say to you that this is the command of Mother/Father God and we of the spiritual hierarchy must by the very nature of this command see that the command is meted out in Justice.

This will be long. This will be hard. This will be done!

Now what we offer is that there will be great benefits from this. Those who must change their ways and are innocents in this change must search for answers outside of the box. They must go within to find answers to their situation. The old paradigm of looking for the Captains of Industry to GIVE you a job might have ended for you.

Look within and cooperate with your Soul Star, which is where the Hara Line or Solar Plexus resides. Connect with that also as your willpower and strength resides there. Connect and ask your overlighting soul to guide you to a means to support yourself. Find new ways to reach your happiness. We will offer some ideas on this in another message as this one grows long.

Know that your God is in the heavens and all is well in the world. We speak here of the world of spirit. If one is not connected to the world of spirit and the love for their God they will find despair at this time. I offer the light of God. Connect with that light within your soul and know that there is an answer for every problem if God is in the midst of the solution.

Lord Metatron
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Received by Carolyn Evers

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