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Winter Wonder and Summer Speculation ~ 10 December 2008

Winter Wonder and Summer Speculation ~ 10 December 2008

During the past 24 hours Mercury crossed the Galactic Center longitude, leading the way for the Sun and Mars to provide an increasingly sharpening window for galactically inspired information to slip through the cracks during a busy holiday season fraught with more than the usual collection of year end wonder and speculation. I wonder if the economy will improve. I wonder if next year will feel better than this one did. I wonder if optimism will catch on with Jupiter in Aquarius come January. I wonder if I can make anything out of the ideas swirling in my head that demand attention at the most inconvenient times. I wonder if what I contribute might make a big dang difference in fixing worldly problems. I wonder if I can restore a fabulous quality of life. I wonder when the Sun and Mars reach the Galactic Center. Making the first effort to resolving wondrous speculations, the Sun hits the exact GC degree on December 17th and Mars reaches it December 22nd just after the winter-summer solstice arrives.

Mercury has cued consciousness to the potential arrival of impending ultra-cool and rich with cosmic savvy consciousness saturated ideas. Every year at this time we get the Sun, Mercury and sometimes Venus to the Galactic Center. This year Venus moved ahead to scout beyond the distant horizon. However, the impact of this year's GC year end consciousness close out sale receives an added crispness courtesy of the edge of Mars. Not only do we receive the usual flow of hard-to-capture-during-a-busy-time collection of inspired nuggets, Mars adds a blustery nudge by asking, "Yeah, so what are you going to do about it?"

This year, more than most, the urge to get on with recently received inspiration runs into a moderate red zone of pull up your bootstraps and get on with it (and I'd personally like to thank our Aussie compatriots for providing us with ever popular Uggs so many more folks can have bootstraps). Mars cautions those feeling the stirring fervor of great ideas about the folly of waiting. He urges registering the name, locking in the domain name, protecting the concept and getting the development in progress. Action, enthusiastic application and momentum are a good part of everything, Mars suggests.

Yet another curious planetary factor is the longitudinal distance of Venus from the Sun. Currently Venus leads the Sun by roughly 43 degrees, nearly at maximum degree separation. It appears that Venus personalizes the allegedly impersonal sign of Aquarius setting the stage for Jupiter's grand mind blowing entry into Aquarius on January 5th. Jupiter's track in Aquarius is mind blowing because it sets the stage for general receptivity of ideas, including and especially the weird ones. Given that the Galactic Center's impulses bring ideas that run ahead of the collective ability to wrap around those ideas, there's a preparing receptivity interval occurring up there and clearly evident with a glance upward after sunset.

The need and value rich nature of Venus forges through the potentially aspiring sign of Aquarius. She asks questions like: What does it take to make the world a better place in which people get along? How do we all come to realize that all people ultimately want the same things - staples, security and serenity? What do you need to feel that you've stretched as far as you can to pursue lofty goals? What rewards make your life feel completely fulfilled? No detachment allowed in rendering such answers. Venus has no interest in a rhetorical response to fundamental needs. To her, it's personal. She intends to arouse uncomfortable desires that range from healthy materialism to personal involvement that rocks the rafters of the heavens and engagement in life such that one's aura leaves good vibrations in its wake. Venus stirs the needs that focus the now present inspirations of the Galactic Center such that Jupiter can grab the thinnest of possibilities and work with Saturn to organize a plan of manifestation and happenstance.

How ironic is it that during the grandly expansive touch of Jupiter in conservative, fiscally conscious Capricorn - on and off with Pluto - that economic despair conjures up the receptivity to try anything? How perfect is it that the Galactic Center live feed, the potent urges of Venus and soon the passage of Jupiter into a different sign prepare an important opening of consciousness and a willingness to consider absolutely anything?

There's a huge window of cosmic opportunity wide open. Breathe through it and take in the scent of shifting seasons and the inspired ionization of galactic charges above. Wonder and speculate. It'll all shift toward improvement (and famously more intense) as you do.

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