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Trinity Alignments 2009 and Beyond

Trinity Alignments 2009 and Beyond

Trinity Alignments 2008 -2018

Alignment for the Winter Solstice/Summer Solstice 2008 and New Year 2009.
We welcome you on 12-21-2008. We the Masters Kuthumi and Pallas Athena.

KuthumiPallas Athena
Today is the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer
Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.
On this shift point between lengthening and shortening of light and
dark, we are suggesting that you consciously embrace the Master
Trinity alignments that are occurring now and into the next four year
period through Winter Solstice/Summer Solstice 2012. The alignments
are related to opening doorways at the microcosmic and macrocosmic
levels. The more you are consciously aware of what is occurring, the
greater will be your capacity to flow with the changes rather than
struggle to understand them. This is why we are dedicated to
instructing you about reconnecting to the creation-power of master
numbers/ trinities and the form behind structure.

First of all know, that the trinity is a sacred covenant of connection
from Infinite Being to all expressions of form that emanate from
Infinite Being.

Trinity is the creative connection between: Mother-Father-I AM. When
you feel this in your heart, then integrate it into your mind, your
soul becomes emancipated to creatively express the Will of Infinite
Being. These three things are the creative principles that move in all
manifest form: 1 -Mother, 2 - Father, 3- I AM.

There is an elegance to the Master Plan for humanity and all earth
inhabitants. This Master Plan does not end at 12-21-2012. It goes far
beyond this. What do we call this Master Plan?

Eternal Earth Emancipation

The Vision and energy of this movement has been created today, on
12-21-2008 by visionary artist Jim Rayner. The portals - doorways are
opening from within and without so that Earth is aligning with the
greater cosmos, creating harmony, balance and beauty:

Eternal Earth Emancipation

image used by permision of artist, Jim Rayner:

We will point out to you two aligning dates and times so that you can
see BEYOND 2012:

2012 December Solstice date and Time: 12-21-2012 TIME 11:11 GMT

2018 December Solstice date and Time: 12-21-2018 TIME 22:22 GMT

(Source: God, Times reported by the U.S. Naval Observatory)

You are all aware of the seeding into your reality of the 11:11
alignments. You are seeing this symbol of opening doorways in many
forms. You are also seeing 12:12, a symbol of a larger plan being
worked on or completing. 12:12 is a trinity alignment with the 33
number indicating Mastery of Spiritual Teachings. We want you to
become aware of how powerful these alignments are, by showing you the
overview of the 11:11 AND the 33 progressions through the December
(12) solstices. You will begin noticing alignments moving to 22:22 as
the Plan progresses. Master number alignments enter your consciousness
as a way of indicating Profound Progression. (The numerology of
Profound Progression = 111.)

Below you can see the progression of days based on simple mathematics.
The solstice days move from 7-8-9 and then, because of the precession
of the equinoxes, jump to 11:11. 11:11 is the numerology of both the
2011 December solstice and 2012 December solstice. There are patterns
of alignments occurring on many levels that go beyond simple arithmetic.

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You are aligning into a year of 11:11 on 1-1-2009 or 1-1 (29/11). All
year of 2009 is an 11 year, a profound choice point for all of
humanity. The numerology of the first day of every year gives the
leading energy for the entire year. 1+1+11 = 13. 13 in tarot is the
archetype of Death, signifying a transition from one state of being
into another. The purpose of transition, from a spiritual perspective,
is to experience a shift in consciousness, which then leads to a new
foundation. In this way the 13 becomes 1+3, or 4, the number
indicating foundation and structure.

The choices all people will be making in 2009 are related to creating
a new structure and foundation in a world where the infrastructure is
crumbling. This does not mean a global catastrophe but simply a
movement towards greater harmony. This harmonious alignment occurs by
PEOPLE rebuilding in conscious choice, new ways of connecting and
honoring the greater whole, rather than old institutions which served
personal aggrandizement over the collective good. For example,
religious institutions that hoard wealth rather than share it to
benefit people on a broad scale, will continue to lose membership, and
will continue to be exposed at the structural core to be based on
personalities rather than the Eternal One Soul of Love. Individual and
group spirituality based on the principles of loving, sharing, opening
doorways and opening hearts will continue to grow and expand.

The doorways are continuing to open more and more each day. The timing
and synchronicity of the 12-21-2012 December solstice indicate the
Trinity Alignments that are progressing:

12-21-2012 = 11

Time of the Solstice in GMT 11:11

11:11:11 = 33.

Thirty-three is the Master Spiritual Teacher number, and it is the
Master Number of Healing. The doorways and portals open wide on the
2012 December solstice as an inpouring of light aligns into the Earth
from the Galactic center as well as from the central suns of two
additional galaxies that are aligning on the galactic ecliptic. The
inpouring activates the full expression of the Crystal Grids of
Trinity all throughout earth. (See previous post on Sananda’s Crystal
Grids of Trinity.) Balance and healing occurs on a massive scale,
resulting in Healing of Earth Karma for all who are open to receive.

The Eternal Earth Emancipation image above, outpictures the balance of
Eternal Light and Dark Whole, the Gold of Wisdom and Healing, the Blue
of Divine Will, the Silver of Illumination and trinity coral vectors
of the Light Network of Ascension (111). The inpouring and outflowing
of energy opens each human heart to the Essence of all things, which
is Love. In this way, you will feel and know and see the essence of
each individual just as you feel and know and see your own essence.
There will be no doubt in your heart that you are connected to All.
There will be no more confused thinking that you are alone in the
cosmos. There will be no fear that there is a malevolent force in the
universe. There will be the Truth of Creation pouring into all hearts,
and that is Love. In consciousness, you do not have to wait for this
date. You may do it now, on this Solstice by opening the doorways in
your own heart to connection through the image of Eternal Earth
Emancipation. Gaze at the image and feel your connection to this
Eternal-Internal Beauty.

Beyond this 2012 shift of exponential proportion are further
alignments and connections. For the 6 year period after the December
2012 solstice, (3+3 years) you will be adjusting, attuning and
aligning into this new world. Then again on 12-21-2018, another
alignment of mastery occurs at the December solstice at 22:22 GMT.
Perhaps you can intuit where we are leading?

2018 is the NEXT year of 11. 20+18 = 38. 3+ 8 = 11.

You must understand and incorporate Master numbers to fully appreciate
this alignment.

11: Initiation. Gateway consciousness. Mastery of Spiritual Intuition

22: Integration. Master Architecture of New Foundation

33: Inspiration. Master Spiritual Teacher. Master Healing

44: Incorporation. Master solidification of Structure.

55: Investiture. Christ Consciousness imbued into each human’s

At 22:22 in 2018 (the next year of 11 after 2009), the Master
Spiritual Teacher (33) emerges in each one of you and is made manifest
on earth. 22:22:11 = 55. Investiture of Christ Consciousness.

This is encoded into your cosmic consciousness. This is the profound
progression that you are all aware of. 11:11; 12:12: 33: 22:22: 11:
55: and beyond. You must begin at the beginning and celebrate the
opening of 11:11 doorways. Allow the profound progression to move
through you by conscious choice. In this way, in 2018, you will
experience an even more powerful alignment: A return of The Cosmic Christ.

As I, Kuthumi, lived and taught in Crotona as Pythagoras, I still
uphold the concept of my teachings that there is great value in
understanding number:

1-“Τà όντα εισìν μιμήσει των αριθμων”

2-“ Τà όντα αριθμοì εισíν “.

Translated : 1. The universe exists by the imitation of numbers.

2. All things are numbers.

What we reveal today, is that there are no more secrets. The Master
Plan moves through alignments with Master Numbers.

Enjoy this day of longest dark/longest light. Know that both are
within you, wherever you reside. Know that the alignments that are
occurring are Masterfully planned. You are part of this plan, your
awakening to full Spiritual Mastery is aligning.

You may choose every day to open your hearts to the alignments, to
rejoice at being here now and participating in the Master Plan being
made manifest on earth.

Peace be with you in these times of change.

Masters Kuthumi and Pallas Athena

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