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Pleiadians on the State of Bodhisattva

Sunday, June 03, 2007
Pleiadians on the State of Bodhisattva

We wish to talk today about the final days of polarity consciousness
as each of you prepare to enter a new cycle of creation. It is
becoming increasing clear that the new shores have washed upon the
land and we have news to share regarding your entrance into the new

What we can be of particular assistance with is your journey into 5th
dimensional awareness and beyond. Your awareness of this dimension is
increasing and it is a shifting consciousness that you can now clearly

March 2007 marked the entrance of the equinotic energy brought forth
by the great central sun. This cosmic wave held the encoded activation
in its rays for the awakening of many star seeds. The ascension of
Christ was also celebrated at the onslaught of this divine frequency,
celebration for a time in history when the resurrection grid was
anchored into the earth by Jeshua the Christ, making christ
consciousness viable for all who wish to attain it.

For a long time we have coaxed you toward this now moment on your bold
and personal journeys to oneness and we are especially proud to be
assisting you to the realms of cosmic and divine awareness on a
physical plane. What you are undergoing currently is a conscious shift
into full awareness. This shift can be likened to a time when you were
only just beginning to walk or speak in your human body. It is a time
of newness, of learning and exploration, but most of all, a time of
joy. You are entering into a rightful consciousness, of interdependant
connectivity which many call Dharma.

Dharma can be likened to a level of cosmic balance...conscious
connectivity to all elements of existence. It is a realm of
perceptibility that encompasses the whole spectrum of creation and
includes, but is not limited to, the view of the self in relation to
all things. It is the divine component of being and an understanding
that all things are of one source. This understanding is on a visceral
level and can be worked with through conscious intent. Those of you
who can hold this high frequency of light are entering into is this
plane of existence now, one that enables conscious intent to
materialize rapidly in physical form. This state of being allows you
to maintain the vibration of creation and magnetizes your attraction
to like resonation. This is the state of miracles and synchronicity,
the state of Bodhisattva.

Bodhisattva is a state of being that literally translated means
enlightenment. What many are entering into is the state of freedom
from fear. This level of consciousness is attained based upon the
continuous desire to achieve complete peace. This state of peace, also
known as nirvana, was limited just a short time ago to the great
yogi's of the world and not considered a plausible attainment in a
westernized society. This has changed and many who have dropped
suitable amounts of density and lower forms of thought are now facing
salvation. That is to say, living well beyond 3D consciousness and
incorporating divine dispensations & rapid manifestation.

This dispensation will be for those who have duly prepared and
purified and have been guided to make the many changes necessary to
complete this process. It was of vital importance that each soul
prepared for this state of being by enduring a rigorous training
period to align with the potent power of the divine. We wish to speak
a bit about how this will come to be.

First we would like to congratulate those of you who have achieved
this level of mastery over your physical lives. It is by and large not
for the faint of heart, especially during such turbulent times upon
your world. The term "rebirth" is a very applicable reference to what
will soon be transpiring in the lives of many. This feeling of newness
and expansion will be primarily due to the full embodiment of your
soul in your physical vessel. This feeling is uplifting and the joy
that you feel will be marked. The reality by which you currently
perceive will be altered, but in a subtle and harmonious way. You will
begin to see, feel and hear the symphony of creation, the harmonic
chords that tie all of life into lyrical prose. It is the acceptance
of perfection and the acquiescence of complete surrender that will
allow you to frequent the realms of transcendent beauty.

Presently, peace is a difficult state to achieve. It is a state of
balance that few can juggle due to the present conditions of earth,
the modern demands upon man, and the inability to rise above the
chaos. This is what puts ascendants at the fore of self-mastery...the
weaving in and out of consciousness and the eventual ability to master
emotion and keep the body in balance.

This is, in fact, the state of true health. Health is not limited to
diet, or an exercise routine per-say, it is a state of restful mind.
The mind acts as a compass directing the components of existence
constantly toward equilibrium. When in a state of homeostasis, one is
thereby able to keep all major functioning of the core impulses innate
in the human system. Total health is not only a birthright, it is
mandatory byproduct of enlightenment, for without total balance, total
illumination cannot exist.

Centered around the nucleus of your body's inner defense system is the
ability to maintain this state, through all dimensional layers of
existence. When one has achieved Bodhisattva, they are then in a
position to utilize this central balancing system to effectively
create life in perfection. As above, so below. What you project then,
unto the canvas of your outer world is the internal peace that becomes
of you. They are inextricably related and why so many work to achieve
this state of integration.

For those integrating this wave of cosmic and cellular restructuring,
your body is aligning in the final phases of genetic connectivity for
this cycle. You are fusing more receptors of multidimensional
capability and accessing information from your many dimensional
selves. This means many things, but of the most pressing is your
acquired ability to remain in a state of unequivocal peace and love.
The seeds of truth that lie dormant within your non-activated dna have
been triggered by the final set of paired nucleic acids. These
nucleotides are pairing off to re-configure your genetic coding to a
state of eventual super-consciousness. In this state of all truth, you
are then in a position to restructure your biological and physical
framework by intent.

Let us explain. We have told you in the past that soon you would be in
a position to alter your human biology. This fact will be due in part
to your ability to transform matter with your connection to dharma,
your state of Bodisattva, and your ability to work consciously with
the inherent laws of the universe. This state of super-consciousness
is one that realigns your will with the will of creation, which
essentially makes you one and the same. In this state of oneness, you
are actually the hand of God, the same substance as form, which as you
know can be altered according to divine will.

The reason we talk of this ability is because your biology is
currently shifting to a different form of substance. What you term as
carbon base to crystalline structure is the form of genetic mutation
that you are undergoing to full consciousness. This form of substance
is one that is highly intelligent and capable of rapid transformation.
It is the substance of light and it is part of becoming your full
human potential. All of the "junk dna" termed by scientists is now
rapidly being discovered as higher intelligence and evolutionary
genetics. This is exactly what is happening to the human race, you are
coming into capability of your full potential and activating according
to your level of light/consciousness. As density drops, more room for
light is then capable of taking up residence in your cellular form and
the more power you are capable of embodying.

Finally, we wish to remind those of you who are completing this final
level of integration, that you are leaving a cycle of struggle (karma)
behind and entering into a new cycle of divine grace. The many
components of your personal enlightenment have all come together in a
divinely ordered way and many have done a remarkable job of shaking
off all that no longer serves the highest good of all. We are
continually amazed at the dedication and stamina that you uphold and
we are reminded of the struggle to journey out of duality. It is our
honor and pleasure to watch you awaken to your full power and we are
always standing by available to assist.

Is this state of Bodhisattva timed with any world changes toward peace?

World events are timed according to the level global consciousness.
The awakening of starseeds/lightworkers/wayshowers was a preliminary
step toward major changes in world affairs. It is necessary that those
activated hold the vibration of pure peace to assist the collective
consciousness grid. Those who are capable of holding this frequency of
light anchor the vibration into earth and assist not only the earth
herself, but also mankind & evolution. The awakened ones will be
guiding mankind to its destiny.

How will that come to be?

By your ability to hold light. By being a divine vessel of peace. The
importance of your role on earth is in your BEing-ness, your ability
to hold high levels of love and light. Your assistance to mankind will
be nothing short of miraculous to those who understand not the
workings of energy. But to the awakened ones, it will be science. You
will show others the many tools available to successfully navigate
obstacles on their path, and at best you will guide them to truth in
times of need, but as you know, the process of Bodisattva is a very
individual one and one can only BE the bar by which others may set
their standards.

What we do then is not important?

What you do is important to you, for it will be your joy, your
passion, your creation and expression of individuality. But for others
it will be your example of being-ness that they will strive to become.

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