Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kuthumi On The Winter Solstice

Below is the resent transmission from Lord Kuthumi through Michelle Eloff. I am so very grateful for it:
I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of new insights, divine clarity, the presence of the sacred will of God and unconditional love. Greetings beloved ones.
And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved Lightworkers as we stand in the presence of this powerful energy of the birthing of a new age of enlightenment we welcome you into the presence of the highest order of divine love, divine light and the sacred pathways of illumination that take one into the depths of truth, the inner dimensions of the heart and to the core of the inner well of divine wisdom.
We stand together as one entity, one heart, one light, one love, one breath and one expression of the voice of Mother/Father God. Our presence and yours is one that combines at this particular time to move through time and to move through space as we walk into this new experience of the expression of our Creators.

The Second Ascension Wave is a new lease on life, it is a step up the rung of the collective ladder of ascension and each of you find yourself redefining your life purpose, your perspectives and your understanding of self. This is where you experience the deeper dimensions of the broader world of your collective self, you move into the higher dimensions of your higher intelligence, the divine intellect, which is expressed through the divinity of your soul.
The Second Ascension Wave brings into your life a more tangible experience of and expression of the inner Father God and the Mother Goddess. Mary Magdalene has prepared your energy for this day and it is that we gather together within the sacred Heart Chamber of the Cosmic Temples of the Sixth Universe of Fluid Love and we embrace each of you, as you are, present within the divine mansion of our Creator.

Beloved ones you are now ready to observe the higher octave of the sacred sound of the voice of Mother/Father God. This is a time where the word of God is expressed on a higher level. By this I mean it is a voice inside of you that becomes louder, the eyes of God become clearer, the body of God becomes stronger and as you experience the greater understanding of what the expression of life is, you will come to realise that many of the destructive patterns and experiences you have had up until this point have been necessary in order for you to embark upon this next level of the journey.

As all of us move into the higher expressions of our collective self we are faced with new challenges; these challenges are however opportunities, they are not debilitating experiences that are there to suck the life-force out of you. This is where you step into another level of your status as an Ascended Master if I can call it that. This has absolutely nothing to do with feeding the ego and everything to do with empowering the spirit within you, taking the nature of the divine God and the divine Goddess that is inherent within you and expressing that nature, merging it with the nature of the external world and creating within that experience the expression as these natures collaborate and a new way of living comes into being. This is like starting over, beginning at the beginning once again however, this beginning is not one where you are left without knowledge, without power, without wisdom; this is where you move from your “twelve basic years of
education” into a higher standard of “education”. This is where your Monad comes closer than it has ever before and you receive directives from this part of you. This becomes the teacher, the part of you that is communicating directly with you in a way and please bear in mind this is just a manner of speaking, a description that I would like to use, that the Monad at times will override the higher self and communicate directly with you just like sometimes God may speak directly to you and not go through the Angels, the Archangels, the Masters, the Gods and the Goddesses etc etc.

It will take time for you to grasp this concept however, as you begin to understand the many dimensions within this grander Universe of experience you will understand that the aspects of you that have eluded you until this point now step into your presence – why? Because you are ready to deal with these aspects, you have the capacity to understand this more advanced language, this more advanced technology that your soul can impart to you. Up until this point you did not have the capacity to understand that technology. The higher intelligence that has been estranged up until this point from you is moving into the realms of your ability to consciously understand these vast concepts, just like many thousands of years ago there were words that did not exist in the vocabulary that exist at this current time therefore, all that time ago certain concepts could not be presented because there was not words to describe it. It is exactly the same now; you can now
grasp these concepts because you have completed the initiations that were required to open up those inner dimensions, to open up the portals inside of your being that could allow access to those Akashic Records of wisdom and, beloved ones, you now walk through the Halls of Amenti undergoing a kind of “death” and to be “reborn” within this new world of higher self awareness, a new concept of grasping the intelligence of self seeing it as a direct alignment with the higher intelligence of Father/Mother God, and as that understanding, that familiarity in fact settles into the heart, not just held within the intellect, so you will witness the unravelling of a whole new world of knowledge, experience and interaction with the higher aspects of yourself.
Now when the Monad interacts with you on such a direct level change is to be expected. Now some of you might say, “oh for goodness sake Kuthumi, how much more change?” – well I have news for you there is a lot more change and the change will never end. It is the change that reveals to you who you are, what you are made of and it is through this that the creative aspects of Father God and the Mother Goddess express itself and form can expand, form can integrate more of that which is formless and the intelligence, the word that comes from that intelligence can also find form and the word without form is nothing for it is simply a formless presence, it must come into some kind of form in order for it to be expressed and to be fully experienced in all of its dimensions, in all of its natures.

You know that the physical self is just one aspect of many aspects. You know that you are a part of the elements, seen and unseen. Now you move into a cycle where you are renewing and crystallising your relationship with Mother/Father God in a whole new way. This is a personal, very profound process of reconnection. The promise of new life is not limited to the fantasy of experiencing the Utopia, not to say that that is an unrealistic fantasy, those ideals will come into being but before anyone can settle into a Utopia of sorts one must be in alignment with certain very important aspects of the self therefore, this first cycle of the New Age post this Ascension Wave is taking you into the very depths of who you are. This new world, this moving beyond the destructive chaotic projective ego based fear motivated world is not what will motivate you any longer, you have moved along that spiral of moving into a space of objectivity where you perceive life from
the aerial perspective, now that you are at that higher perspective you can see more of yourself and that is the most important part of this Second Ascension Wave, beloved ones.

At this time there are two hundred and twenty-two million minor portals that are activating across your world; half of them are activating within Mother Earth’s body, the other half are above her body. As these vortices of energy meet so it is that the waves of this new energy explode into, not implode I am saying explode into for a purpose, into the etheric field of Mother Earth’s body; this penetrates the magnetic field of every human being on the Planet and every other kingdom of life. This wave takes everything in its wake into this new energy template. Once one is connected with that grid it is then individual choice as to whether one will go with the flow of that wave, ride the crest of that wave into this new world, into this new dimension of self awareness or remain within the old paradigms of what I described earlier on.
Those who choose to remain within the old paradigm will find that the challenges, the obstacles and the ego create an intensity that at times become unbearable. This will become almost unbearable because there are cracks happening within the energetic field of Mother Earth’s body. There is a crust over her body at this time, this crust is like a gargantuan scab on a wound. With this Second Ascension Wave she is releasing that scab of the wound so that she can receive that healing balm, so that she can open this wound to the Cosmos and receive the healing that she is now ready for, that she deserves and that every single one of you deserve. These wounds that are now opening to receive the healing go back one hundred and thirty-three million years in Earth time, which include all parallel and alternate realities. As these existences come together you will find many layers will come to the surface; this is not necessarily meaning that you will be faced
with the challenges of unresolved issues of all of this time, all it means is that the collective wound of this particular period of time can now be healed, and this particular wound is related to the loss of power through the abuse of power through money, through sex, through the manipulation of the elements, through the manipulation and abuse of nature (the human nature and every other aspect of nature). This is why it will move through alternate and parallel realities. This means an accelerated shifting beyond the destructive consciousness that left people estranged from the Monad from the time of Lemuria and Atlantis going even further back where worlds ended, worlds that you have never even heard of before.
Now the energy within the constellation of Bootes as well as Cassiopeia and within the Andromedan galaxy moves to encircle Mother Earth’s body. These vibrations permeating Mother Earth’s body brings with it what we always call Sacred Signatures. Signatures are unique vibrations of energy placed within a crystalline seal, which is held within a vortex. Within these vortices are atoms of light, as these energies come into your energy field it begins to activate that which is held in darkness so it gets everything moving again; the brighter the light the greater your chances are of understanding your own purpose and that which motivates your purpose. When you know what motivates you, your actions, your decisions, your thoughts and your words the clarity empowers you, you make informed decisions as well as being in the position to be able to understand the motivations of others, and when you can see the motivations of others you are empowered within
that situation to make choices that support the greater good of the whole.

This is very good news for those of you who have chosen to take full responsibility for the creation of your life; those of you who have taken full responsibility to choose what motivates you even in the face of some of your most challenging moments. It is important that all of you realise that the energy that you are going to be working with from the 22nd of December has a completely different signature to what you have been working with up until this point. The Goddess energy will be amplified, this does not mean to say that it is the female energy per se, it is the voice of the sacred wisdom of the soul, it is where the subconscious undergoes its greatest transformation of all time for now it is that the subconscious has moved into this higher level, which means that those beings of higher intelligence who vibrate at levels that your subconscious has never vibrated to before can now be reached. This means that you have a greater chance of transforming
the debilitating self-sabotaging programmes anchored within the subconscious that have constantly manifested as obstacles and self-defeating ways.
Now these self-defeatist ways will be left in the old paradigm. There may be times where the patterns re-emerge but this is not there to prevent you from moving forward, these will always come to the fore to remind you of where you have come from, what you have achieved and where you are going. It is also very important for all of you to understand one thing, because you are moving into this higher realm of. It is also very important for all of you to understand one thing, because you are moving into this higher realm of you to understand one thing because you are moving into this higher realm of experience does not mean that you adopt a self-righteous holier than thou attitude, that is absolutely not what this Ascension Wave is all about and it is absolutely the direction that you are heading in, in terms of how you will interact with the rest of humanity. This is a place of humility and the more you move into the realms of humility the less place
there is for those self-righteous holier than thou attitudes and you will find that people adopting that kind of attitude will see their nether regions very quickly, I trust you get the picture, yes?

So now as you understand that this moving into the higher realms has nothing to do with elitist attitudes and everything to do with merging with the community of the highest order of wisdom and light then you are understanding the true essence of what this new realm is bringing to you. As I, Kuthumi, St Germain and Master Jesus move into this more rapid expression of the divine light you will benefit from it because our magnetic energies automatically pull you into that realm. Once again it means that you have a more direct line to Spirit, to the higher wisdom of your self, of your collective soul therefore, the voice of the authentic self becomes louder, that voice of God, the word of God that I spoke of earlier on that becomes louder, this means less room for excuses, and you know we have been working with this with all of you for years now, more so the past eighteen to twenty-four months than ever before.

This is truly an incredible time of celebration for you step out of the realm of the ego based motivations and you step into a realm of your Monad therefore, not only are you closer to God but you are closer to yourself, and even though you are having to operate within a Three Dimensional World of human beings trying to find themselves, celebrate the fact that you have found many aspects of yourself and that what you are about to find will reveal the deeper dimensions of the Spirit that resides within you and that animates you, which takes you beyond the human personality and the understanding of what you are; in other words showing you the deeper dimensions of the being that you are, not the identity you have adopted for this incarnation, the identity that your name gives you or your position or your gender or your financial status, none of that, this is a wealth beyond your greatest imaginings, this is an investment in your soul that you have never
experienced before and this is something that stays with you for eternity.

So, beloved ones, let us now gather our energies as we guide you through the dimensional portals, through the energy and into the centre of this Ascension Wave therefore, please close your eyes if you have not already. Straighten your spine, draw your shoulders slightly backwards opening your heart chakra. Take a deep breath in through your nose exhaling through your mouth, take another deep breath in exhaling through your mouth, relaxing your body.
Imagine a powerful gold and red flame of energy running up and down your spinal column, this is your life-force; the empowering energy that has always existed within you. This energy becomes more tangible now, you become more conscious of it because many veils have fallen, many outdated beliefs, attitudes and perceptions have been released. You have already acknowledged aspects of yourself that you never knew existed and this was not such a long time ago.
I want you now to take a moment to give thanks for every challenge you have experienced, for every tear you have shed, for every moment of woe, of grief and of sadness. Give thanks for every dark night of the soul that you have endured for it is all of those experiences that have made the cracks in the walls of defence that have burnt through the veils of illusion and broken down the constructs of ignorance and revealed to you the inner wisdom, revealed to you the inner tutor, shown you the higher intelligence of the advanced aspects of your divine self that have guided you, guarded you and gifted you.
The Earth walk is one of the most challenging any soul can choose to undertake. It is the most stringent school of learning, it is a place where the soul is stripped bare, left with nothing but the potential to gain everything. Your journey into reclaiming the treasures that exist within love and wisdom that empower you as a spirit, as a being of light is now before you, not to say that you have not being doing that already, but now it is a time where you “swim with the big fish”, you move out of the dam, you have moved along the rivers, the streams, the lakes and now it is time to enter the vast ocean of life, of Spirit and you dive deep into the essence of Father/Mother God.

Feel your energy as it moves from the dams along the streams and the rivers and into the lakes and feel your energy moving into the great oceans becoming one with the vast body of divine wisdom and love represented by the seas and the oceans of your Planet.

There are worlds that exist beneath the waters that no one has yet discovered. There are things that lie in the depths of Mother Earth’s body hidden by water, protected by water that would blow your mind and for this reason cannot as yet be discovered but they do exist. You, precious ones, are now moving into those depths.
I want you now to imagine yourself beginning to move into the deep water of the ocean, bear in mind that your body can now withstand the pressure, that you will not be subjected to the effects of the depths that you will now delve into. Do it gently, pause if you need to.

While you move into these depths there are two hundred and twenty-two Orca Whales who join you, three hundred and thirty-three bottlenose dolphins, four hundred and forty-four Humpback Whales, five hundred and fifty-five Beluga Whales, six hundred and sixty-six Manta Rays.

Breathe in deeply as these beings connect their energy field to yours. These marine creatures hold within their energy signatures a vibration so pure, so pristine that it is able to penetrate the densest human ego motivated and base, ignorant and dark part of self. Feel these energies penetrating this part of you and you will find now that you become suspended within the water surrounded by these energies, which amplify the presence of light that exists within you.
These energy pulsations penetrate all the alternate and parallel aspects of yourself, the most dark part of yourself, the most evil deed that you have ever committed in any of your life experiences is now penetrated by this pristine energy of pure unconditional love, light, wisdom and intelligence.

Lord Poseidon enters this field of energy and hovers in front of you, twelve Mermaids accompany him. These beings also begin to emanate sound vibrations that can only be perceived through the body of water, this opens the emotional body inside of you and allows those dark aspects of yourself to be touched and to be penetrated by this love.
One hundred and eleven Seahorses begin dancing around you, their dance creates another beautiful energy pattern and this pattern is a system of communication, which is being given to them by your Monad. This is the first time this pattern is being encoded into your energy field and this allows the emotional body to move beyond the paradigms of the old world, specifically the Piscean Age, and as this fluid body of yours steps into this safe place of knowing that you are being motivated by this part of you that is one with God a wall of defence falls away. As this wall drops you are not left fragile and vulnerable you are left strong, empowered, revitalised, re-energised and reconnected with this powerful part of you – your Monad.

Take a deep breath in exhaling fully.

I want you now to notice that deep in the depths of this water a light begins to emerge, a golden light, and all of these marine creatures around you begin to energetically pull you into the depths of the water, Lord Poseidon and the Mermaids following you, the Seahorses still moving around you. As you are taken into the depths you move deeper and deeper into the realms of your most intelligent self, into the depths of love that exist beyond the human ego, beyond the human personality and identity, beyond the human nature into the sacred energy of you that which exists beyond human form. Beloved ones you enter a world of exquisite light, a world so filled with the most profound love and wisdom you have ever experienced that the conscious mind cannot compute it all in its fullness therefore, just imagine, indulge in your wildest fantasy of this great fantastic world beneath the sea and step in and in this world are beings unlike you have ever seen
before, energies that you have never felt before, crystals, lights, colours and sounds your human self has never experienced before, and even your imagination cannot experience the full extent of where you are currently at energetically.
This energy is already being absorbed into your emotional body and over the next forty-eight hours it will very gently be injected into the coded energy templates of higher intelligence stored within your DNA. These worlds have been opened up to you now because you are ready to move beyond the limitations of the world you have known up until this point.

Take a deep breath in exhaling fully. As this Second Ascension Wave brings your emotional body the most profound healing experience of your lifetime and many other lifetimes, Mother Earth’s body will undergo the same profound emotional body healing, and this wave washes through the darkest realms of every living being.
I want you to move through this sacred world beneath the ocean. I, Kuthumi, accompany you as does St Germain and Master Jesus. Mary Magdalene, Goddess Guinevierre and Goddess Jezebel are present. We take you now to a place in the centre of this world. In the centre of this world is a vortex of golden energy, even though it is a vortex you are able to stand in the centre without falling in, we accompany you to the centre of this vortex. All the marine beings are still present as are the twelve Mermaids, Lord Poseidon and the Seahorses.

As you are held suspended above this vortex close your eyes and begin feeling a powerful surge of energy coming toward you from the centre of this vortex penetrating the chakras of the soles of your feet, coming up your legs and bursting into your base chakra rushing up all the other chakras and exploding out of your crown chakra.
Take a deep breath in exhaling fully as another rush of this energy comes up. This will happen two more times.
Emerging from this vortex is an almighty being of wisdom. This being is filled with such empowering wisdom and light it takes your breath away. I want you to feel the power of this being, to try and use your imagination to create some kind of connection with just how powerful this being is and to allow yourself to completely surrender to that wisdom and love. This being’s energy moves through your body, around your body, it moves inside of your body and enfolds you in its essence.
You have earned the right to merge with this powerful, more advanced and deeper essence of wisdom and love, for it is wisdom and love that becomes the theme of your life as you step through into the Second Ascension Wave. It is through wisdom and through love, through love and through wisdom that you will master the plan that lies before you. It is through these two energies that you integrate more of the qualities of the master alchemist and you liberate yourself from the prison of ignorance.

Take a deep breath in exhaling as you relax your body and be still. As you are still over this vortex the dolphins and the various species of whale now begin to sing in their unique voice. As the vibrations of their sound are emitted a massive shattering begins to take place; this shattering, beloved ones, is the shattering of a matrix of energy that has been attached to you for millennia, this shattering of this particular matrix could only happen now, you had to be fully prepared for it.
The voices of these mammals send out a message to all the worlds within the marine world and the worlds that exist beyond the marine world that you have chosen to walk through the gateway of the Second Ascension Wave. As the sound of their exquisite voices increases and amplifies I want you to become aware of a light coming down from above you as if the Heavens were opening to welcome you. As the light gets brighter it connects with your crown chakra and moves into your heart chakra, it creates twelve exquisite spirals in your heart chakra before it moves down into your base and all the way down to the very depths of the vortex upon which you are suspended.

Breathe in deeply exhaling fully.

Beloved ones this light now begins to lift you up, it lifts you up higher and higher. The sound of these sea creatures accompanying you, Mother/Father God holding you within the sacred essence of where you are going and where you have come from. Feel your energy moving up higher and higher as your spirit returns to the stars – the place from whence you come.

The light completely absorbs you and you find yourself cocooned in a liquid golden egg; this is the vessel that transports you through the dimensions of time and space and will place you within the new world on the other side of the ascension gateway. You will be incubated within this golden egg for forty-eight hours and then you will step into this new world, an inner world, that will be reflected back to you in the external world.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale. I want you to settle within the warmth and comfort of this golden egg and to completely surrender yourself to the power of the wisdom and love that now enfolds you, and for these forty-eight hours all of us will undergo the initiations of the Golden Temples that Lord Maitreya, Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek have been preparing for us. The Elohim of All That Is will oversee this process and your Monad celebrates your return, another level of your return to innocence, the inner sense of the all-knowing almighty I Am Presence.
As I continue my transmission I ask you just to remain within this golden liquid. The ocean creatures continue with their sound, this sound embodies sacred codes, keys, letters of the ancient sacred languages that have never been released into the Earth energy field before. These are being brought into your body first where you will learn about them, where you will master them through your earthly experience and then and only then will they be released into the physical world. These will come through you, these unique codes, these divine letters, sacred names and keys to freeing the soul from the prison of ignorance. You have earned this right, your perseverance and your patience has paid off, you are the ones that bring the Golden Age into this level of manifestation now. You are the ones holding these keys and it is through your Earth walk, the journey through the gauntlet, your walk through the fire, through the density, through the darkness, through
that which is often considered evil that you will leave your mark, that the imprint of light will consume that darkness transmuting it, absorbing it where it can be healed and the realms of darkness that have their right to exist will no longer be a part of your existence and this, beloved ones, is the onset of what is considered the two Earths; the separation of these existences in terms of the consciousness that motivates you, the directives that you receive from that intelligence that supersedes the human nature, the earthly identity and the perceptions, beliefs and attitudes and ideas that you have taken on as a human being identified by your name, your status, your gender and your life experiences.

As this wave expands beyond all of those earthly things, concepts and ideas, you discover the new world we have been speaking of and as worlds separate and new worlds collide (in a positive way) you will see how the chasm between your old life and your new life grows greater and greater and it is not about denial, it has nothing to do with running away from that, all it is, beloved ones, is the distance between the old and the new growing further and further apart.
This is a great time for Earth’s spiritual history, it is a wonderful time for the awakening of the human soul and this is one of your greatest walks to freedom for now you come to a point where you can truly understand the power that exists within the application of love and wisdom, wisdom and love, whichever way you choose to see it. You will also begin to understand that all that is, all that ever was and all that ever will be is love, and the many facets of its essence.
Over the months that lie before you, you will have great revelations regarding your inner world and how it plays out in your external world. You will move further and further away from the dramas of the old paradigm. At times you may feel rather detached from the old world as if you are sitting in “Heaven” so to speak looking down upon the world observing the chaos, the hecticness and the craziness of the human drama of those souls locked within the game, imprisoned by their ignorance, then you will see just how empowered you have become. You will be grateful, truly grateful for your new position so to speak. Always remember that this position is one of humility not one of the power to wield your authority on those who at this stage do not know what you know and do not understand the game of life as you do, for these new codes come through, you will see that this new position puts you in a position to serve with love and wisdom and always with a
humble heart.
Beloved ones this is an extraordinary time, the world that you have stepped into will reveal to you just how extraordinary it is and how extraordinary you are beyond the human form and you will learn why it is so important to bring the Monad’s energy into form, into the world of form through your human form. Much more than that I cannot say, the concept cannot be understood but you will get it when you see it unfolding.

And so it is, beloved ones, that we end the transmission at this point. The energies that you are cocooned in now are of a very high frequency. Your dreams may be extremely energetic, perhaps very lucid, some of you you may not remember anything – it doesn’t matter, what is important is that you have done this and that you are ready for the next leg of this journey.

My love and my protection are with you, I too along with St Germain and Master Jesus now walk into the realms of our next level and we too undergo the cocooning that you are currently experiencing. We will remain connected to you as always and we welcome you to our world, a new world and we rejoice with you.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.