Friday, December 5, 2008

Holding the Light"

Holding the Light"
A Message from Kerry and her Angels
December 4, 2008

Are any of you feeling as if all this talk about "holding the light" in times of darkness is just "talk"? Are you feeling overwhelmed by it all? Helpless to do anything you think would make a difference in the grand scheme of things? It may feel this way when you are viewing your world from the perspective of the news media, or if you are one who has lost your job and about to lose your home. However... we can tell you, if you are holding the light, you are making a difference! We cannot stress this enough!

You hear of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and the stores closing their doors in your cities, but we ask you...did you put a smile on someones face today? Did you put your arms around another and surround them in your love and light? Did you offer comfort and assurance to one who is experiencing the effects of the old world that is crumbling and breaking away? Did you align and pray today?

To be in your joy in the midst of chaos and turmoil is not the same as "being in denial" or oblivious to what is going on. Denial is operating from an unconscious level or being conscious and pretending. If you are awake and conscious yet worried and troubled, you are doing no one any good if you are dwelling on the negative, in fear or precipitating fear among others. It is time to take it to the next level, moving beyond fear and walking in faith, in your oneness!

You can be aware of what is going on and still continue to focus and direct your energy on something positive by being in service to others. If you can do this, you will literally be able to rise above any challenge you may face. Even if it is a small gesture that will put a smile on an others face, you are making a difference. If you are able to hold the light and keep your energy in a vibration of love and compassion, you are making a huge difference in the world! To constantly seek the silver lining in the cloud, will place you in the vibration of God's love and grace! (A literal bubble of protection.)

When you focus on giving you will receive so many blessings in return! Pay it forward, a concept many are beginning to understand and express these days! In the concept of our "oneness", what we do for others we are doing for all. To help another is to help ourselves remembering we are no stronger than our weakest link in the chain of mankind. When one soul is suffering we are "affected" because we are "connected".

With over six billion people on the planet, if each one of us would reach out in kindness and assist just one other person, would there be lack? If we could surround just one brother or sister in love and light, would there be darkness? If our leaders were to declare war on another and we refused to fight their war, would there be war! It's not about one making a decision for all, its about all making a decision for one, in our oneness!

We are in final days of this dimension of expression where there is light and dark in contrast of the ONE.. Everything we are experiencing, we have or have had a part in writing the script. Now we must take part in "rewriting" the script for the happily ever after ending to this story. The momentum of our alignment and focus, of this love and light force, will spread out into the world lifting mankind, one soul at a time, if we remain in the spirit of "paying it forward".

The division of light and dark will occur. In holding the light we will rise! To do nothing in the face of darkness, surely we will succumb to the forces of "helplessness" and the light may be dim. This is why we encourage you to do something, however small it may seem, to be of assistance to others, regardless of what is going on in your personal life. May we remind you to never underestimate the power in prayer!!!

In knowing this, we can put aside our concerns and release our fears and continue to assist and assure others of this great shift in consciousness that is currently under way. We are entering the eye of the needle as our world transcends into a higher dimension. We are in the process of "giving birth" to the New Earth. The birth process can be traumatic for some but there are always those who surround us in making the transition into our new world a bit easier. Be one who assists others at this time.

Trust the process because giving birth is a natural process, joyous and a blessing to all in creation. Remember to focus on your breathing. Breathe deeply and slowly in a rhythmic motion that supports you in this transition into the higher vibrations. We are in the process of the "death" of this world as we know it. We do not have to "die" as our Earth transcends. We can make the transition from death to birth spiritually and physically. Although, it really doesn't matter from which side of the veil we ascend. What matters is that we hold the light and focus on rising into our New World.

Remember, in every situation there is a "lesson and a blessing"! Look for the blessing and you should be able to easily identify the lesson. Sometimes the lesson is nothing more than our willingness to accept and allow others to grow at their own pace. It may be an individual lesson or a group lesson. Or it may be that we simply need to forgive "them" for they know not! In forgiving others we are in essence granting permission for ourselves to be forgiven.

Regardless of the challenges we are facing, if we give it our all, in "holding the light", we will remain in the "place and space" of God's "love and grace"! It is easy to hold the light when we continue to be in service to others from love and compassion! Being in service to others is "Paying it Forward"!

Ground Crew...please continue spreading God's truth, love and light! We are all in this together and we learn from the example of others! Be the example and put a smile on someones face today! See and feel the difference you can make when you hold the light for others to see. And be at peace in knowing, you can and do make a difference!

In Love and Light,
Kerry and her Angels