Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ker-On: Light is now the dominant energy

Ker-On: Light is now the dominant energy

Time is in some ways of no significance when it comes to the end times. Events are not as much subject to linear time, but more to the incoming energies that are carrying the higher vibrations of Light. From our perspective we see all in the Now, and it is why with full confidence we can assure you that you have already won the battle with the dark forces. They are being subdued and their power taken from them, but still refuse to recognise a lost cause. Their part in duality has almost been played out, but you have yet to learn the full truth where they are concerned. That is part of our plan, as many of you have no idea of the way you have been used to fulfil the dark agenda.

It is time for the commencement of many revelations, that will gradually increase awareness of your true past history. You have all played a part in it, and no one is excluded from some degree of responsibility for the Dark Ages. You have been the creators of your own destiny, and through the Law of Attraction have allowed entities of a lower vibration to take over your power. It goes back very far into your past, and has followed on the fall of Atlantis. From that period of time another cycle commenced, that has seen you hit the depths of deprivation. Conversely, it has also shown you what happens when your lives are not motivated by true spiritual energies. However, your thoughts and actions are reflected back to you, and you have created another vision where the Light overcomes the darkness all around you.

Your calls for help have been acknowledged, and your cries have been heard throughout the Universe. This has touched the hearts of many civilisations, particularly those who have been associated with Mankind for thousands of years. Help given is measured by the extent to which you have turned to the Light, and even with the best of intentions it must not interfere with your chosen path. Fortunately, you have responded to the work of those who have come to Earth, to offer you help that has gradually lifted you into the higher vibrations. As each dear soul awakens to the truth of their spirituality and their Oneness to all life, a wave of Light has spread out across the Earth.

Light is now the dominant energy, and is changing everything around you. Matter is becoming less dense, and your bodies are gradually changing to accommodate it. With it comes a change in your cells, which will effectively cleanse your body and restore it to good health. It reaches a point where the lower vibrations cannot exist, and you may note that those souls who aspire to live in the Light are not ravaged by illness. This is not to be confused with symptoms that arise from your integration of the higher energies, as you will experience some discomfort that will leave you depleted. Flu like symptoms are not unusual and all manner of mild upsets are being experienced. This will not last long, and eventually you will find that your body has been prepared for Ascension.

These last few years will absolutely speed by, and your level of interest and participation in the changes will increase. Once we are working with you a new energy will lift people up, and an outlet found for their desire to bring them into being. Know that you are all on Earth for a specific purpose, and many of you will work on Earth cleansing projects with us. By then your dependence on work to survive will have been replaced by the abundance that is coming to you. We know that a happy soul is one who has no worries, and is working in a creative manner that provides satisfaction. You have so many talents, and before long they will be applied to bring out the best in you. Much is wasted at present in ways that have no benefit at all to you and Mother Earth. Indeed, it is often that you find yourselves doing unfulfilling work.

The new energies sweeping through the Earth are an awakening call to those who still slumber. The old energies are no longer adequate in these times of change, and there is every reason to move into the higher ones. The old will not be sustained for much longer, and it is going to be difficult for those who reject the new energies. They will have no place in your near future, and unable to exist outside of the lower dimension. These changes are all to do with the preparations for Ascension, and your final achievement of full consciousness. This itself is not new to you, as you lost that level of consciousness when you dropped into the lower vibrations. From this you can easily understand how many souls have become oblivious to their true status as Beings of Light. Do not be hesitant to consider yourselves as the Gods you really are, as we know some of you have beliefs that consider it to be a blasphemy. Think upon it clearly, that as you came from the Godhead you are Children of the Creator, and do therefore carry the God spark.

Sympathy and compassion are required where you meet civil disobedience, and some souls only know this way of expressing themselves. What they do know however is that society is breaking up, and that the old paradigm no longer serves your purpose. You who have moved into the Light have a different mindset, and know that the spreading of Love and Light is the means by which you create opportunities for change. There is much that is discordant and aggravates conditions that lead to unrest. Young people see no future ahead of them, and feel disempowered to do anything about it. Understandably they feel out of place, yet have an innate knowing that there are better ways of building a society that is a reflection of the harmony and happiness they seek. Until they see a new way of governing the people that is fair and just, they will continue to reject what your present society has to offer.

I am Ker-On from Venus, and how I wish you could immerse yourselves in the Light from my home. It is not called the Planet of Love without reason, and it is one that has manifested all that is in harmony with the higher vibrations. It is reflected in every building, shape, colour and in all forms of life. It is heavenly by contrast to your earthly vibrations that are coarse and heavy. Harmony and balance are the key words that describe our dimension, but words are inadequate to fully convey it. Your divine destiny is to return to such levels of Light, and you shall be instrumental in creating your new Earth. Let your vision be on what is manifesting now, and concentrate on the Light. We are with you and love you for being the ones who carry the Light for Humanity.

Thank you Ker-On,
Mike Quinsey