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The Challenges and Opportunities of 2012

The Challenges and Opportunities of 2012
by Owen Waters

On December 21st, 2012, a major galactic synchronization will
occur. This date marks the end of a 26,000 year cycle of
influence upon human experience, as well as the end of a 5,200
year cycle within that, and also the end of many more
sub-cycles, all in synchronicity with each other.

While this 2012 event is likely to be a time of material
difficulty, it will also be one of enormous spiritual
opportunity. It will be a time when souls are brought together
to realize their spiritual desires, to step into the light of
inspiration like never before, and to become that which they
have the potential to be.

Along with the opportunity will come challenges. When the
converging Mayan cycles end on December 21st, 2012, the world
will likely be torn by emotional imbalances. In general, people
don't do well at the change point of major cycles unless they
are grounded and centered spiritually. Daily meditation will
not be a luxury in 2012; it will be an emotional survival tool!

While your friends and colleagues are going through their
emotional crises, you can be the one in their midst with the
balance and the poise to take the emotional cross-currents and
turbulence in your stride. They will look to you to see how an
individual can be balanced enough to survive everything that
people will be facing at that time.

All of the remaining loose ends of the old cycle will be
competing for attention and completion in a crescendo of issues
and challenges. People will be in overload and wondering why
you can handle it all so well.

When we, as spiritually-centered people, are able to think
positively and handle our emotions in a wise and detached
manner, we can be a guiding light to others to do the same. As
we grow spiritually through daily spiritual practices, we can
demonstrate to others that this is the way to stay centered
right through the eye of the storm.

Daily spiritual practices increase your awareness of
intuition. The great advantage of paying attention to your
sense of intuition is that you become forewarned about events
or crises that you do not need to experience.

For example, once in a while, a friend or relative will ask me
if I'm worried whether the next flight that I've booked will
crash. I look at them, a little surprised, and say, "If it were
going to crash, it wouldn't have felt like the right flight to
book!" This is because, when making plans, I've made it a habit
to check my intuitive sense as to which options will work out
for the best.

Today, some people have become concerned about coastal
flooding due to rising ocean levels. This is a valid concern as
it is something which will happen one day, sooner or later. The
question is no longer if it will happen, but when. So, if you
keep having an uneasy, intuitive feeling that it's time to plan
on relocating, then you need to accept your inner knowing and
act upon what feels right. Then, you'll be in the right place
at the right time rather than in the wrong place at the wrong
time. It's that simple. Intuition will guide you past life's
unnecessary obstacles every time.

Intuitive inner knowing is something that emerges from the
background of your consciousness. It may be accompanied by a
sense of foreboding, which is a valid warning sign, but never
by an overtly excited sense of drama or fear. Inner knowing is
a subtle influence. If you ever should need to relocate, you
will know inside which areas to go and explore as potential
alternatives as they will resonate in harmony with your inner

The best thing about 2012 is the spiritual opportunity it
presents. This changeover of major cosmic cycles offers a
quantum leap environment for sudden spiritual growth.

If you want to progress in sudden strides along your path of
spiritual development, then you'll want to spend the months
before and after December 2012 being free from the challenges
of the mundane world and engaged, instead, in reaching deeper
and deeper states of spiritual awareness.

Choose peace and wellbeing. Listen to the voice within.
Arrange your life now so that you are in a peaceful environment
where you can make spiritual growth your top priority each and
every day.

2012 is coming, and with it, the greatest energetic
environment for spiritual advancement that you have seen in
your entire life!

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