Friday, December 5, 2008

Being Ultra Sensitive

Being Ultra Sensitive
by Stefanie Miller

Notes to Myself

The intense energies we have been experiencing have brought out a lot
of our shadow side, deep-rooted issues. Any area in our life that
remained hidden or buried for any length of time are now coming to the
surface to be dealt with. Our dreams may be more vivid and meaningful,
old memories resurfacing, people and situations from the past are
popping up out of nowhere. What is occurring is that we are resolving
the past and healing at the cellular and ancestral level. Being an
ultra sensitive can make this process even more intense than it
already is. We are not only healing and resolving issues in our own
personal lives but our world is undergoing this massive restructuring.
It can be very disconcerting to say the least.

Being an ultra sensitive means we experience things much more
intensely than most people do. Our senses are so sensitive that we
perceive the five senses with a heightened awareness. Our sixth sense
is also heightened, thus we are highly empathic and intuitive as well.
We easily pick up the energies of those around us. Many of us are
experiencing anxiety, fear and uncertainty from the situations we are
processing and dealing with. It may be difficult to discern what are
our own emotions from what we are absorbing from others. Hence, it is
very important to make time to clear our energy fields on a regular basis.

Ultra sensitives have a very delicate nervous system that can easily
become over stimulated. Especially during this time when we are
dealing with so many physical, emotional and mental situations
simultaneously we tend to become short-circuited. I have found that
lately I need much more rest and relaxation time. I become exhausted
and fatigued quite easily. I am finding that if I try to push it or
overexert myself that it takes even longer for me to recuperate. I
have to be patient and understanding with myself and just accept the
fact that I am not able to overdo it.

As an ultra sensitive we need to really be mindful to be present in
our physical body and be perceptive to the cues we are receiving. When
we disconnect mentally, emotionally or physically we are not in touch
with what our body and soul needs. When we are paying attention, we
can nourish and adequately care for ourselves. I am finding that if I
have a busy day than I need to give myself extra time in the evening.
If I have a busy week than I need to clear my schedule for the weekend
to do nurturing things for myself. I will make a point of going into
my bedroom, closing the door, lighting a candle, and putting on some
soothing music and just relaxing. A walk in nature or being outside in
the fresh air and sunshine also does wonders as well in achieving balance.

The intense energies that we are feeling is causing many ultra
sensitives to feel off balance and off kilter. Many sensitive’s are
experiencing dizziness, a spinning sensation in the brain, an intense
pressure in the head, racing thoughts, stomach discomfort and sleep
disruption. We are working on so many spiritual levels at once and the
body is attempting to process and assimilate all of this.

Ultra sensitive beings need to do be mindful of their diet and
environment. It seems that many of us are experiencing severe
allergies, and sensitivities to things and are having strong reactions
in our bodies causing major imbalances. It is imperative to pay
attention to the affect the food you consume; your environment and the
people you associate with are having on your body, mind and emotions.
This will be a strong indicator to let you know what you need or need
to avoid.

As an ultra sensitive I find that I am deeply affected by the people
that I am around. As empath I pick up what someone else is feeling or
thinking and experience it in my own body. I have gotten to a point
where I don't allow myself to take on their stuff by shielding myself
energetically, however, I need to be mindful to not unconsciously do
so. I also find that I am very sensitive to how I am treated by
others. I have a very low tolerance level for anyone who is acting
unkindly or not being authentic. I am feeling things so deeply that
the slightest thing is experienced profoundly inside of me.

Our true state of being as Divine Human Beings is as ultra, highly
sensitive people. We have been conditioned by our society to be
hardened and tough. We have learned to hide our feelings and suppress
our needs in order to survive. Things are changing in our world and as
we collectively and individually heal and evolve we are returning to
our natural state of being ultra sensitivity.

Being ultra sensitive means being mindful of our needs, conscious of
how we treat our body, mind & soul, and being aware of our
environment. Nurturing and nourishing ourselves during this transitory
time will assist us in making a smooth transition into the new energy.


Being an Ultra Sensitive

Dear God/Goddess,

I enter this sacred space of quiet and solitude to commune with you
now. I honor myself and my relationship to You. I know when I take
time to nourish and nurture my body, mind and spirit I achieve a
deeper state of balance and Oneness.

Please energetically clear my space now ~ physically, emotionally,
mentally and spiritually. I ask for you to remove anything within or
around me that no longer serve me or does not belong to me.

I ask for a protective shield from the harsh energies around and
within me so that I can maintain a continuous state of inner harmony.

I am ready to face and heal any situations or relationships in my life
that are causing me imbalance.

So that I may more easily enter this Divine state of peacefulness I
ask that you assist me in dulling the harshness of my heightened
senses so that they may not intrude upon my state of inner tranquility.

I accept the blessing of being an Ultra Sensitive Being since it
further opens my channels of Divinity. Show me how to use my gifts to
honor You, my life and others.

Thank you.

And so it is.


Stefanie Miller
A Magical World