Friday, December 5, 2008

Master Kuthumi - The Golden 12 Flame Crown Activation

Ascended Master Kuthumi

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

Durban – South Africa.

“The Golden 12-Flame Crown Activation”

Part 7 of 13.

In conjunction with the 4th KZN 12 Pointed Kuthumi Grid as part of the
Global 144 Crystalline Grid Project and downloading of The most recent
Love crystals

The following crystals were part of the activation: Rose Quartz. The
matrix crystal was an Amaru Crystal as part of the global Lord Thoth
Project; the conductor crystals were Calchelsite, Tibetan Quartz and
crystal chargers from Mt Kailash as well as the Lemurian/Atlantean
crystals. The Mt Kailash crystals hold the telluric currents of mother
earth (natural electricity), the calchelsite holds the energy to the
Loki-Gate first star of the new earth as well as the cosmic Deva’s
used in activating earth’s galactic and stellar grids, the Tibetan
Quartz (Himalayas) has the highest frequency of any quartz currently
on the planet.

Please note - The information of this Transcript is free and should be
made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not
add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations,
simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be
undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for
your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by
your higher self for your greater good.

Current Print – 20-22 A4 Pages.

I am Kuthumi, and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to
greet thee at this time, and to gift unto thee a magnificent blessing
beloved one, of the awakening of the truth and the reality of that
which we have taken you through over the last couple of months and for
you to be able to not only integrate this as we have blessed you with
previously, but more so to be able to go forth and share this, to
share this wisdom with others and in so doing be the keeper of your
own grids within your own lives no matter what.

K. Greetings Beloved ones

A. Greetings

K. It is with great joy and great pleasure within our hearts that we
gather with you upon this day, as we hold each of you here firmly
within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. Beloved
ones, beloved brothers and sisters of this beautiful planet, Lady
Gaia, before we begin the message or the transmission for this
morning, I would like to, as Kuthumi, extend our sincere gratitude to
each and every one of you present here this day. On behalf of the
Galactic Federation of Light, on behalf of the 144 000 Ascended
Masters that have given their energy to be a part of this amazing
global project, we would like to give you our sincere gratitude and love.

Beloved ones, beloved friends and family, when two or more come
together in the name of the Christ, in the name of the Creator, and
truth be told, in the name of anyone or anything, it gives immense
power to that energy. As you very well know many of you have come
together on many occasions as we might add along your coastline and
inlands to ground this energy (creating grids), as ambassadors of the
light representing not only yourselves but your families and your
friends, in fact from a quantum perspective, beloved ones, being here
and taking the time and making the effort to bring yourself physically
into this location into today’s time and space, you take home with you
a gift of sharing this energy, which is what my initially blessing is
all about, which is for you not only to be here sitting within this
divine sacred space, but to rather be able to leave from here, beloved
ones, and with that take this presence and this light with you. Take
this glory and this Godliness with you, take this love and take the
truth and the immense serenity that surrounds this energy today as you
are a part of this, integrating this into your physical field and in
so doing impart this onto all of those that you share this day with
once you leave here. Naturally it doesn’t just end there, it continues
and moves forward. As with everything in life nothing remains a
constant. The only constant about reality is the fact that it’s not
still, not so?

Beloved ones, the planet earth and you as earthlings, are at the
moment, at this exact time on this day the twenty second day of the
Christed year 2008, in the month of the master vibration eleven,
facing tremendous challenges. You are facing tremendous growing pains.
You are facing huge shifts for the next month or so as we usher in the
next or the second wave of the ascension pathway. You will come to
realize more and more what all of the teachings is about, and what all
of the information is about, much that’s been shared through me,
Kuthumi, and others, many others, hundreds of other channels, in fact
throughout your world, we all bring to you a very similar teaching as
far as ascension is concerned, although at times the information or
the informative part of this may differ from channel or vessel to vessel.

Beloved ones, each and every one of you have that ability. The ability
to step out of the way and allow an entity from another time and space
to speak through you using the facility of the larynx to do so which
is the occurrence happening here because of a pre-planned agreement.
Each and every one of you has the same ability. Each and every one of
you is the same, although you are authentically different as with
everything else we love the paradox.

Beloved ones, the energy that allow each of you to be the same, or of
similar making as part of the big Oneness, is what the crown chakra
facilitates for you. The crown chakra is the energy centre contained
about five to seven centimetres above the head, which allows every
single human upon this planet to claim their authenticness as a
channel, first and fore mostly as a channel for their own energy and
then secondly be that a channel in service to others be that from an
actual trance channeling perspective or not, it is quite irrelevant,
for in everything that you do you are being used as a channel allowing
some or the other energy to flow through you. In other words, every
single thing in your life has great purpose, even though at times you
may not quite understand the importance of this reality, but all shall
be revealed.

Every one of you here that have taken the time to be here this day, to
come forward and to anchor your light within this space are indeed a
channel for the new energy. You serve as a conductor linking up that
which was and that which is to come. Many of you have been initiated
as gatekeepers at various levels from various dimensions and
perspectives, whilst others prefer to remain in service on one level,
an earth level.

Beloved ones, dear ones, being here this day, as part of this
activation, means that each and every one of you serve as a generator,
so to speak, for the portals of ascension that will commence this day.
In fact as there are many crystals to be downloaded and more to come,
there are many portals already active and more to come. All of this is
part of bringing up the people of this planet, in other words you and
the very likes of you to speed so that you may be able to vibrate on a
similar or a more comfortable level to that of Lady Gaia. As you well
know the earth is increasing her vibrations and at this particular
stage quite steadfastly, even faster than most of you are able to
vibrate at times, and what is being done through this energy that
opens up these portals, is it acts as a supporting energy, supporting
each and every one of you to be able to step forward in your own right
as a connector, as a conductor, as a generator and as a keeper to one
of the portals of light, which will shed tremendous light on the new
world which is immediately ahead of us.

Beloved ones, you and your friends and family that are beginning to
work on similar levels of thought, in other words understanding and
perception, you are already in that new energy. There is no need for
you to project yourself into a future understanding of this energy,
for you are already there. What you need to understand is simple
terminology such as illumination, terminology such as ascension,
terminology such as freedom, as light, as power, as consciousness.
These are the things that you need to understand, because only through
understanding will you be able to apply the wisdom by exploring and
integrating the knowledge, as we have shared with you previously.

Beloved ones, one of the biggest and most powerful energies behind the
activation of the third eye which we didn’t share with you at the
time, was to actually prepare those of you that were either there in
person or those that take themselves through the process once they
read the actual transcript, or hear or listen to it, through the
process of claiming the artistry and maestro levels of your true
divinity, each and every one of you can be very creative. The only
thing that needs to happen is for you to be able to be so still within
thyself, so that man thou can begin to know thyself, by letting
thyself simply be. This is the deciding factor which brings about
grand levels of transcendent creativity for you. Now this transcendent
creativity, dear ones, is very firmly located within the area of the

The crown chakra is for most people upon your planet either a
tremendous challenge, or alternatively an absolute breeze, very much
like the base centre. As you know these two centres work constantly
together as we have shared with you previously, actually one is unable
to separate the actions and reactions within the various sections of
the human body contained within the energy fields, the chakric system
and so on and so forth, but two of these that have now become
absolutely impossible to separate are the third eye and the crown. And
here it comes… neither one of these will be able to function at its
absolute optimum unless you’ve got a healthy spinning base.

The base is the beginning and the crown is the end…well at least that
is what some think it to be yet it is not like that at all. In actual
fact it’s the other way around. For in the base once you have made
peace with that which is above you, you are able to embrace all of
that which you are standing upon, which is below you, in other words,
then and only then can you take the Kingdom of God into your heart
completely. And of course the third eye is ever present, ever active.
The base chakra is the most noticeable of all and the third eye the
most active of all. The crown transcendence waits in incognito
depending on how you are coping with your belief systems. Thus how you
are going to work though the power located within your heart on NOT
judging others, on integrating your belief systems, and supporting
others. How are you going to support the love of the earth, in other
words are you able to connect the consciousness of your higher mental
or higher/sacred mind with the consciousness of all that you stand
for. And once you get there, once you are able to move through this
journey of awakening, beloved ones, once you are able to go past all
of the limitations within the throat, once you are able to go through
all of that which keeps you encapsulated within the third eye, then
and only then can you look at the truth, and I’m going to spell this
out as I always do, and have always done, as a capital word in capital
letters. TRUTH.

There are many truths in your lives. Truth reaches you at various
levels. Truth reaches you at the base, and then truth reaches up into
the throat. Truth once again peers its beautiful neck out in the area
of the third eye, but its here at the crown that you now have to
tru-ly lay claim to your belief inner systems, thus that which is true
to you.

So once again what happens is, once you reach a stage in your life
where you begin to evolve as a being, in other words, where you are
able to move on from that which was created through a paradigm called
parents and that which needs to live out the truth and the reality of
your visit here as an earthling, then you can move on balancing the
scales of belief. The scales of belief, beloved ones, are scales that
are represented in every single one of the chakras. So what happens
is, to alleviate a bit of confusion here, you go through the process
of believing in the base, you go through a process of believing in the
various parts of your energy fields, no matter which system you prefer
to study, and once you reach the centre of the crown, and you actually
instead of seeing a violet glow, are able to see, or pick up a golden
energy, you then are liable to stand up and be your own spokesperson
in your own truth.

Once this happens an automatic secondary system of balance is
activated, and what that does, is it forms a balancing chain within
every one of the chakras, from the base upwards. So in other words,
within each and every one of these centres you then come to face the
more advanced level for there are various levels into the chakric
system, as with all other systems. There is not just one system that
you relate to on a piece of paper, in fact, within every one of these
chakras there are up to seven levels of advancement that needs to be
integrated for you to be able to even take a glance at the flame core
of this energy.

Once this is achieved you then will confront the true balance of your
belief systems, and balance the scales of your own justice.

Beloved ones, the energy within this centre denotes of you to let go
of all of the lower vibrations, the vibrations that keep you in a
state of judgment that keeps you in a state of blame and denial. It is
within the stillness of the crown that you will know that you are God.
It is within this centre that you sit as quietly as you do at this
time, and although you hear the noises of man, of earth, and although
you hear the noises of your inner dialogue as I speak, you also know
that somewhere there within is the still point. And it’s this still
point which brings you to the understanding of your personal
illumination, your divineness.

Beloved ones, the silver cord of life attaches and detaches through
that still point. It is this still point within the energy of the
crown, within the very matrix of the purest golden side of this flame
that allows you to full release your energies of fear. When the time
is near for you to make tracks and leave this physical plane,
transcending up into the heavens above, or down into the heavens
below, it is this still point that then create the most sublime
connection with the third eye, and though that readies you for your
journey off the earth plane.

It is also through this that you come to know love in all its forms in
all its ways and most certainly all of its facets.

Beloved ones, once you decide to leave here terminating this lifetime,
it is through this exact energy that you come to realize that the
peace of God is already within you, that the divineness of Creation
has installed within you every which way to figure out every problem
you have come to face, every challenge you were ever to meet. It is
there within the stillness of creation that you then realize that
after all this time of being here upon this planet, be it for three
months, three years, thirty years or a hundred and ten years it
matters not, that the only one who shall come to judge you is you, and
as I made mention during our last transmission, the only one who is
ever going to do any testing on your plane is you.

Beloved ones, all of this energy that is contained within the crown,
that takes you beyond the physical is what creates the possibility for
you to be here this day. If your crown center did not remind you of
your divinity, did not remind you of your commitment as an earthling,
you would not have been here, you would have made an excuse, you would
have created a way for you not to be here, thus for those present and
reading these words, heed this for there is someone knocking on your
door. Why don’t you stand up and have the power to go and see who it
is. Why don’t you claim your authenticness and push your limits beyond
the crown and guide yourself along the journey of your
multi-dimensional self into your multi-dimensional reality. Why don’t
you then wake up to the grandness that awaits you beyond the
limitations of this lower physical plane? Therefore I challenge you,
each and every one of you here, that when you leave here this day,
become aware of your integrity, become aware of your heart and become
aware of the life plan that you’ve come to play out this time around,
which is the awakening recorded within the crown.

Beloved ones, the crown centre also has an opposite energy, as with
everything else in life there are always two sides to your story, not
so? Not so?

A. Yes

MK. Very good, and that is that in the unevolved crown is where self
righteousness resides. This is where the inability to communicate with
others, to hear, to love, to speak and to care, stems from. It is also
from this energy that the birth of many of your religious aspects of
this planet has been created and this is of course not shared in
judgment. But it’s here within these scales of truth within the crown
that you have to finally embrace yourself as a spiritual being. The
preparation for this was done within the third eye for those of you
that may recall, but the actual activation is done through this door
of stillness in the crown, in other words the door that detaches the
silver cord, the cord that keeps you alive. Each and every one of you
serves as a silver cord to the planet. The differences between Lady
Gaia and yourselves are vast indeed, but the reality is, if you could
see it through our eyes you will indeed see billions of cords
connecting light unto the planet. The magical part of this is you will
see this light moving, you’ll see this light growing, you’ll see and
visualise this magnificent blue green planet from a distance, and
whether day or nightfall you will see an array of sparkling diamonds
come alive, burning brighter, fading slower, burning brighter, and
thus as you become aware of your integrity you will become aware of
the reality that you are indeed a light worker for the planet for this
what you chose in service this time around. Become aware of your
light. I have explained previously your brilliance, your beauty and
your wonderment, thus now become aware of your light. Become aware of
the fact that wherever you go, beloved ones, it matters not, you are
implanting energy. Wherever you walk, wherever you breathe, for that
is life; the breath, not so? Therefore as you breathe and take in the
gift of life which is oxygen be aware of this truth and with that tap
into the need for you to be in your full consciousness.

Become aware that is time for you now to detach from that which no
longer serves you, and for the moment let’s keep it to belief systems.
It is time for you to move on from all of the energy that has kept you
limited throughout your lives. Here at the crown it is for you now to
realize that yes; you are an emotional being, that yes; you are a
blessed creative being and with that use your emotions creatively
instead of reactively. And then stand up for yourself as you grow into
your awakening full consciousness thus become your own divineness
claiming this from the level of your evolved solar plexus. It is then
that you finally claim for yourself the truth of who you are. And who
are you? (chuckles) And who are you?

A. A divine being

MK. A divine, magical, mystical being. Shall we repeat that? As I have
said previously, do not try to convince me, convince yourselves!
Express! Divine magical mystical beings!! Not so?

A. Yes

MK. Say it!!

A. Divine, magical, mystical beings

MK. Oh fabulous! Very good.

Beloved ones it is not I that needs convincing but rather you. You are
indeed divine, magical, mystical beings, and that reality is what
opens up your sacred heart which fully grants you balanced expression
of two of the most powerful energies at the level of the throat, which
is communication and will. Once you communicate with balance at will
this is when you come to face two of the most powerful energies held
within the levels of the third eye which is judgment and trust.

A. Yes

MK. Judging of the self; yes; the inability to trust, to surrender
into the inner sight of the self, and of course when we take you up to
the highest levels of creation, beloved ones, is when you will truly
realise that you are indeed a most blessed and a most divine, magical
geometric symbol, for that is who you are. If you could see yourself
as I have just described, if you could see the planet from a distance,
and you visualise all of these lights going on, you’ll come to see how
light workers sparkle light onto this plane. But then again if you
take that and you shift this energy into a whole new vibration and a
whole new light you will come to see this light and this divinity as
the self in yourself, and that is when you begin to open up and tap
into unparalleled levels of unconditional love and divine knowing
within the crown.

Often one of the biggest setbacks of this energy is humanity’s
inability to claim themselves as being human. Very often it causes
tremendous problems within the likes of you, within the lives of many
light workers upon your plane, and the reason being is that they often
live too fast and too far on high within their crown not realizing
that they even remotely have a base, or that they need the grounding
to stand firm from. They live within this crown state and we might
add, more often not from an evolved state but rather from the lower
crown chakra, often so busy finding ways of why others are not like
them that they are hardly able to recognize themselves as a part of
The Creator’s Spark. So with that, beloved ones, become aware that the
overlying energy of what the theme of the majority teachings of the
masters and beings of light will ask you to integrate during the
coming year of 2009 is for you to come to the understanding that you
are human, a masterful human indeed.

Beloved ones, it is here at the most powerful level of your sacredness
within divine expression that you are being asked as a person and as a
divine being to now hold hands with your fellow man for you to see the
greatness within every opportunity that may present itself to you, and
more so to see the blessing in every challenge that preceded or post
ceded that opportunity. Being aware of your multi-dimensional self
means that you have to understand that you are indeed geometry in
motion as we mentioned. Observing the earth from a distance when we
glance beautifully with love and care upon your energy, what we see is
a magnificent and very intricate network of light. Various lights,
various colours, beloved ones we see symbols, we see geometry, we see
God in motion on earth, for that is who you are, and that is what you
are and that is what you come to claim here at this level of your
innate and sacred understanding of the teachings of this world.

It is here where unconditional love gets its full weight and therefore
we have asked that this particular initiation be done this day in
conjunction with the downloading of the love crystals upon your plane,
which has already begun their process of transformation, and will
continue to do so for the next twelve to fourteen hours. For here at
the level of the crown, beloved ones, it is here where you are able to
recognize the unconditional love possibility within your heart with no
more lower ego at play. With the lower ego in control the crown
topples into its unevolved state. In the unevolved state the crown
centre becomes extremely heavy and with that it feels literally like a
sinking of energy from the crown moving all the way down until
eventually it cannot fall further than the base. Why the base? Because
the ultimate challenge of this lifetime is for you to believe that
which is unconsciously recorded up there within the crown, and the
only way this is ever going to happen is for you to know what happens
down there within your base.

The crown centre is the centre of divine knowing, the base centre is
the centre that initially formulates your belief systems, so with that
understand that life may become like a stormy ocean if these two
centres are not congruent. And this is why you feel it so intensely
when you are unable to communicate with some in the way that you feel
or would like to ever since you started yourself on a spiritual
journey of exploration, for these two centres are not congruent.
Therefore if you have challenges with those that you work with,
colleagues, friends and more so family; as we have asked you to create
a spring-clean effect within the third eye centre we are asking you to
find that stillness within your Christ consciousness which connects
the breath of your life through your crown, but also at the same token
be completely comfortable in that which anchors you, for that which
anchors you is that which gives the power and the strength to the
foundations that becomes you which is reflected from the crown, your

Beloved ones, it is from this energy that hovers above your head
depicted in many of your paintings as a halo effect, that you begin to
feel God within everything. It is your oneness centre. It is here
where you finally come to make your peace. How do you do that? You
stop declaring war against the stuff which controls you. What controls
you? Your matter is what is the matter here! For you create much for
yourselves within your lives, and as hard as you work in creating and
manifesting that which you want, that is as much as you allow it to
control you. But it at the crown as I have mentioned earlier where
once readying yourself to leave this plane transcending into
illuminated enlightened consciousness that awaits you above this
plane, that you come to realise the truth of the relationship between
all atoms. This is when you come to realise the truth that the spaces
between atoms and molecules are filled with density. This is when you
come to understand that protons, neutrons, electrons and photons are
all the same Source energy at the end of the day. And if all of those
energies relate or inter-relate then surely so should you be at peace
with that which should matter to you the most, which is the matters of
your soul. But sadly beloved ones, nine times out of ten this is not
the case for it is usually the stuff that you created, your matter,
and thus your matter rules the way you look at your life, for some
their entire life, until they can evolve through the energy of the
crown and with that take the power within the illuminated aspect of
the self and surrender it to the Will of God.

The will of God is your crowning glory. The will of God is what you as
a being surrender into when it is decided for you to release yourself
via the silver cord; the life cord or the breath of life, for it’s all
the same and once you cross this threshold everything changes. Beloved
ones, the reason why I have decided to share this message and this
energy and this reality with you this day, is for you to grasp a
fuller understanding of that which some of you are already within, and
awaits others within the fifth dimensional reality, in other words the
energy of the new earth, some already share in this reality whilst
others will come to know this pretty soon as it is exactly the same
energy; the only difference is you’re not going anywhere. You are
staying on this planet; you are keeping this body whilst you live out
a life of enjoyment and fun being creative being in service sharing
laughter with everyone as you become light of being.

Beloved ones, in the essence of the energy this day, please understand
that with many of the teachings and wisdom we have shared with you
thus far, not only through me, Kuthumi, through this particular
channel, or any of the other channels throughout the world, that if
you take the essence of this; if you take as you say the crème de la
crème of every teaching and you place it all together in a magnificent
crystal bowl, what you will come to face is the energy that awaits you
from this day forward. It is the energy that is preparing you to step
into your individual mastership. This energy from this day the 22nd
November 2008 until the 11th December 2008 is what gifts to you
another chance of tapping into a much, much higher and refined aspect
of the self. Those aspects have been discussed at great length and now
the time has come for you to finally put all of your fears to bed, so
that you are able to move on with your lives, and as I suggested, dust
yourself off with a multi-dimensional feather duster and move on.

You have in front of you a smorgasbord of delight; you have an
amazing, amazing network of friends and family of the light; you have
blessings of consciousness, of perception; you have the truth of your
awakening reality as a multi-dimensional being. You are being gifted
many a gift that many beings upon your planet aren’t able to integrate
at this particular time. Although they at this time aren’t able to
integrate a lot of the teachings given to you, somewhere inside you is
something that just sounds so familiar when you hear these words being
whispered to you. And it is this aspect of Godliness in the crown that
brings you to sit here, or read this, facing this smorgasbord of true
divinity; gifts being offered to you, so grand and so magnificent.

Beloved ones it is important for you to share unconditional love as
far as you go. We are not going to repeat the importance of the day,
or the energy that is being created here, for that has been repeated
on numerous occasions, but what I will underline is the fact that as
from next year, life on your planet will evolve at a much faster and
more rapid rate, because of this you need to ready yourselves, for you
or some of you here at last and others like you are the ones that some
may refer to as gibbering idiots; you will be called upon to bring the
wisdom of the great idiot to others. You will be asked to share, and
here comes the trick, with unconditional love, that which you know.

Beloved ones, blessed is the idiot that refuses to understand that
life is no longer the same.

If you would like to drink some water, as I am sure you must be pretty
heated by now(sitting out in the sun for quiet some time), if you
would like to be more comfortable in your chairs, please do so, make
yourself comfortable before we take you on a little journey into the

Long pause

Beloved ones, beloved masters in the making, each and every one of you
have been given some information to share with us in creating this
grid this day. You have in front of you some writings, and this day we
are going to do things a little differently. Why? Because I can!

Beloved ones, every being aware of the events of this day, you present
here and those from a distance all are part of this energy that is
being created today, especially when it comes to the anchoring and
seeding of another six love crystals onto your plane. We wish for you
now to share out loud the location you represent; just the name; we do
not wish to hear an entire choir (couple of people share one star
point); we want to hear the location only. For example, Ukraine, and
then I want each and every one of you here to for a moment to bring
your attention to that which is called out, called which is the Ukraine.

Kuthumi asked everyone present to represent an aspect of this grid
relating it to the Love Crystals download, unfortunately some the
replies were inaudible

Shall we begin with our star energies first. We ask for the core of
this energy to give us the representation of that love crystal being

A. Mecca, Saudi Arabia

MK. Beloved ones, can you please for a moment bring your attention to
Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Visualise it from above and from your hearts send
into the hearts of those people, unconditional love.


Very good. We will then begin in a clockwise direction, starting with
the beloved sister, on my right.

A. East Jerusalem

MK. We will now concentrate, beloved ones, our energies on the east of
Jerusalem – pause – and then extend our energies to incorporate the
entire Jerusalem. Let us send our love to the entire Is-rael, and then
allow this energy to link up with the love that is being sent down
into Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Visualize these two energies blend and
meet. Are you with me?

A. Yes


A. Yes

MK. Very good. Our next location please – pause – in a clockwise
direction please

A. Cambodia

MK. Clockwise, please – pause - please can you shout out

A. Mooi River

MK. Mooi River! Thank you! We will now concentrate our energies on
Mooi River. Apparently humanity does not know which way is clockwise
(chuckles) let’s concentrate our energies on the area that you know as
Mooi River. Mooi River, beloved ones, is where I personally grounded
an opening portal, a portal of fluid love. Two portals have been
grounded there; one which opened the first wave two years ago and then
one recently. Concentrate you energies on Mooi River, and for those of
you who do not know where this is, it is in the province called
KwaZulu Natal in the Drakensberg region in the country called Southern
Africa. Now link up this energy and create a link, a flow of fluid
love between Saudi Arabia to Israel and then connecting with Mooi River.

Our next location please.

A. Denali, Mt McKinley, Alaska

MK. Beloved ones, take your concentration and bring it to hover above
Alaska, see it on the map, then see the fluid love linking the portal
in Mooi River to that of Mt McKinley, Denali in Alaska. Then visualise
our train of thought so far. We started in Saudi Arabia, we moved
across to Is-rael; we then moved down to Southern Africa and now we
back up on the opposite side in the Northern hemisphere of Alaska.
Next please.

A. Ayres’s Rock, Australia

MK. Beloved ones, with that bring your consciousness right around the
planet to the other side, to the opposite side, down below the equator
and let us concentrate our love above Ayres’s Rock, then increase it
to encapsulate the entire Australia and then expand your vision to
include New Zealand, please. And with that let us follow the pathway
of this fluid love anchored thus far thus the power of unconditional
love emanating through these crystals from the Middle East, into
Is-rael, down back into South Africa, back up into Alaska and then all
the way around the globe to the other side into Australia, and with
that visualise as this energy moves, how we as beings, be that
angelic, be that human together in one united consciousness, create a
wave of energy which will rock this world with love. Next please.

A. Mt Fuji, Japan

MK. We now take our awareness back up, still up, back into the
Northern hemisphere, where we move our attention across the islands of
Japan to Mt Fuji in our concentrated area and then allow this to
expand, encapsulating the entire Japan, then allow this love to extend
into Indonesia and then into Malaysia linking South East Asia
connecting to all of the energies that we’ve mentioned before, as the
journey of our love takes us through the process of connecting hearts,
from Mecca to Is-rael, to Southern Africa, to Alaska, all the way
around to Australia and back up into Japan. Next please. NEXT PLEASE!

A. Ukraine, Russia

MK. Beloved ones we now take this energy from Japan and we bring it
through the other or opposite side of the planet all the way around,
the long way around, as we connect to the hearts in the Ukraine,
Russia. For a moment just hover above that energy…visualise on the
map…Russia…and then feel the fluidity of this unconditional love as it
follows creating a pathway of love emanating from these magnificent
crystals that we have crested it this far. Starting in the Middle
East, into Is-rael, South Africa, moving up into the upper parts of
Alaska, moving across to Australia, Japan, Russia, the Ukraine and our
next destination for this section of the love crystals is…

A. Washington, DC

MK. Indeed it is. Beloved ones bring your attention for a moment to
the city of Washington in America. Visualise the map from above and
then anchor your love into that area. I now want you to visualise as
we have done, the earth with all of these love crystals mentioned so
far firmly implanted. Before we go ahead connect with these mentioned
areas allowing the unconditional love emanating from your heart to
fill up the missing spaces between the various locations that we have
mentioned thus far, and in this way in your mind cover the earth in
your visualization in a magnificent pink, soft pink crystalline energy.

Let us continue now

A. Mount Kailash, Tibet

MK. Mount Kailash in Tibet. Beloved ones in your mind’s eye see the
Tibetan mountains, the Himalayas; from above see the country of Tibet.
Visualise these magnificent mountains and then without recalling that
which we have shared, in your mind go back and now connect a beautiful
crystalline energy, a pure pink energy, a little brighter than the one
previously, from Mount Kailash, connecting to every one of the
crystals that were downloaded previously, creating a whole new network
of light.


Our next location please.

A. Kashmir, India

MK. Very good brother. We take our attention and we place it above
Kashmir, one of the locations where I, Kuthumi holds an ascension seat
as well, my third ascension seat on this plane. Visualise this area
from above, see it on a map if you cannot visualize it, and then allow
the power of this beautiful pure pink crystalline energy to link up
with the energy of the previous locations.


And then allow this energy, the energy of Mount Kailash to link up
with the energy that is held on that borderline, in an area that is
known to you as Kashmir. Allow this to link with every single one of
the previous love crystals that were downloaded, creating yet another
more powerful network of light.

Next we bring our attention to Rome, Italy beloved ones, visualize on
a map the location of Italy and if you can see the city of Rome
slightly in from the coastline about 5cm looking at the average scale
map, or an aerial vision. Visualize the power emanating from this city
as you visualize a magnificent crystalline energy being implanted into
that area and again see this energy linking with the previously
mentioned locations throughout the world. The seven which created the
first unconditional love sheath for the planet and the ones being
downloaded as we speak.

Our next location is the country called China and the city we focus on
recently carried very powerful energy where many came together also
practicing their masterhood in some form or another (referring to
Olympics) if you cant visualize Beijing then see China on the world
map as you visualize the downloading of this magnificent deep pink
energy and allow this to connect with every other location thus far.

Now bring your attention to the last area of Cambodia. See this energy
connecting to these powerful crystals which predominates the east with
this download. See this energy linkup with all previous energies. Pause.

We wish for you to become aware that each and everyone of you that
represent these various locations this day are able to integrate this
energy linking with each other instantly no matter the time, space or
distance not so?

A: Yes

MK: were you are able to connect energetically to the areas mentioned
visualizing a map or picture of the place?

A: Yes

MK: are you still here in this location?

A: Yes

MK: then in my book that is being multi-dimensional not so?

A: Yes

MK: As you so fondly say ‘I rest me case’ (laughter)

Beloved ones we shall now ask our beloved water carrier to brace each
of your crystals with the consciousness of this sacred life-giving
waters by rinsing them, so hold out the crystalline bodies that you
are implanting back into the earth this day combined with the rose
quartz which serves as a divine carrier for the cellular imprints of
the grids and the Love Crystals. We ask you to do this with great
awareness thus know by placing these crystalline bodies into the earth
you as a being give back the earth its power, imparting with some of
your power and light to plant into the earth at this exact location,
the location which is the first of the grids that this group has been
a part of this year that I have not dictated the location of, but
rather a location that at the end of the day was completely integrated
with the previous grids not so. (once we did the geometry we
discovered this location to be exactly 144kms from Mooi River where
Kuthumi and Michelle activated the Fluid love portal linking with the
30° longitude line connecting to Cairo – Chanel)I want you to be aware
of your part this day for awareness is what stimulates the opening of
the crown energy. Awareness beloved ones is what transcends you into
the belief of your knowingness for some and for others…well there’s
always hope (laughter)

Sister, please go ahead in a clockwise direction. Beloveds be aware
that these energies implanted within the earth shall grow again
forming part of the magnificent crystalline structure of Lady Gaia
thus allow these waters to rinse before seeding these, all the
negativity which may or may not be as a result of what you have shared
with them. Understand this from your multi-dimensional ability and
know that through the power of the awakened crown and through the
purity of your intent you are able to transcend your future, you are
able to transcend your present therefore anything is possible, and
with that you place the crystalline bodies into the earth but not the
printed notes placed at each grid point. Long pause. Hold the crystals
over the holes that were dug for this purpose and once rinsed GENTLY
place them into the sunken soils.

Beloved ones as this takes place using the energy of the sacred water
that has been prepared for this event for some time, know and
acknowledge that this water renders these crystals free from any
stagnating energy and lower vibrations that may have dampen their
brilliance. I want you to understand what you are doing when placing
into the earth that which the earth has given you, as you through this
gesture form part of an EXTREMELY important cycle of birth, death and
rebirth. Earlier on I shared with you a few glimpses of your journey
from spirit into that which should matter here, we also shared with
you the truth and reality of how you allow that which matters
initially to control you and now what truly matters, is for you to be
fully aware of that which you partake in - from the bigger picture
perspective. You are giving life to earth.

Crystals are being cleansed and seeded.

Beloved ones you are giving love to the earth as you give back
unconditionally the possibility for new growth by coming together in
creating this grid structure this day, including the previous grids
that were anchored be that as part in person or thought, understand
that you as a being actively partake in the recreation of new life on
and within the earth planes and thus instead of raping her body for
greed and trade you rather impart with that which you love as part of
her body, to once again be at one with her thus you are truly a
cocreator of the reality of the new earth. You have chosen to be a
part of this energy this day as you are able to see way beyond that
which tends to keep you within the limitations of lower thought, for
if you can not or are not able to, then why bother being here or
connecting to this energy from a distance. The reason why you bother
is because YOU inertly KNOW this truth.

Beloved ones, crystals are life, crystalline energy; crystalline
structures or bodies are all part of the breath of life. Without the
components that make up water none of this would have been possible in
any way, and as water carries full consciousness so do these beings.
The more powerful aspect of crystals lie in the fact that they are
receivers and transmitters in one, thus they are able to charge you
and clear you, as they are able to help you transcend the limited into
limitless. Pause.

For your commitment in being here in spirit or person as I Kuthumi
have made mention of at the very beginning of this morning’s
transmission on behalf of the Ascended Master’s Realms, on behalf of
the angelic and archangelic leagues of Light, on behalf of the
galactic and intergalactic federations of Light, on behalf of all of
life which includes the energy of your solar system, galaxy, this
universe, the multi-universes and the Omniverse – we gift to each of
you a magnificent gift of the illuminated 12-flame crown energy. On
behalf of life everywhere we extend to you, all of you here and those
may come to read these words our gratitude for your commitment in
service, in service to Light, to the planet and most importantly to
the self.


So now that you are done placing the crystals in the earth I want you
to imagine the 12 golden flames glowing within the area of the crown
as it forms a halo effect in that area. Pause. This serves as an
awakening of your 12 levels of consciousness, thus a reminder of the
12 aspects that you are a part of. Beloved ones this too is a joyous
understanding that as there are 12 aspects from the integral parts of
your Monad then so too does everyone of these 12 energies divide into
another 12 aspects which makes you part of the 144 key vibration on
this plane hence the 144 000 ascended Masters that supports the energy
being downloaded this day. Pause.

Now visualize the 12 flames glowing brighter and brighter, close your
eyes if you have opened them and see this energy increasing in seize
expanding out from theses crown flames in a 144km radius. Pause. Thus
a 288km diameter with you held in its core. Pause. Beloved ones simply
visualise this huge area mentioned light up with the golden energy
glowing from your crown. Pause. Know that you serve as a surrogate for
this energy in service to support the full awakening of the new earth.
Very long pause.

In now want you to use your imagination increasing this energy from
144km to 144 000 kilometers. In other words with that visualize this
energy extending from your crown in all directions beloved ones which
instantly allow this energy to merge with the planet glowing in its
magnificent with this golden energy surrounding it and each of you are
part of creating this reality making it is possibility. Pause. To
recap visualize the 12 flames glowing above the head expanding to
envelop the entire globe. Pause.

Now detach your 12 flames from the complete picture rendering the
earth in a golden glow with you sitting back again within your mind on
this exact spot with 12 flames alive above your head separate from the
earth’s golden glow. Pause. Although you have detached your flames
from the earths golden sheath you can very much relate to this energy,
do you follow me?

A: Yes

MK: Very good then.

Now, we wish for you to speak up again in a clock wise direction
starting with our sister next to me this time sharing with others what
your representation is here this day and to then place this note you
were given alongside the crystal energies within the prepared open holes.

Mercury, Taurus, Trust.

MK: And your love crystal anchoring?

A: Mooi River.

Mk: Very good then, thus place this in the earth with meaning and once
done you may go ahead and fill your hole with sand covering these
energies, please continue

A: The love crystal being seeded in Denali Alaska. Combine with Venus,
Gemini and Beauty.

MK: Blessings be with all of you (Couple of people share a star point
due to large number of people present)

(From here on what was shared by those present were inaudible thus
only Kuthumi’s voice recorded loud enough to transcribe. He repeated
parts of what they said and sometimes not at all commenting on
something different)

Very good beloved sister blessings to your group. Beloved ones the
energy of Ayers Rock carries some of the most important records held
on the planet to do with specific parts of the history of the planets.
These are the records that are inertly carried and shared by the
beings known as the aborigines and bushman, as these two tribes not
only carry within their cellular memory much of the history of man and
its evolvement on this plane, but also the history of man off this
plane. You may continue please.

Very good sister, the land that is known as Japan brings to this earth
in service every opportunity for you to embrace your matter. Please
move on

A: Love crystal is Ukraine representing mars, Virgo and peace.

MK: Very good sister, the energy that emanates from the land known as
Russia is this time in service to bring an awareness of how great it
can be to be powerful catalysts setting into motion chains of change.
Please continue.


Mk: Thank you beloved as mentioned the energy of the Ukraine and
Russia is what supports the chains of change and this is what will now
come into fruition for America through the changes that’s underway
especially in the city called Washington.


Blessings be with you beloved brother and all that you have shared,
please move on


Very good then brother please move on


The country of Italy is serving the planet from the perspective of
showing others how to anchor beliefs. The area that is known as The
Vatican City is serving the planet by showing others what happens when
you control the beliefs of others. Continue if you will please.


Very good brother, continue please

A: Love crystal in Cambodia and we represent the new planets, Pisces
and unity.

Mk: Very good sister.

A: Love crystal anchored at Golgotha garden of the Tomb east Jerusalem
Isreal. We represent the north element, earth, the sun, Aries and love.

Mk: Very good sister now please move to the inner triangle points.

A: Orion’s Belt, understanding…inaudible.

Mk: Beloved sister as the energy of Orion serves to bring
understanding it also delivers unto those of the lower earth planes
the truth and understanding of the power of Light beyond this
immediate field of reaction thus Orion serves to bring TRUTH and POWER
unto the people of earth indeed. Please continue.

A: Pleiades…inaudible

Mk: Beloved sister the Pleiades sparkling diamonds in the skies give
unto everyone through acknowledgement the energy of hope and deep
trust in the knowing that through hope all will prevail. Next please

A: Sirius…inaudible

MK: Beloved sister, indeed this is what the task of Sirius is in
service as they are the water planets, Sirius anchors the energy of
faith and faith is what your beloved animals show you that they have
in you especially your domestic animals. The new energy of the 5th
dimension shows you the way in shifting this perception to include
having more faith in your human animals (laughter)


Beloved ones the energy of Faith is actually represented through the
main anchors of this grid, the energy of Sirius, the Pleiades and
Orion which also serves by bringing hope to you through your beliefs.
This energy gifts unto each of you the power to connect to
multidimensional portals that will support you to clearly understand
how you create your own reality. May we ask our beloved brother to
share with us his anchor point (centre core of the grid)

A: The love crystal I represent is Mecca Saudi Arabia, I also
represent the great central sun, the element ether, cosmic Light,
Reverence for God, as above to below.

MK: Very good then.

Long pause.

Beloved ones through the power of these grids and their immense energy
comes the reality and the awakening that you are all one, we are all
one. We understand that as humans you might at times find it very
difficult to grasp the full concept of being all one, but as you can
take your awareness and simply transcend it from one moment in time to
that which has none, you come to realize through all this, the
connecting energy linking those of you here and those absent, fueled
through the power within your hearts as you truly are all as one.

Beloved ones I now want you to close your eyes whilst we ask our
beloved brother within the core of the grid to raise the Calchelsite
crystal in the air high up as it anchors this grid today. Pause.
Without using your physical eyes I want you to visualize the energy
streaming forth from this magnificent stellar and grid crystalline
body. Pause.

Visualize this crystal creating a grid connection connecting with your
3rd eye. Pause.

Now visualize your 3rd eye linking up its energy with the crystals you
have seeded earlier, the combination of the rose quartz and your
personal crystals, simply hold this energy. Pause.

The anchor point of our grid keeper (our brother in the core of the
grid) also holds a very special energy that of the Amaru Crystal which
have been used previously throughout your world linking hearts. I want
you to visualize how the link continues between the crystals in the
earth connecting to the Amaru within the very core and again link up
the Amaru with the Calchelsite which our grid keeper is holding up
high, thus simply see within your mind a free flowing of energy from
the core Calchelsite to your third eye to the crystals seeded, linking
with the Amaru within the core in the soil and then up again to the
Calchelsite that’s being held up high. Very long pause.

Now again bring your attention to the crystals that you have seeded
connecting these to your third eye in other words we are reversing
this process slightly. Visualize the connection between these which is
being mirrored by your third eye, then reflect this image of these
crystals from your 3rd eye into the calchelsite which our beloved
brother is holding up high, thus transcend the energy of that which is
within the earth into your 3rd eye and from your 3rd eye into that
which reflect it back into the earth within the core of this grid.
Pause. Now visualize how the Calchelsite reflects this energy into the
very core of the planet. Pause. Can you feel the energy moving getting

A: Yes

Mk: Correct.

I now want you to bring into your vision a magnificent rose quartz
energy held within the very core of the planet. Pause.

Now using your mind see how an energetic chain of light connects the
rose quartz within the earth’s core to the rose quartz below you that
you have seeded creating yet another crystalline grid structure. Pause.

Lord Kuthumi repeats the visualization.

The rose quartz within the earth’s core now forms a crystalline chain
of light connecting with the Calchelsite held on high within the core
of this grid. Pause.

Now visualize the calchelsite continue this energy by reflecting the
energy of the rose quartz within the earth’s core, connecting to every
one of the 13 locations of the LOVE crystals. Long pause.

See this connection form between the earth’s core and the 13 locations

Thank you brother, you may rest your arms (holding the Calchelsite up)

Now visualize a connection forming between your sacred heart and the
rose quartz seeded within every one of these 16 grid anchors, for
those that are not aware the sacred heart is situated above the heart

PS: (The grid is a twelve pointed star (12 meters in diameter which
directly reflects out covering 144kms radius) with 3 inner points
creating a triangle within the core facing north and a centre point:
12+3+1=16 geometry of 7. The 144 Kilometers added comes to a 9, thus
the complete geometry is 7/9 which when added reverts back to 16, thus
7 which Kuthumi shares creates a 7th Dimensional energy effect– Chanel)

MK: Now again see the link between your heart, the rose quartz that
you seeded and the rose quartz within the earth’s core, thus visualize
a free flowing light creating a unconditional fluid love connection
between your heart and the heart of mother earth. Pause.

Whilst this connection is being reinforced I shall give you a moment
to silently communicate your love to mother earth. Communicate the
love you feel for her acknowledging your dedication as a light thus
love worker and grid keeper. Very long pause.

Beloved ones I now want you to visualize like as if by magic the 12
crystals on the outer points together with the triangular 3 creating a
gateway entry that activates a portal within this specific area which
incidentally extends 288 in diameter, and together with the very core
point of this grid connect as one initiating this entire grid to come
alive. Thus visualize as if by magic a switch has been flicked and all
of the rose quartz energies within this grid come alive in brightness
as they are glowing brighter with each moment until eventually they
become so bright as if a few shades from Magenta. Pause. Visualize
these crystals alive with possibility, alive with unconditional love,
see these 16 star points become one most holy energy vibrating on the
number 7 which allows you access to the 7th level of your
consciousness for that is what is being gifted to you within the
intenseness of this energy as you are given a mere glimpse of all of
that which awaits you. Long pause.

Now again bring into your mind the 13 locations of the LOVE crystals.
Pause. Now see these most loving energies also becoming luminescent as
they reflect their power of love, some over a meter in diameter in
seize, see them as double terminated energies, now if you are able to
I shall give you a moment or two to bring your awareness within closer
range the given 13 locations and the LOVE crystals. Pause.

With that see how a network of light is formed linking the 13 love
crystals with the 16 rose quartz energies that you planted (This
creates a master number 11 vibration) Pause. As this happens you will
become aware how a vast network of Light is instantaneously activated
creating a intricate network of LOVE connecting all the mentioned
energies thus far like a geometric explosion of light connecting all
energy. It interlinks on every level you can and can’t imagine between
all of you and all that is, those present here and others throughout
the globe, on, within and off the earth. Pause. Can you relate to this?

A: Yes

Long pause.

Now see within your mind how this energy links up with every single
crystalline energy that you have, thus now become aware how the other
crystals that you have brought along to be charged is filled with this
immense power of love, see these energies glowing brighter and
brighter as they connect with all grids and the 13 love crystals. Pause.

Now bring into your awareness how your personal booster crystals
create a link with the person opposite you and their booster energies.
Pause. Thus become aware how that which is yours connects to all
others along the planes of unconditional love. Pause. In this way you
actively become part of the wheel of love. The 3 centre point
representatives of this grid now please turn towards each other facing
each other, and our grid keeper within the core remains facing me.
Long pause.

Now beloved ones, open your eyes and look at the person opposite you.
Pause. Did any of you feel the increase in energy the moment you gave
it more attention visually?

A: Yes

MK: You are experiencing the unspoken power of love.

Beloved ones please close your eyes again and with that from your
heart to the person opposite you I want you to bless them with
everything that you desire for yourself. Pause. Gift to them the gift
of crystalline consciousness as you share with them all that you so
treasure for the self without conditions. Long pause

Now again visualize the magnificent Amaru crystal seeded within the
core of this grid. Pause. See this small body of light shining like a
sparkling diamond. Pause. Now take a mental picture of this and copy
this into your third eye thus see your third eye sparkling like a
diamond. Pause.

Beloved ones, I now want you to open up your heart, bring into your
mind all that you may feel incongruent with, bring into your mind all
of those whom have caused you to stray from the realms of peace as you
fell under the spell of the world of matter, bring into your
consciousness every single person that you feel you need to make your
peace with be that of your own consistent accord or theirs it matters
not. Pause.

I want you to visualize from your heart a magnificent rose quartz
energy being reflected towards them be it one person, two or a large
group it matters not, as you visualize how their heart center’s fill
with the gift of unconditional love passed on from you. Pause.

Once you feel you have served them adequately according to the
capacity of that which they are able to integrate and receive from you
I want you within your mind to call upon Archangel MichaEL to step
forward and sever the connection that keeps you tied to lower
vibrational thought forms. In this way beloved ones before you carry
your glory within the area of your crown with power and enlightenment,
release all that prevents you from tapping into your true magnificence
and infinite ability, therefore release all of the ties that restrict
you in these unsetting times and spaces for where you are venturing in
time to come, there is absolutely no more time for this, as all spaces
are one and distance will become a vague memory of where you are at
now, thus I want you all to now move around creating a free flowing
energy of love. Thus try and more-or-less stay above the area where
you have seeded the crystals by moving your chairs into a smoother
circle so that you can join hands or are you still playing the
apartheid game (smiles).

All move to seal the geometry.

Very good then, beloved ones once again bring your attention to your
crown as I want you to visualize above your head 12 glowing
magnificent golden flames. Pause. Simply relax.

You know through that which I have shared and that which we have
activated a short while ago that you are a part of all energy as ONE.
You know beloved ones that you have an activated crown area with 12
golden flames representing the 12 aspects of the self. You also know
that as we asked of you to expand the 12 flames to encapsulate your
entire globe lady Gaia and then by detaching these flames to

re-anchor your individual flames yet as part of the whole, that you as
a individual as an authentic being are always part of ONE and so shall
it be.

Beloved ones, by activating these 12 flames this day, by connecting
this energy with the power of All That Is and by acknowledging the
greatness that is within you, understand that what you are creating
here in this way is very real with immense power and whether you
believe it or not has a massive impact on the world beyond the self.

By activating the 12 flames within your crown you acknowledge all of
that which I have spoken of this day, by sealing this with the 7th
seal of your consciousness which is represented by the supreme golden
energy within the crown, and by blessing this unto the earth you take
full responsibility to be a part of that which I Kuthumi have shared.

By being here creating this grid structure visualizing this energy as
you have done whether you like it or not you recognize the fact that
we are all as one and with that I now want you to reach and truly hold
the hand of the person next to you touching with meaning. Pause.

I want you to clearly see the 12 golden flames within the crown.
Pause. Now visualize these flames spinning in a clockwise direction
within the crown. Pause. Now become aware of the bigger picture thus
see all of the other folk around you within your mind with their 12
flames spinning in a clockwise direction too. Know that this awareness
awaken within the part you play in turning the Wheels of Life, you in
your own authenticness yet as part of the whole. Pause.

Now be gentle as I want you to imagine the energy of this entire group
spinning in a clockwise direction too. First gently then hasten the
pace as you first connect with the crown energies spinning in a
clockwise direction and then expand that vision to include the group
energy spinning in a clockwise direction. Pause. Keep this going as
you bring into your vision within your 3rd eye a magnificent emerald
flame about 2,5cm in height, then within the throat a double flame of
a sapphire vibration with the outer flame 2,5cm high and the inner
flame about 1cm in height. The inner lighter in colour than the outer
flame. Visualize within the high heart a golden flame, within the
lower heart chakra a pink flame, visualize in the area of the solar
plexus a ruby-golden flame surrounded by 3 golden eggs of life with
the bottom egg encapsulated by a silver vibration, in the area of your
sacral visualise a violet flame, in the area of your sun chakra in
other words between the sacral and the base visualize another golden
flame and finally within the base chakra visualize the pearlised white
flame of purity as well as a golden egg supporting this centre on the
one side and a silver egg of life supporting on the opposite side
balancing the masculine feminine aspects within this centre. Pause.

Now with the 12 flames still spinning and the outer flame of this
group still spinning I want you within your mind to spin this wider
outside energy with you holding hands faster and faster increasing the
speed at which this energy flows. Pause. Increase the speed some more
going even faster until eventually this outer energy spins
increasingly fast with the 3 energies within the inner triangle
anchored to the core energy and on the count of 3 I want you to spin
this energy high up into the air and see it explode high above you
into a gold dust as you allow the Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom to
rain down upon your consciousness blessing all of humanity with the
same opportunities that you are blessed with and with that – One – Two
– Three!

Know that every dream that you have ever dreamt is being supported to
become your living reality.

Before we end this transmission beloved ones anchor your energy back
into your body as you are still fully aware of the 12 glowing flames
within your crown. Pause. Simply see this as real as you orientate
yourself with your surroundings and when you are fully grounded and
ready I want you to stand up from your chairs turn around and face
away from the circle. The core energies please remain seated as you are.

Very long pause.

Beloved brother the grid keeper (in core) would you please move the
rest of the crystals that you keep to rest between your feet (all the
other crystals mentioned at the introduction)

Those of you on the periphery of the circle instead of the usual 144
km radiance I want you to place your palm chakras on your heart open
your eyes wide and look around absorbing that which God has Graced you
with and with that open your arms and share from your heart the love
that you are, infinitely with All That Is. Pause.

For those within the core: The outer 3 star energies representing the
gateway triangle of truth please reflect your palms toward our beloved
brother within the matrix core. Pause.

(Some people on the outer circle started turning around to see what
was happening within the core)….

Yes you may turn once you are ready, earthlings are just so nosy
aren’t you? (Laughter) just in case you are missing something well so
long as the missing link is not you (laughter)

All turn.

Our 3 representatives from Sirius, Pleiades and Orion please now beam
your love again towards the crystals within the inner core buried in
the earth below our grid keeper. Pause.

Beloved brother please if you could again hold the energy of the
Calchelsite on high whist the rest of you on the outside beam your
love towards it. Pause. Now again please visualise the flow of light
and love connecting the Calchelsite, the Amaru and the core if the
earth and then see this energy shifting away from the earth, getting
lighter. Pause. For a brief moment again bring into your awareness the
crystalline connection to the LOVE crystals. Pause.

I now wish for all of you to expand this by seeing another crystalline
grid being anchored surrounding the entire planet and see how that
energy is connected to this portal. Pause.

With that beloved ones we ask of you to be constantly aware of that
which we speak of. As we saluted you for your immense efforts in
making this world a better place we urge you to continue doing so and
in so doing spread the messages of Light and the Grand Awakening of
this glorious planet along with the reality that life as you knew it
can never be the same.

Beloved ones, please know that no matter your journey, no matter the
challenges and pain that you might face in some or the other way, that
in the end it is all part of the realization process of your own light
and glory.

Thus do all you can to be the best that you can ever be. Bring often
into your mind these golden flames and depending on your personal
journey, depending on your process as a lightworker as we have shared
with you during the last transmission through this channel, depending
entirely on how you choose to work with this energy remains the
deciding factor of how bright and illuminated these flames will shine
the way forward for you.

May the Light of Christ be with you this day and always. May you
venture forth from here and take sincere blessings of light along
every avenue of your existence and may all always be well in your world.

Beloved ones in a moment or two you may open your eyes to a new vision
if you have closed them. Please make sure that you are thoroughly
grounded. Go forth this day with the real-i-sation of how powerful a
being you are. I am Kuthumi, I am the Lord and the Master Cohan of the
Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless thee in love,

Loadsa Love

Chanel Lingenfelder

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Transcribed by Colleen Goldsworthy
I am a colour and sound practitioner who combines personally channeled
resonances along with those of medical importance to create healing CD's
for a wide range of problems and illnesses in both human and animals.
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