Saturday, December 13, 2008

Archangel Michael: You Are The Trailblazers Of The Golden New Earth

Archangel Michael:
You Are the Trailblazers of the Golden New Earth
Transmitted Through Elanthra
10 December.2008

Greetings One and All. This is your brother and comrade Archangel Michael. And I first and foremost bless you and commend you on your progress thus far. I have several things to discuss with you today, and firstly would like to commend you on your progress, for we know that many of you are now 'awakening and re-member-ing,' and you are well on your way towards ascension. And opportunities will be forthcoming for ascension, and the ascension waves are forthcoming. But many will choose to stay and fulfill their missions and contracts. And know dear children that you are the ones to fulfill these roles. These roles are engraved or emblazoned in your DNA, the cells of your body and your memory banks. You have but only to will yourself to awaken, and when you are in touch with your Higher Selves you will wake up and you will re-member, if that be your will to do so, in Divine Timing. As always, we say that Everything Is In Line With Divine Timing, and All Is Divine, no matter where you are in your lessons.

We are well aware that a lot of you are feeling lonely, and some are going through uncomfortable ascension symptoms and the 'Dark Night of the Soul' and depression, digestive symptoms, lethargy, apathy, anger, doubt, fear. But we assure you that all is in line with what you came here to do, and you are filling those shoes, and your fit for those shoes is perfect. Your fit for your roles is perfect. You are being all that you have come to be. You are becoming all that you were meant to be, and You Are the Masters That Were Born To Be.

We suggest a new meaning for 'fear,' or a new acronym for 'fear.' And we suggest that F be for Forever, E be Enlightenment, A be Awakened, and R be Risen. Why not take that word and redefine it and empower yourselves, For You Are Forever Enlightened, Awakened and Risen! The time to rise to the challenge is now. The time is nigh. The time is now, and why not take the baby steps - step out and become all that you can be. For if you do not step out, then you are still not going to become all that you can be. At least if you try and you fail you can pick yourself back up and know that you tried. But you will never know what it would have been like if you didn't try.

You Are The Trailblazers Of The Golden New Earth, and You Are The Beacon Of Light That Shines Through The Dark. You Are The Leaders, and many will follow you. You will lead the way. All you brave ones and the ones that have come be-fore - the Pioneers - the Wayshowers - will mark the way for others that will follow you. They will follow in your footsteps, and know that The Path is Golden - The Golden Spirals, for Golden Christ Consciousness Eggs have been planted. They have been sown, and there are 7 - the 7 that carry the main Cosmic Christ Consciousness Golden Eggs that emanate and dispense and seed throughout the Earth. The Eggs have been sown, and the Christ Consciousness has been sown, and You Are Christed Beings. And we ask that you beam your light outwards, and know that the path is emblazoned in glory, that the path is emblazoned with Truth and Light and Wonder and Joy and Magic, Co-creativity, Unconditional Love, Enlightenment, Courage and Strength this day.

We ask that you call on Sananda, Mother Mary and myself and Archangel Metatron whenever you feel alone, for some days it may be uncomfortable, and you might feel that you have extended your comfort zone. Call on us and we will be a comfort to you. As ever, we are with you on your journey. And when you are going through 'The Dark Night of the Soul,' we ask that you re-member to look to your right and look to your left, and look before and behind and above and below you. We are there. We are there just waiting to be acknowledged. We Are Partners With You And We Are One With You, For Aren't We All One?

It is time to harvest what you have sown, the investments that you have made, and the light and Christ Consciousness that you have anchored as a Unity Collective Consciousness. The Goddess is here - The Universal Goddess, and it's time to harvest - to harvest the souls - to awaken and re-member. And the harvest will be borne of Cosmic Christ Consciousness and Unconditional Love which will be dispensed from one heart to the other, And The Path Will Be Paved With Heart. We ask that you walk the walk and the path with heart, and do everything from your heart, from a heart filled with Golden Unconditional Love.

Know that we send you comfort and soothing this day, and we bless you. And we are forever with you, and you are loved beyond measure. We urge you to call on your favourite Light Beings - the ones that you resonate with, this day, and may the peace and the glory ever be with you on your journey.

Glory to the highest. Glory, glory. Glory to the Highest! And like Rip Van Winkel in the rhyme, it is time to awaken and arise from your slumber and realize that a revolution awaits you, not just an American Revolution, but a Global Revolution. Claim Your Divinity, and Claim The Golden Revolution, for it is nigh.

We leave you with this, this day. Blessings and peace be to you always. Adonai.

I am, Archangel Michael

Elanthra is an Indigo, Crystalline Walk-In Healer and Energy Anchorer from the Omniverse, dedicated to service in a creative and playful manner. She is especially passionate about all the "New Children." *

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