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April 2011 Monthly Visions: Connect to your Inner Zero Point

April 2011 Monthly Visions: Connect to your Inner Zero Point
by Dana Mrkich
April 6, 2011

So it's not enough that we have Doomsdayers out there trying to convince everyone that we are approaching the end of the world. (Apparently they have an inability to comprehend that there are calendar cycles far superior to and older than our familiar 365 day cycle, and that just like we start a new calendar cycle every January 1, so too do we start a new cycle every 5, 200 years, and every 26, 000 years, as we are about to do now. And just like the world doesn't end every December 31, nor does the world end every time we get to the end of a longer calendar cycle!). Now we also have the Denialists showing up at the opposite extreme, basically saying there's nothing happening, nothing at all, nothing to see here folks, move along.

I watched a video blog piece today by a well known author that said the Mayans simply didn't get around to finishing their calendar, kind of like half-finishing a book, and so there's no significance to the end date!! In actual fact, they did finish the calendar and there is huge significance to the specific amount of days covered in what they call their Long Count. It is a very precise calendar incorporating the Pleiadian star system of which our Sun is a part, and the movement of our Earth in relation to our Galactic Centre and Equator. So precise in fact that they knew the exact moment that Earth would be aligned with a point in space that the ancients referred to as a 'crossroads' and a point of spiritual awakening. They knew precisely how long it would take to get to that point. They knew precisely that a cycle around our Spiral Galaxy takes 5,200 years and that every approx 26,000 years we would experience the culmination of a Great Cycle corresponding with the Precession of the Equinoxes (the Earth's wobble that alters the direction of it's Polar Axis). We are at these points now! Sure it's all very complex so it's okay not to understand it, but to suggest that life will continue on as normal, perhaps in an attempt to reduce fear, is missing a grand opportunity to be a conscious, active participant in the transformation of our Earth and ways of living.

Denial of the Shift feels to be rooted in the same fear of change held by the Doomsdayers. Denialists don't want to see signs of Winter, meanwhile Doomsdayers are blind to the coming Spring. Both must therefore be scared that Winter signifies a permanent ending of life, rather than acknowledging the natural cycles of life that ensure we evolve not stagnate. We need to love, accept and embrace all phases of this cycle. Yes the Earth is shaking, and yes much will collapse, but we didn't come here to sit and cry amongst the rubble for our lost reality. Now is the time to be like the mythical Phoenix, who at the end of her long life builds herself a nest and sets it alight. She emerges from her own ashes as a new egg, ready to be reborn and live a new long life. The beauty of this story is of her graceful honouring of the natural cycles. She doesn't see her fiery end as a failure, she simply knows when it's time to 'change bodies.' She doesn't fear ending one life, because she knows a new one awaits. Just as spring and the dawn follow our winters and midnights, so too will a new cycle follow the old. Just like the transformation from one season to another doesn't happen overnight, so too our cyclic evolutionary transformation won't happen overnight or occur on one certain day. It is happening right now, and to deny it or fear it, is to stick our heads in the sand during one of the most spectacular transformations ever to happen to a planet with a humanity of 7 billion transforming right along with her.

Earth is literally shedding her skin like a snake, wriggling out of her old vibration and rebirthing into her new vibration. Every single event occurring right now that looks like collapse or destruction is a huge wake up call opportunity for us. As we rush to re-build homes demolished by earthquakes and floods, are we going to re-build in the same old ways or are we going to take this opportunity to build sustainable, off the grid homes using renewable clean energy and recycled materials? As we witness the meltdown of the nuclear reactors in Japan are we going to listen to the politicians trying to convince us that nuclear plants are still essential and low-risk, or are we going to listen to our hearts that are telling us the risks of nuclear plants far outweigh the benefits, and that we have alternative energy sources available that are zero risk to the health of all living beings on this planet. I am tired of governments and corporations selling out the well-being of humanity for money! They do this with wars, with pharmaceuticals, with toxic chemicals, enough already!

As Earth sheds her skin we are experiencing changes in our magnetosphere, the field protecting our planet from space weather. So we are feeling affected more and more by Solar Flares, and the incoming frequencies of the Galactic Centre. Lately you may be feeling dizzy, lightheaded, like you are a bit out of your body and not quite 'with it,' you may feel you need to sit down or pull over in the car, you may be experiencing headaches or migraines, and feel like you need to lie down more regularly. On top of that, you may be highly sensitive to the movements of the Earth as she goes through her Changes, and highly empathetic to the Changes being experienced by your brothers and sisters around the world as they go through their personal and community upheavals. Thus, you may be more emotional than usual, crying intensely, feeling sad or depressed.

The theory is that the changes in our magnetosphere will continue until we get to Zero Point, at which moment we will literally be 100% exposed to space weather and thus the full frequencies of the Galactic Centre. It is said that in that moment we will have the opportunity to have our veils blown fully off us, to have our minds blown wide open, to have a moment of knowing all, remembering all. If you have watched the movie Limitless, I am guessing it would be kind of like that but even better, and without the drugs!

As you can imagine constantly being influenced by these changes, along with a reality-altering moment of heightened awareness that turns everything you thought to be real and true upside down, is enough to make a person crazy - unless you are tuned in to your own personal Zero Point.

And that's where we seem to be at right now. The strongest message right now feels to be "find your inner Zero Point and learn how to connect to it and stay in it." What is your inner Zero Point? It is a space in which you feel Centred Stillness. It simultaneously feels calm and energizing, you feel connected to the core of the Earth and the heart of the great central Sun, you feel connected to your own authentic/higher self and Source Energy. You feel protected and know that no matter what, you will be okay - whether in this body or without this body. Your soul is powerful and continues to live no matter what.

In this space of inner Zero Point, there is no fear for there is nothing to fear. Fear is simply the head turning away from Source, from Love, from Consciousness, from Truth. To be in your Zero Point is to be highly aware of everything, yet not react erratically like one of those bouncy dolls that sway to and fro in reaction to every punch. This emotional tendency to react to external events whether in our own home or on the other side of the world is something that makes us human, yet when we are not connected to our Inner Zero Point our reactions are erratic and often make us feel helpless and powerless. When we are connected to our Inner Zero Point we can observe what is happening, and feel in a hyper aware way what is the best thing to do in any given moment. To be in your inner Zero Point is not to be in numbness or apathy. From your inner Zero Point you are free to respond consciously, from a space of inner wisdom and higher consciousness. From your inner Zero Point you are in your Power and connected to your Higher Power. You do not fear collapse because you no longer see it as destruction, rather you know it to be part of the process of rebirth and rejuvenation.

With increasing amounts of Earth changes, political and social changes, and fear running riot around the planet, it is very important that we each know how to connect to our inner Zero Point and as much as possible live from that space. We can drive ourselves crazy reading websites that are telling us this country is safe, that area is not, get to a high mountain, start storing food etc, but the right guidance will be different for every person. From your own inner Zero Point, you will intuitively be guided as to what is right for you. If you need to move, you'll feel it. If you get an urge to plant vegetables and fruit trees, do it. If you get the feeling to put a crystal into the Earth somewhere, go for it. While certain events do need to happen during this transformation process, we don't have to experience this time in a freaked out turmoil. We can move through it with calm, grace, power and positive thoughts and actions. Certainly the people of Japan have shown us that this approach is possible even in the worst of circumstances.

From our inner Zero Point we can consciously use our powers of intention and manifestation for the highest good. We can vision a new Earth, a new reality for humanity, one that is based on greater truth, harmony, authenticity and freedom. We can say goodbye to the fear and the numbness that has kept us trapped in the old illusion where truth was hidden. Very importantly, we can practice discernment. What rings true for you? What resonates? What doesn't? As the incoming light bombards the planet over the coming 20 months, you can bet that the 'darker' energies, will rise up like you've never seen before. Prison wardens don't really like to see their sources of power (us) flee the prison! So nothing would surprise me. Anything to try and keep people in fear and terror. Use your discernment when you hear something on the media. Ask yourself, does this feel true? Don't feel we are in a battle here of Light and Dark, rather think of it as a People's Liberation as we finally See both the light and dark and are thus freed. That which is hidden from view (both light and dark) has kept us repressed and controlled. As truth is revealed, we become free, empowered beings who can truly start to be the conscious co-creators of our reality.

So how do we get to our inner Zero Point? Every one has a different way that works for them. Essentially connecting to our inner Zero Point means finding a way that you can instantly access that deep place of stillness and bliss experienced during meditation. We can't walk around meditating with our eyes closed all day, nor might we have time for a 20 minute meditation should we find ourselves in the middle of an earthquake! You want to know how to plug in instantly, and live plugged in to your Zero Point. For those that find words and affirmations powerful, you can daily say something like "I am connected to my Higher Self. I am connected to the Highest Source of Truth Love and Light. I am connected to the Core and Heart of Mother Earth. I am aligned with my best possible self, best possible reality and best possible movement forward." Or you can find other words that feel good to you. You don't need to use the words Inner Zero Point unless they particularly resonate with you - this isn't any sort of official name for it, it's just words they have used to describe the point we all need to connect to right now within. If you love connecting with your breath, use your breath to connect to it, perhaps focusing on your Solar Plexus. If you are visual, there might be a symbol or image that instantly takes you to that place where you are out of the drama, and in the zone of All that Is. Some people highly resonate with the words I AM, or Om Namah Shivaya (I bow to my true identity/my inner self). There is no one way, there are many ways. Use whatever works for you!

As our new collective Phoenix rises from the ashes, truth will be revealed, our vibration and consciousness will be elevated, and we will truly start to live as if born anew. For some this has already happened, and if you are in this group you will already feel a state of calm, peace and higher awareness more days than not. For others still in the birth canal so to speak, know that this greater reality is your destined reality. Connect to your inner Zero Point and love yourself forward. Let this be your ultimate authority, and ultimate guide. YOU are your own ultimate authority and ultimate guide.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2011. Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and the URL is included. *