Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SaLuSa: You Are Destined to be Great Beings of Light

SaLuSa: You Are Destined to be Great Beings of Light
April 11, 2011

Stick to your principles and follow your intuition, as your beliefs and thoughts are bombarded by so many different sources that claim to know the future. Some are simply misguided but those that seem acceptable are sometimes clever pieces of disinformation. Bear in mind that the dark Ones are well aware of Ascension and the events leading up to it, and they play upon a scenario that largely fits your beliefs. However, they intentionally look to cause confusion in your minds, and once doubt creeps in they have succeeded in their aims. Naturally there are also some sources that are genuine, but have a different idea as to how the end times work. Their approach can be influenced by what they desire to take place, and this is more likely with religious beliefs. If you are satisfied that you have a truthful source you can generally speaking accept what is given to you. However, still question it until you are satisfied that it fits into your mindset and that it is of a positive nature. The truth will normally feel good, whereas dubious statements often make you feel uneasy.

For many years you have been fooled and lied to so that governments could carry out covert actions without your knowledge. The times of automatically believing what you were told have long since passed, but because of the deliberate confusion and fear laden messages you may find it difficult to determine where the truth exists. Again we come back to your intuitive powers and if you rely upon them, by and large you will not go far wrong. Trust has to be earnt, but so few politicians have been consistently honest. But when they are, their words stand out and carry the ring of truth. Because of these problems, it is planned to shake up the whole political establishment and eventually do away with party politics. Too much time is wasted on confrontation and decisions made for political gain, instead of doing what is best for all people. Changes will ensure that only those politicians that sincerely desire to give their time for the betterment of their people, will be appointed to positions within a new government.

The time for reviewing many systems and policies affecting the people will soon arrive, and it is all part of regaining your sovereignty. As a new civilization emerges, it is you who will be treated with respect and your needs placed at the top of the list. Great wealth that is in the hands of so few will be re-distributed so that all share in abundance. The days of the elite are numbered, but they will be treated fairly like every one else. Such changes will pave the way for your eventual Ascension, which will subsequently lead to a time when money will be no longer required. When you can create for yourself all that you need to exist, you will no longer be reliant on others for your welfare. The experiment called duality has pitched you against each other, and being successful in competitive situations has often come down to who has been the most powerful. This will also cease in favor of co-operation and the sharing of all of the New Earth's treasures. In this respect the Earth will be honored and treated as the wonderful loving host she is to the Beings who travel with her.

Up to now you have been allowed to use Mother Earth for your raw materials, but even so you have destroyed many locations with little thought for the environment. Lessons have since been learnt, and it has to be understood that she is a fully conscious Being that needs your love and full consideration for her well being. The previous lack of understanding has led to Mother Earth having to take her own action to cleanse the Earth, and restore it to its pristine condition. Consequently she rumbles and shakes, with the resultant changes arising from earthquakes and other happenings. We of the Galactic Federation constantly monitor such situations, and we do whatever is allowed to minimize the effects where you are at risk. We work largely unseen, but look forward to the day when we can do so quite openly and often with your co-operation. From a karmic point of view we can only go so far, as it is important that you realize the consequence of your actions. We speak here not just of direct damage, but where it has been triggered by the reaction to negative energies produced by Mankind. These have for example often resulted from wars, and gone deep into the Earth causing disturbances to the balance of natural energies.

As your consciousness levels rise up, so you will also take a step nearer to understanding how the new you will live in the future. It will be so different and have little resemblance to how you live now. Importantly there will be a better understanding of the creative power around you, and you will harmonise with it. By then you will have learnt how to correctly use such energies, and become an independent Galactic Being. You will also become a Christed Being able to fully express your Love and Light. Be assured that you are destined to be great Beings of Light, and will move nearer to that manifestation as you rise up through the higher dimensions.

We trust that you will understand the need to cut your reliance upon material acquisitions, and know that in time you want for nothing at all by creating for your needs. Humans become very attached to their material belongings but as with the passing of the physical body, you cannot take them with you. Yet in the Astral Realms, you can recreate by thought any item that whilst on Earth was to your personal liking. It follows that after Ascension you will not only be able to create, but have more extended skills than previously. Take for example your delight in dressing up, and know that you can "think" into being whatever you wish and change it as often as you like. What can be created can also be "uncreated" just as easily, so there is no waste. The higher you go, the creations become more perfect and radiate light all around. Color and sound go hand in hand bringing an array of beauty and perfection not found on Earth at present.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and place in your minds concepts and ideas that will prepare you in readiness for Ascension and beyond. We will do more as time moves on and accompany you well beyond it. We Are All One in this great Galactic adventure that is just beginning. God Bless You All.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey