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Ashtar: The State of the Earth

Ashtar: The State of the Earth
Given through Susan Leland
April 5, 2011

Well good evening everyone, greetings to all, and this is indeed a day to celebrate! Oh, we know, we know. We know that there are so many prophecies and predictions, and gloomy-doomy kinds of scenarios that are being painted. The liars are telling their lies, they are mostly the ones who have taken the reins of power and control from the people. They have been disenfranchising the people in every aspect and phase of their lifestyles.

But the really good news that is the topper, the 'trump card' you might say, is held by the people. You, Beloved Ones, are leaders among the people, leaders even in the community of Lightworkers, because not all of the Lightworkers are as far along on their paths as you are, nor do they have as much information as you have, but that is all. You are information leaders. And remember this is a circular group. There is no beginning, there is no end, there is only this grand circle of beings together on this most fabulous, wondrous of missions that the Planet Earth has ever seen. Never before have so many come together to beat as one heart, to think as one consciousness, to feel the Oneness that is being felt right now upon this planet!

And we are not just talking about Oneness among the human realms. We are going further, we are embracing literally all of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia and all of those who dwell below her surface, and all of us joined with you. You have heard about the invitation that came to us to get involved, that is, the Ashtar Command, and come we did; at first in relatively small numbers.

And I, Ashtar, was among those who spoke and said, 'We're bringing the ships, we'll open the doors when you decide to finally blow yourselves up, you made a good start here in these cities in the country of Japan.* And when you decide to ultimately blow yourselves up, just like Atlantis, we'll open our doors to you, we'll bring you aboard, those of you who envision a world of Peace, a world of Love. Those of you who are enlightened visionaries, masters, and so on - we'll bring you aboard so that you can recolonize, or repopulate planet Earth, if it will have you, but if the atmosphere there could be so unwelcoming we might even take you someplace else. We'll see how much damage there is and see how much there is for us to clean up.'

Now you may not have heard the rest of the story as I, Ashtar, just told it to you but believe me that is truth, it is what really happened in your history/herstory. And as you know that all changed when you had your consciousness read at the time that you call the Harmonic Convergence. The convergence of the consciousness of planet Earth resulted in a new mission; a new mission for the Ashtar Command and for the Lightworkers upon the planet. And what was that mission? It was to get ready for Ascension!

No longer was it (the planetary blow-up) in the timelines. You changed the timelines. You can say you shattered the timelines, in a way, so that bits and pieces could come back together of that which had been envisioned all along by those who have been here holding the Light and by those of us who came at your nuclear invitations. Oh yes, we've been in observance of what happened before in Atlantis and at other times. And we also, yes the Ashtar Command, was also actively engaged in what you call the Orion Wars. And if you want to go to a particular timeline you can check in on those wars and see what it's all about. We don't recommend that but you can if you wish. You have free will, you know.

Now, let's talk about this free will because it's very important for you to understand free will so that you understand exactly where you are in this moment in your time. You see, Planet Earth was given free will right from the beginning, and it was an outgrowth of the Love that Mother/Father has for you. Yes, you were created only from Love, but you see others came who weren't so loving, at least they had expressions to express that were not loving, and this programming was extended to the humans who, for one reason or another, some of those humans took this in, and it was the free will of the planet, after all, that enabled this.

And so you've all been here a few times and you've all had an opportunity to observe what it is to be living in a place where free will is honored. There are places, always have been, and still are places upon planet Earth where this is the case. You find it particularly in some of the more remote locations where the individual is honored and considered sacred, as is the Earth. And all of the elements of the earth and all of the members of the kingdoms of Mother Earth - life is sacred there, shall we say.

But, in this wondrous world of civilization, 3D style, freewill has been usurped by those who want to control. And it has been surrendered by those who accepted their invitations for, you know, bread and games or whatever you want to call it. It has been easier and perhaps more comfortable during, what you call the 1950's particularly, to work hard, to be sure, but also to enjoy the 'Great American Dream.' And the Great American Dream was broadcast to all other countries - and there were countries where there was no free will and it was very obvious that it was the will of those who controlled that was to be obeyed at all times. But everybody wanted all of the freedoms that were available in the United States of America and other countries that were known to be more democratic - free will, rule of the people, and so on.

The truth of it is, there's been this plan in operation for eons of time to get to a point where there was no longer any need to be undercover in the democracies and republics of the world, where they could be just as blatantly repressive as they have been in other countries of the world. And so here we are today. And we have this enormous crunching together of all of these timelines and all of these wills and all of these visions and prophecies and predictions - whew! There's a lot of energy here, and there is fear, and you know that, Beloved Ones.

And if you feel a slight shiver, an inkling, or some reverberation in your being of a fearful thought when you read that there is going to be an annihilation of populations and so on, that is being human, Beloved Ones. It is you, as bridges that you must retain your compassionate overview, even of yourselves, as human beings, along with your understanding of how it is that these fears can be planted and nurtured and nourished along the way, even while you are focusing upon the planting and nurturing and nourishing - well you're all planted with Love - but the nurturing and nourishing of the Love that is within your beings.

Well just think about this for one moment, Love is by far the more powerful energy so if you get a slight flash of fear, for yourself or for loved ones that you care about, it is to just let it run right on through and right on out your energy fields. You can use the violet ray or any other means that you have. It is not to condemn yourselves - you are not failing, Beloved Ones, you are helping the world to move on into the Grace of the Golden Age. It is through your Grace and your willingness to be here and to be Lights to the world and to be the bridges to the higher dimensionalities that the world is able to continue its progress! Check that again, yes, continue progress along its Ascension path!!!

Ascension is guaranteed. There is no turning back, we are instead focusing on turning back the most heinous of the destruction programs that those who are wearing the dark hats are still trying to wreak upon you. So if you feel a slight flicker of fear when you come into connection, or shall we say when some word or vision comes into your being, treat it with Love - the violet ray, ho'oponopono, whatever you choose to use. Transmute it (to Love) and send it right back to its originators. That's what they need. It is not for you to cower; stand tall and access your own guidance. If you're in a place that suddenly feels like it's not the place to be, then go to the place that resonates with you, that feels like the place that you want to be, or have mission to be in.

And if you feel as though you want to stay where you are, then that is where you should be, because that is where you are going to resonate the highest and that is where you're going to do the most effective work. Impact and effectiveness - they might sound to be a little bit programmed or mathematical in their precision or whatever, nevertheless, remember that as Ashtar Family members you want to have the greatest impact, the greatest effect when you do your exercises, when you call for Peace, when you call for Love, when you call forth the Golden Age. And so it is that you need to fill yourselves and be prepared to do that in every moment.

And if you are in a place, and it doesn't necessarily mean a geographical location, if you are in a place in a relationship or a job, or a classroom of some kind, where suddenly it doesn't feel as though it serves your highest and best good, where all of a sudden you're getting the feeling that you're not having the greatest effect or impact upon the others that you're wanting to commune with in loving exercises, then stay tuned and find out where it is that you could be more effective. We're saying this because we know that you all recognize that you are here in service.

What a grand state of being to be in - serving the entire planet and in so doing the universe beyond!!! We are talking about serving all of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia, we are talking about utilizing your inspiration, your guidance, to be in touch with each other and to reach out as Family beyond those of us who are in this gathering, beyond those of us who will be, shall we say, reading the words or reviewing this gathering with enjoyment - en-Joy-ment -and Love. Revisiting is what we mean by reviewing, not judging, but simply revisiting. And it is to stay in that highest vibrational state, that highest frequency, that gives us the empowerment to be so much more effective in our messaging, in our Exercises, than what those who would keep you in fear are even considering approaching. They are nowhere near as effective as the Lightworkers of the planet who do their meditations, who give their intentions with clarity and Love!!!

And that is most important for you to remember, Beloved Ones. You are not helpless or hopeless, ever. You are strong empowered beings. Underneath your human uniforms you still wear the uniform of the Ashtar Command, and it is to bring this empowerment and the knowing of it, the wisdom of it, to this Planet Earth at this time, now more than ever, that you are here.

So what is the State of Planet Earth? Ahh, there are so many reports circulating about it. We are going to say this: there are possibilities and potentials unlimited! Everything from the announcements happening, to the announcements being delayed a bit longer; everything from destructive catastrophes, to very minor destructions such as have been occurring with some exceptions, and you know those exceptions. Continue sending Love to the people of Japan. That story is not being told in its entirety by your mainstream news media. And it most certainly isn't being told in its entirety by the mainstream news media of the country of Japan. There's some covering up going on, there's some camouflage.

There is a level of embarrassment, there is a level of guilt. But we are going to ask you, why should the ones who built these plants, why should the ones who created the means for sabotage and destruction, not be getting the brunt of the publicity? Good question. There are some news media personalities who are doing an admirable job focusing the light on the causes, the physical causes of all of this. They, of course, are not focusing upon the higher dimensionalities. They are not telling you about Ascension, they're not telling you about the need for clearings and cleansings. They may know of our presence but they are not telling you that we are mitigating to the greatest extent possible.

And here's some news. The more these Peace Exercises are done, the more the meditations, the more we are called forth, the more we are able to do!!! You see, your freewill is so powerful that it has the effect of reaching out more and more and more powerfully, and that is why we can do more. So we have a bit of a 'To Do' list for you, and we want to assure you that the wheels are turning. We are only wanting to assure you that the timelines for all of this phase of planetary preparation for Ascension, of those who choose to ascend, can be speeded up a bit, if you wish.

Timelines of destruction, mayhem, chaos, upset, unhappiness, grief and destruction can be changed, disempowered, reduced to not nearly as impactful, and so on. And so we, first of all, encourage you to call upon us, to continue to call us forth. Give us your permission, Beloved Ones, to do more and more and more in the way of mitigations and cleansings and clearings. We have the ability to cleanse, even radioactivity. We have been doing so to a large extent anyway, ever since nuclear devices were exploded, whether they were tests, whether they were radioactive materials improperly disposed of, whether they were what you call medical waste, rays, bombardments, whatever, we have been mitigating already - not completely, of course, but we have been mitigating.

And there are reasons why we can do more and we will do more when we finally reach that moment when our presence is fully disclosed and known. When everyone sees us in the skies and on the ground of Planet Earth, and yes even in the waters, that is when we can do the final cleanup, partnering with our Earth partners in a way that is safe and harmonious for all. Meanwhile we can do more and more and more, the more you call upon us. And we can take care of a great deal of cleanup that needs to be done of other kinds of toxins upon the planet. Call upon us, give us your free will permission, your invitation to proceed.

Now there's another thing that you can do if you have the energy to do it, but your first and foremost mission is to yourself, Beloved Ones. You must continue your forward preparations, that is how your voice and your loving heart are heard and felt worldwide. If you allow yourselves to get into exhaustion, if you allow yourselves to slip a bit so that you get into worry, instead of keeping the visions of the Golden Age always in your mind's eye, then you are not as powerful. Bring yourselves up into the highest dimensionalities that your physicality can be in, and there are many, many ways to do that. Many of you have taken classes, workshops, and studied. You have wondrous music, you have artistic creations to create, which take you up, up and out of the 3D box. Do whatever, spend time with children, that's a wondrous way to move up, up and away, so to speak.

Invite yourselves into the world of the crystal children and feel the Love they are, and allow them to extend that Love to you. Read the inspirational messages that come your way. We would recommend a formula to you, here we go with mathematics again, but this is for you. For every article you read which is gloomy-doomy, read ten which are Joy. How's that for a lifestyle? Check in with yourselves, by the way, if you are reading or viewing some of the gloomy-doomy materials. If you are not able to keep yourself up in high vibration and send Love to all of the perpetrators of the gloomy-doomy news - we're not talking about the ones who bring it - we're talking about the ones who are creating it and you know who they are, we call them the 'Dark Hats' - if you can't just send them Love when you're viewing this, or when you're reading that, then stop and check in with yourselves. Allow whatever fear there is to pass out, meanwhile, transmuting it to the best of your abilities. And if you are still feeling that there might be some attachment of that gloomy-doomy in your fields, then find something fabulous and get focused on it. Lift yourselves up, up and away!

The less you allow that gloomy-doomy to cling - you know, it's sticky and gooey, it's like the tar pits - the less you allow that to cling in your fields, the less impact it has on you and the more you impact upon all the gloomy-doomy stuff that's out there. And you cause it to transmute and not stick in other people's fields, in other animals', plants', minerals' and Mother Gaia's fields, yourselves. And that, Beloved Ones, is true quantum physics. Ah ha, we got to mention quantum physics; well, we'll move right along here.

But not really, because this is about impacting, this is about the difference that we make - each and every one of you, each and every one of the individual personas you view as I, Ashtar, and Sananda, and all of those of us who come to bridge with you the higher dimensionalities. This is about the effect and the impact that we can have together to bring these timelines into a kind of a harmonious, high vibration, Golden Age now moment, sooner rather than later. You see? So that is also quantum physics, this impact that we have. Never doubt the impact that you have when you carry the Light of Love in your fields so that you feel it and you can send it out. When you pay it forward you empower others to do the same. Oh, they may not come running up to you saying 'Thank you, thank you, for your Lovebeams,' but they will pay it forward.

So never doubt the ability that you have. When you call us in, or your guidance group, to join with you, then the impact is exponential! And when we come together in this group of focus, whether it is in this now moment, what you call 'live,' or whether you join in in the reading or the listening after the time that the clock says that this live time is over, if you will simply give intent to be 'live' with us, so it is. We're really doing a lot of quantum physics tonight, aren't we? We like to put a bit of humor in there for the Voice who gets a bit uncomfortable at the thought of pursuing a lot of scientific explanations and discoveries, but it's really all quantum physics.

It's how we operate, so to speak. It's what we're here to do, it's our mission, and it is to be quantum, it is to be reaching into other dimensionalities, it is to be on the one hand reaching into the lowest vibrations of 3D in order to say, 'Get out of the box, it's time, hello, wake up, come on get out of your box, get out of the tar pits, let's join together in high vibrational love and Golden Age Joy,' while at the same time we are bridging, bridging, bridging. We are coming together and lifting up higher and higher as a group, and we're inviting the world to come with us, just think about that! All of you, Beloved Ones, and all of us are an invitation, and invitation of Light, of Love, of Joy to the world and all living beings in the world, the world we call Planet Earth.

And so it is that we must first answer our own invitation. Does that not make a lot of sense? If you will not answer this invitation yourselves, Beloved Ones, how can you beam it out to the entire world? And so that is what we do in our Peace Exercises and in our lives together. Remember, call upon us more and more, we are in service with you and we are also in service to you. Remember that always. You can be solitary in your energy fields, that can be useful if you want to look within and see what is there that could use some work, but you are never alone because the Light of Love is always with you, and that means that you are always one with the totality of the universe. Remember that.

You always have the empowerment within you because you are empowered by being One with the all that We Are. Do not ever see yourself as a victim, and we know that you've all had opportunities to do this in times past, but those days are over! This is the time to balance out, and if you feel a little stuck there it's the time to ho'oponopono or address it in whatever means is the highest vibrational way for you. If you feel as though you are any kind of a helpless, or hapless, victim - that word is going to disappear from the vocabulary because the only way that you can be a victim, Beloved Ones, is to allow yourself to be it. So that's a form of disempowerment and that is the opposite of Who We Really Are and what we are here to do.

So, again, regarding the State of the Earth, there are many potentials and possibilities. The greatest probabilities are that this time for the shiftings of Mother Gaia will be somewhat brief, as you measure time. They have been, or shall we say, there has been corruption of the shiftings in times past and in recent times, and what this means is that those who have done this have revealed themselves; not just to a few but to many. The word is getting out, the word is resonating within the truth centers, not just of you leaders, but with many people whom you would not see as being fully awake - in other words, people that you are here to help into full awakening. Because of this we have been empowered to do even more of the disruptions to the dark hat plans and programs and we will continue. Does that mean that there will be no more earthquakes or volcanoes blowing or even tsunamis? No, it does not. Remember, Mother Nature still has to do her clearings and cleansings.

Some of the latest abominations which are being practiced are happening in the Gulf of Mexico - again! Has not the world learned that this drilling must stop? And it is not Obama, it is the corrupt ones that have been paid off or threatened, or both, by the dark hats to allow them to continue their ways. Look at your airwaves, look at the Foxy channel. There are those brother broadcasters who are starting to call it the entertainment channel. It's pretty dark entertainment, because the truth of it is being recognized more and more. That one called Glen** is drawing back a bit in some of his harshness because he is starting to understand that he is a bit over-the-top, over the cliff, and he just might be removed from the airwaves.

This would be a good thing to focus upon. How about sending the Light to all of those at Foxy news? The ones who really can't stand the Light might make an exit, sooner rather than later. They're going to exit anyway, they're all going to be pulled off of the stage because disinformation and lies have no place in the Golden Age and they will not be there. Neither will nukes, neither will fossil fuels, neither will there be corrupt bankers and politicians and lobbies, and all of those beings who have, if you stand back and look at what is put in front of the people these days, it is quite apparent that those who have been in control have gotten away with a lot of stuff.

How do you like all of the ads for drugs? That used to be disallowed by your, in the United States, what is called the FCC. How do you like all of the Con Agra that used to be disallowed by what you call the FDA and the department of Agriculture? We are happy to report that steps are being taken in all of these areas. The people have gotten together to get Monsanto out of the GMO business. Did you know that right now Monsanto can sue a farmer whose crops are contaminated with GMO seeds? They can sue the farmer for stealing their GMO! This is an article that came on the internet and it is quite revealing.*** This is the tip of the iceberg, but the iceberg tip is starting to look real golden, because now people are starting to speak up on that, and that might seem somewhat obscure, but you know their ultimate plan is to control all of the food grown in the world. Never mind that a lot of it may be radioactive, that is to control it and to control the agriculture. Oh boy, there is a real 'con' going on with Con Agra, is there not?

But people are speaking up and people are starting to figure out that, if they belong to one organization, they need to band together with another organization and make their voices heard. There's power there, Beloved Ones, and it's the shining of the Love for all of humanity and all of Mother Gaia's kingdoms that is bringing these groups together. More and more they are heart based. So if you have any passion for joining in the work of one or more of these organizations, do so. But remember not to let the downside get you down. Bring your Light to it and see how much more effective it is!

Often times the Voice has asked me, "Ashtar, what is it going to take for people to wake up and call forth the changes that need to happen in every aspect in our lives?" And I have always said that they need to get out in the streets. Well, this is happening, this is a State of the Earth report that needs even more Light put upon it, because it is happening around the world. People are taking to the streets. Notice the different causes that are being put out there for the world to see the changes that are called for. Shine your lights on this, Beloved Ones, and even if you might say, "Yes, but this doesn't look totally one hundred percent like it's lightworkers." Put Your Light On It And Make It So!!!

Yes there is still corruption of governments in the Middle East, there's corruption in governments everywhere. Well, perhaps not in some of the tribal governments, but it's pretty widespread because, you see, the bankers have made this thing called money, this concept, this empty promise called money, be the goal. Wars have been fought for money, people have been hurt, killed for money; relationships have been broken for money - money, money, money. And you know that's ending. If you have a dollar or two to contribute somewhere, by all means do so. In the hands of the Lightworker the money is yet another tool for effecting that which we are here to effect. That simply means to make, in this case, to change gloriously, in all ways golden. Even money will be golden, for as long as money is in use , which is a relatively short time as you measure the history/herstory of Planet Earth.

Speak up, Beloved Ones, let your voices be heard. Make a sign: 'What the world needs now is Love,' or 'Love empowers.' And join the marchers if there are marchers, if not, start a march. March for Love, no matter what the focus is. If it's about recalling certain political figures who have proven themselves to be corrupt, do it with Love, lovingly. Say 'goodbye' to them, send them off the stage. Sign petitions and blast them with Love every time you do. How many times a day do you get a petition coming to you on the internet? Well, don't just click - push!!! Remember how to bring the Love in through your hand, allow it to come through your heart and across to the other hand and push that Love right into your computer screen, you don't have to touch it, just push those Lovebeams into whatever you send forth, whether its signing a petition or a message of Joy. Whatever it is you send out, empower it. And so it is!!!

You, Beloved Ones, are the Power, you're the Light, you're the Magic that the world has been waiting for. And we're going to create some more magic here, but we just want to be sure that you all understand that everything is up in the air at this moment, as far as what's going to happen next. We have this grand opportunity to effect the changes (on what) we want to change, to anchor the Love and the high vibrations and the high dimensionalities, here, now in this moment and in each moment beyond this sacred moment. Let's go for it, let's empower it, let's be all that we came here to be with no holding back!!!

And remember, we love you - that has never changed and it never will. We love you beyond words, Beloved Ones. And we call upon you to continue to create your Golden Visions, and to bring the Peace that passes all understanding to Planet Earth in so doing, and to empower all that you send out, all that you send through your own energy fields, and beyond, with the highest, most powerful energy of the universe, and that Beloved Ones, is Love. And you, Beloved Ones, are the Love and we bring our Love, the Love we are, to join with you. One Heart, One Love We Are!!! And so it is. Salut!"

* Referring to Hiroshima and Nagasaki
** Glen Beck has since left FOX News on tv
*** *

Transcription by Brian Coe
Given through Susan Leland, April 5, 2011. © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2011. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted. *