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Council of 12 Message

Council of 12 Message
Time of Enlightenment - Now is The Time: A Wesak Season Message

Copyright 2011 by Selacia * 4-5-11

Note from Selacia - "It's three weeks ahead of our annual Wesak! This second pre-Wesak message from The Council of 12 will help you to tap into the auspicious Wesak blessings from the Ascended Masters who set the template for enlightenment on Earth. As you read their words, The Council of 12 will provide you with insights and potent energy that can help you to take advantage of this special Wesak season. If you haven't heard of Wesak, it's a celebration of the enlightened ones who came before us - such as the Buddha, the Christ, and Kuan Yin. It is also a celebration of our own enlightenment potential - each one of us has that very potential. We are here to realize that on an individual level and to help our planet shift into one of light and love." 4-23-11

Most likely you are feeling the intensity and chaos of this period. You know deep within your bones that something very different is unfolding on the planet and within each person you meet. The uniqueness of these times makes this year's Wesak season a pivotal juncture.

The time is now for action and for creating the positive changes you want. Things you had on the back burner need to be reconsidered, energized, and contemplated to determine the divine right action. Some of them may not yet be ripe for full manifestation but you can energize them nonetheless. Below you will have tips for doing that in the highest possible way.

First, to understand why it is so vital to take needed actions, the following is some background on the meaning of Wesak and its relation to today's unique time in history. Over the centuries, numerous people have attained enlightenment, demonstrating that humans can realize their true Buddha nature while in human form. You are familiar with some these enlightened masters because world religions were formed based on their teachings; examples are the Buddha and Jesus.

The purpose of these beings incarnating was not to establish religions. Buddha did not seek to initiate the religion Buddhism any more than Jesus sought to establish Christianity. Beings such as these came to set the template for enlightenment, showing you and others the way to achieve full realization.

The Ripening of Now

During earlier cycles of humanity's history, these enlightened ones were unable to have the beneficial impact possible today - people were not ready and the time was not ripe. Today is radically different with the juxtaposition of an accelerated planetary awakening and the world's multitude of crises. If there was ever a time for the seeds these great ones planted to ripen within people it is now.

What are those seeds? Throughout history enlightened beings gave numerous teachings, each one with the basic message of love. They left you signposts and doorways that could lead to your own enlightenment.

Common themes included reminders of these four universal principles:

(1) Life is a continuum of cyclic energy. The cycle you are in now is your current life but your existence is eternal.

(2) There is only one constant and this is change. Everything is in constant motion and always changing.

(3) The energies that you express in a given lifetime determine your future. This means that you are at the helm of your life's ship into the unknown.

(4) Love is the greatest power, purpose, and healing tool. This is the energy that transforms everything of lower vibrations.

With humanity and the Earth at a tipping point, there is no time for complacency. Wisdom from Ascended Masters like the Buddha must be understood and acted upon in ways that make a tangible difference.

During Wesak season in particular - with a thinning of the veils and more access to the blessings of the great ones who came before - you can accelerate your progress by leaps and bounds. Each time you have a spiritual insight and take constructive action on it, you help yourself, your birth family, and your human family. Do not underestimate the power of this.

Three Tips for Constructive Action

The following are three tips for constructive action during Wesak season.

(1) You don't have to be the best at something to start doing it. Don't let doubt, perfectionism, or inertia stop you from expressing powerfully. Let go of comparisons. You may not be as expert as another person, but how will you become skilled if you don't take action? Expertise is developed, one step at a time.

(2) When you say to yourself: "I'm not ready," stop right there and ask within: "What part of me is saying this?" Chances are, it's your ego and voice of self-doubt. If you're absolutely sure something else is blocking your readiness, explore to find out what it is. Sometimes all you really need is to get help with a piece that you couldn't yet manage on your own; don't hesitate, then, to ask for help. Accept the help, learn from it, and then take needed actions. Remind yourself daily that the universe is a friendly place, filled with people who want to help you.

(3) Feeling exhausted or stressed - the tiredness causing you to feel blocked? Go gently with yourself. You are living in tumultuous times and each day you process unimaginable amounts of energy. The speed and magnitude of change is enough to make anyone a bit dizzy at times. A part of being gentle with yourself is making sure you replenish your energy in an ongoing way and that you do ongoing inner transformational work to stay balanced. Remember, too, that exhaustion is often an emotional or mental response to feelings of lack. Don't let those feelings block you now - you are a divine changemaker after all. Remind yourself each day of how much you are loved by spirit. Invite your inner wisdom to connect you with this love and support. Let yourself receive what truly is there for you, knowing that you deserve it. Then utilize what you receive to move forward in a light-filled way.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2011 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12

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