Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why It is Important For You to Do Your Right Work!

Why It is Important For You to Do Your Right Work!
Channeled by Satina M. Scott (Satina"s Higher Self)

We all came in here with job assignments to create heaven on earth. We all came in with special gifts and talents and abilities and endowments and experiences and certain things in our energy fields to contribute for this perfect Second Earth, the new Earth, and it"s time for us all now to step forward and to do our part.

And so when you don"t do your right work you are actually blocking the creation of the new earth. You are actually holding back Heaven on Earth. And the energies don"t support that. The energies completely and fully and enthusiastically and passionately and joyously support you doing your right work. They want Heaven on Earth. That is all the energies are about. They are not about anything else. They will not support anything else. Anything less than the very best is just not good enough. And so it is important for the entire planet, and by design, the solar system, the galaxy, the Universe, that you do your right work!

And your Higher Self is not going to allow you to step off that path and choose less than what you"re supposed to do anymore. It used to be that that was the case, and you could meander around and just putter and dabble in different things and not express Who You Truly Are.

The energies aren"t going to support that anymore. They are going to push you to be everything that you came here to be and manifest everything that you came here to manifest!

So it"s not going to do you any good to live in fear, and, in fact, living in fear and living small is actually going to bring about what you"re most afraid of. Whereas living fearlessly and living big and dreaming Huge and every day doing all that you can to work toward that and to get into the flow, is going to pay off and remove any reasons for you to have any fear!

And, in fact, if everyone were doing their right work and doing what they came here to do and doing what makes their heart sing, everyone would be abundant and would Have...we Will Have peace on earth when that is true and it Will Be true!

That is MY vision, because I know what my right work is, and my right work is to help people find theirs! To support them in manifesting that, to make it true, to help them release and remove and let go of anything that is holding them back from that, and to show them the steps to take that will manifest the reality that is deep within their hearts just waiting to be born!

And the first step is just to sit down and Really think about what makes your heart sing. Don"t think about whether there"s a job out there that will pay you for doing it. Don"t worry about that, because there probably isn"t, or if there is, you probably don"t know about it! And there doesn"t have to be because we are all Creating the structures to support our dreams! And if there isn"t a job out there that meets all the requirements, then it"s your job to create one!

Nobody else is going to do it! It"s not IN their hearts! They don"t feel the passion that you do!

And so it is of paramount importance for you to step forward and do your part. Your name has been called! You have been Called! The call has gone out! The clarion call has been sounded! And it is time now to ask yourself, "What am I here to do?" And that"s not, "What is the grandest, most incredible work I can think of doing?" No! That is, "What makes my heart sing? What work, what activities in my daily life, make me the happiest, bring me the most joy, make me feel the Most Like Myself?"

That"s really the key, right there! Find what makes you feel the most like yourself. Find the times when you are expressing more of who you are than at any other time. Those times when you feel so energized that it doesn"t matter how tired you are, you could go another few hours. It doesn"t matter if you"ve not had food or not had sleep, because these things in and of themselves energize and feed you! THOSE are the things that will lead you to your right work!

Then make a list of them. "This is what I most like to do. I Love to do this! In my leisure time, my free time, This is what I love about life!"

Don"t worry about if you cannot conceive of any worldly way that you could ever get paid for doing them. Just make the list. Then you just put it out to the Universe. You put it out to Spirit. You give that to these energies that are bathing the earth, and you say, "Here! This is what my heart sings for! This is what I want to do! Bring me the situations, the people, the structures to make it happen! I will take the actions! I promise to hold the vision! I promise not to settle! And I promise to know what my part is when it comes up. And then I promise to do it and to step forward with faith in God/Goddess/All That Is with joy, with love for every single being on this planet including the being Gaia herself!"

THAT is why it is important for you to find and manifest, make real, your Right Work.

Wishing you Love in the Highest Octave,

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