Monday, April 11, 2011


According to Saint Germain through Kasandra
channelled on 5/14/00-Santa Fe, New Mexico
Good evening all....

The Platinum Ray is not from this Galaxy. It is Andromedan in nature. The
Platinum Ray is very special for Andromedans, too. It has been used in other
galaxies by divine dispensation. It is not a "popular" ray, because it is so
powerful. It is a fairly new ray, brought by God to planet earth due to the
divine intervention that so many beings, such as yourselves, have been praying,
meditating, lobbying and doing sacred ceremonies for.-- and all kinds of
different ways, activities and actions that are taking place on the earth to
change the status quo, as it is called. And the status quo, of course, is the
abolishment of slavery and ignorance of any kind on this planet.

This particular ray has been brought by divine dispensation and is fairly new to
the Andromedans and other galaxies around the universe who at one time or
another have been ripe to receive this ray, so that the actions that take place
within the holding of this ray are exremely powerful.

This ray has to do with rejuvenation of the earth--in all matter, and all levels
of the material plane--so it is not just focused on human rejuvenation, but also
it is focused on the environment. It can be utilized for the cleansing and
purifying of the environment, and has a particular frequency that is especially
efficacious to manage, dissipate and dissolve harsh chemicals.

There is an entire list of the kinds of chemicals, properties and formulas, both
atomic, and sub atomic that this particular ray is a very good antidote for. It
is harmless to human beings, animals, pets, and certainly harmless to flora and
fauna. Indeed, it has a certain element within its property that actually
enhances human beings. It has to do with the substance of the platinum ray,
which is a certain efficaciousness that radiates a certain light, which cleanses
the pollution and at the same time radiates the Light for those areas that are
not necessarily as polluted. It has a restorative quality while it is beaming
it's platinum light. As it beams into the pollution, helping to dissipate it, it
also helps to restore the element to its natural efficaciousness. You might say
that it is doing a "double job".

It also can be brought in with small or very large dosages. It has to do with
size--not neccesarily what one would ingest. When one is doing a command to
bring in the platinum ray, a delicate awareness of the power of this ray is
required. It is important to know how to bring it through from the Cosmos. It
takes a Master Wizard to be able to bring this ray about, because it has such a
high frequency and does such a great job. You might say that the platinum ray
that God used to create nature, and the Seraphim and Elohim understand this ray
very well. They cannot mention the training to anybody, until and unless the
actual need arises. Such as right now, during the Los Alamos fires.

We must recognize also that in order to carry this responsibility of bringing
about the platinum ray for particular uses one must also recognize that it is
usually given to human beings and others, who have very little or no judgment
about what is going on. One must be sufficiently evolved in the understanding of
unconditional love, in order to be the Steward of this particular ray. It must
be used with the utmost delicacy in order to get the job done correctly.

It is not possible to use this ray foolishly because the platinum ray is only
sent to those who are sentient beings.
The platinum ray can be called forth in minute quantities and details. In other
words, you can use it to repair your watch, or repair the substance of nuclear
fallout, so that it is restored to a "neutral" consistency. Once one uses the
ray one must understand what happens after the ray is used, because it is not
like one would use a tool, for instance. If you were going to saw part of the
front of this table, you know that your tool is a saw. You know the result you
want to achieve. You want to split this part so that this part falls off, and
this part has been cut. That is something to be very aware of when one is
responsible for stewarding the platinum ray. One must know one's objective and
the outcome one wishes to achieve. One must plan and visualize ahead of time
what they want to call forth the platinum ray for. One could say that "right now
I want to use it to cleanse the environment", and even more detailed, "I want to
cleanse the environment of chemicals, radiation, or whatever it is, so that you
are very sure to ask the questions beforehand. It is to be used by someone who
has complete awareness of what the platinum ray can do, as well as its outcome.
What outcome do we want after the platinum ray has been called forth.

The other thing to remember is that once the platinum ray has done its job, you
must send it back to the Cosmos. Do not leave it in the environment after it has
done the designated job. Not that it would damage anything. On the contrary, it
would whirl around and do all of the cleansing and restoring of the earth at
random. But, the reason we cannot allow the platinum ray to do its good job at
random is because "goodness", just as "badness" needs to be focused.

You would think that goodness could go everywhere, but no. And the reason why
goodness in the form of the platinum ray must be focused is because a lot of
times it would disturb the current balance that has been created by human
beings, animals, plants, etc. Let us say that a boat is going downstream in the
river, and someone has forgotten to command the platinum ray to return to the
cosmos, and the platinum ray wanders and goes in front of the boat and
multiplies the fish, grows the greenery high, fresh, and all of these
butterflies and birds are profilgating at great speed, and the people in the
boat are going " Oh my God, where have I landed! This is not the area I charted
in my map." That can create confusion. We want to have you be the stewards of
the platinum ray in a responsible way. That is why it is not given freely to
everyone, nor is it supposed to, because it has one focus.

After you have seen what good you have commanded it to do, then you must send it
back to the Cosmos, and allow nature to restore itself in the process and rhythm
that the planet has created to perpetuate itself.

For some of you describing this ray you may have a "deja vu" and that this is
something you have managed before, and may be familiar with it. Walk-ins who
have done lightwork in other galaxies may be familiar with this ray.

The other thing to remember is when one issues the command to have the platinum
ray come, if one is clairvoyant one will actually see it in action. That is
preferable, because then one can manage the ray more carefully and call it forth
and can actually see and hear the sound of the ray, if you pay attention. You
can then command it to widen or decrease in size, or send it to a devastated
area that needs repairing, restoring and rejuvenation, or you can move it to an
area that needs cleansing or restored to divine order. We are at present
focusing on nature, other than human beings. We are focusing the platinum ray on
devasted areas,at this time. The training to manage it is very powerful. It is
not a ray that likes to stay on earth very long, because it contains a different
alchemical and chemical consistency. Knowing that, perhaps it would be easier to
remember to send it back to theCosmos.

More and more, you are becoming stewards of the earth. You are in your early
stages, but that does not mean that you are coming from naivete. Basically, you
have practiced to the extent that you have gotten to a plateau where now you can
really begin the Work. What I am talking about the early stages of the Work,
which is very important for those of you who are ready and have been developing
your Work and evolving your personal selves to bring forth your Divine Work. You
are going to be the stewards of the earth very soon. We, the Ascended Masters,
and the hierarchies of Light are working diligently every breathing moment--and
by the way, we do have rest periods. I go to my retreat in theGobi Desert and
"have a cigar or two" (laughs--) and by the way, my lungs are not polluted at
all. They are a special kind of cigar!

One must also remember that you have risen to a certain station in life where
you are now being given these particular elements for service to humanity. I
would caution you to use the platinum ray only silently and invisibly. In other
words, you cannot get yourself hired on as a "platinum ray manager," at the
moment. Later on, as the world progresses, there will be different times when a
platinum ray steward can be recognized as such, just as stewards who have
shamanic abilities can be hired to do certain things. And you already know the
categories of healers. A platinum ray manager position is not too far away.
However, because it is a fairly new ray that is being utilized on earth, we are
requesting that all of the stewards remain silent as to the use of it.

There are two things about that: 1) You must have the permission of the
conditions or people of where that particular disaster or polluted area exists.
How are you going to get permission, lets say from the Los Alamos lab workers?
And my answer to that is from the inner planes. This will assist you to open up
your clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities so that you can connect with the
Presences of these particular lab workers. You don't have to know what their
name is. Just ask your I Am Presence to focus you to the principals of the Lab,
and ask them permission to cleanse the area with the platinum ray. They have
right now said "Yes" to me. One may think that it could be an annoying thing for
them, because they tend to be private people. But if you ask them from a very
high perspective, they will respond from a very high and moral perspective. And
therefore, they would most likely want the pollution to be totally purified and
neutralized. Their particular reasons would be that they would not want to be in
the news anymore, bothered and hounded by what they may call "disgruntled people
and nosy reporters." So their answer would be "Sure, sure, Saint Germain, go
ahead and send the platinum ray because we don't want to be bothered anymore."
This reason you can get on your own when you focus correctly to their I Am
Presence in a respectful way, always asking them if it be "the will of their
soul" for you to ask them. They will love you for it, and then after you get
their permission silently, if you have not been able to get their permission
verbally, then you proceed to call forth the platinum ray from the Cosmos.
Remember, that the platinum ray has the formula to transform many different
DNA's of the earth and other planets in galaxies of the universe.

It has certain etheric guardians. These platinum ray guardians assist in making
the platinum ray "fail-safe". If, for instance, for some unknown reason your
brain cells have forgotten something, then the guardians will remind you about
certain properties that can be utilized with the platinum ray, as well as manage
that particular part you've forgotten, if you are still not listening to their
instructions. They are very gentle beings.

When one is utilizing the platinum ray, and after you have asked permission of
any element, present or not present--and sometimes you will get a "no", and you
must respect it, even though your heart's desire is to do it. The other delicate
aspect that is happening here is the sonar experiments in the ocean. 80% of the
oceans were targetted to be experimented. All with a good excuse by the
government. But nothing is a good excuse when it damages the eco-balance. Then
it cannot be good. The platinum ray has the use to be sent to restore and
rejuvenate and bring divine order to the eco balance, so that the sonars are
rendered neutral. This coujld create a diplomatic incident that needs one needs
to be aware of. As you expand in your travels and move in different circles,you
will learn to call upon the platinum ray, so thatit does not cause irritation
from both sides--those whom you are purying, and those who are witnessing the

What is the grand reason for bringing the platinum ray to the earth at this
1) The radioactivity that is being feleased, and nuclear incidents. 2)
Damage to the ecology 3) The dwindling rain forests.

Some of you may have done work with the trees, or the ecology with sound,
decrees, mantras, thoughts and visualizations. And the platinum ray helps to
enhance all of this work that concerned human beings have already been actively
doing. Nature is alive and of the spirit and is another element that needs

Let's project in the future a bit. Let us say that one is responding to all of
the guidelines shared so far, and you are working with the platinum ray in
restoring, neutralizing and rejuvenating certain areas that are in dire need of
balancing and harmonizing. Let us say that you are succeeding in neutralizing
these areas. What do you think would be the response from those who are creating
the damage?

One response: "Well, one answer may be that if it regenerates itself, then more
damage can be done, more natural resources can be taken, etc. etc, because it
can be repaired quickly with the platinum ray. The companies, conglomerates, and
neuclear plants could see that the damage is only temporary, which would
encourage them to proceed with doing the same kind of experiments that are
damaging to the balance of the ecology and human beings. On the other hand, I
see an awakening of those who want to protect the planet. Here, they have a
wonderful tool to co-create with."

Yes, there will be a reaction from the "dark forces", and they may want to be
more urgent to find different ways to store their toxic chemicals, etc. However,
what the platinum ray's purpose is not to change the whole world or interfere
with the free will of the people, but to bring forth a supportive mechanism to
that which has been here the longest--earth herself. And to bring the earth back
to balance and harmony, so that it can then influence to transform and surrender
those who are in greed and power. so that they could have other ways inside of
them which would be more constructive to humanity. .

At the same time, it will encourage the Light Beings who have had reoccurring
dissapointments and discouragements, not only in this lifetime, but in previous
cycles where they have had the awareness of the Light, and the opposing factions
have been in the majority. Now, what is happening is that those who have come
back to have "another go at it", are multiplying. There is more of you. this is
a "plus factor" in the population growth, and also, the Indigo childrenare
daring and fearless, coming in already having had lifetimes of preparation,
along with you Light Workers already on the planet, to come forth and
demonstrate their fearlessness to society. When all of the Light Workers hear
about this and witness dramatic improvements, literally the dissolution and
neutralization of toxic wastes and chemicals they can be reassured to come
together in unified consciousness and begin to apply their essence paths to this
planet in a very successful way.

Question: "There are places in America and in other countries where there is
nuclear waste being put into storage bins--for the most part they are metal
containers. For instance, in Oregon, on the Washington side, neuclear waste is
leaking into the Columbia river ever since the forties. If there is the
possibility to utilize the platinum ray to cleanse the Columbia Riverso that the
land and the earth itself is not permanently damaged. In those areas, there are
people, mothers and fish that are disfigured. It is permeating the salmon, which
means that people will get radioactive salmon.

The beauty of this ray is that it also a unifying ray. You can already receive
all of the elements that are possible with this ray. So there for, the
unification takes place after the neutralizing of the environment. This ray does
not necessarily restore the normal, natural appearance of those fish, or beings
who have been disfigured. Why is that?
Answer from Questioner: The damage has been done.

Yes, and there is something else, too. The person has free will. Therefore, in
some ways they have chosen to have this particular condition. However, once the
ray it usitlized in that area, then everything becomes neutralized and restored
to its original natural state before it was devastated and damaged. We are
talking environmentally. I have not mentioned about rejuvenating people in this
writing. However, what this ray can do is so much more that people will no
longer be disfigured and do not have to worry about fishing in contaminated
waters or eating in the food chain that is damaged by nuclear waste. That will
all be cleaned up.

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