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The Meaning of It All: Keep Your Vibration High

The Meaning of It All: Keep Your Vibration High
by Ann Ulrich Miller
March 2011

We heard in 2010 that the year 2011 was going to be filled with mind-blowing events. So far that has been a fact. World events have escalated into civil wars in the Middle East, an assassination attempt on one of our congresswomen in Tucson, and unions challenging state governments (beginning with my hometown of Madison, Wis.). In my opinion we've only seen the tip of the iceberg for 2011.

This morning's disturbing headline on my Internet home page read "North Korea threatens to attack United States"! How alarming is that?

But, you know, even with all this "bad news" going on, I've managed to maintain my personal level of well being. Even with all the drama, my higher self knows that there is a divine plan and that everything is happening for a reason... often one we can't see at the time events are unfolding.

There was a period in my life where I was proud of the fact that I didn't have TV. I chose to keep my head buried in the sand, so to speak, and ignore the drama going on in our world. I thought that by doing so, I would keep my vibration high and not be influenced by events and opinions that would only serve to drag me down to a level where my light would dim.

Last November, for the first time in a couple of decades, I subscribed to cable TV. Since knowing Doug, I've allowed myself to become more educated about what is happening around me. Whereas before I had a one-sided view of war, politics and business affairs, I am now seeing a broader perspective and have moved from the Left into the Center, where I can weigh the checks and balances of both Left and Right.

There are leaders and influential groups of people in our world who are causing hardships for many. We elect politicians to govern us in a way that we hope is for the highest good of all, and yet we are continually disappointed when they let us down. They promised to represent us, and then they seem to get sucked in by lobbyists or their own agenda. As I look around at the world's leaders I can see that power is an addiction and deception is prominent.

I begin to wonder, will we ever have a world of peace where love dominates and we are living in the "Golden Age" our ET friends have proclaimed? The Old Testament in the Bible talks about the years of tribulation, and we are certainly experiencing those now, in my opinion.

My message for this month pertains to keeping our vibration high so that we can continue to not only exist in this troubling world, but make headway in bringing about a brighter future for all. I believe that if we can keep our own vibration high, our light can shine and the world will be better because of it.
How can you do this? How do you keep from falling into victimhood or drowning in the well of self-pity and despair?

It's quite simple really. Take the judgment off of it. In Suzanne Ward's book, Voices of the Universe, a young man named Richard who knew he was going to be killed soon (he got the message from his spirit guides), made this statement:

"All judgment of others is self-judgment. All forgiveness of others is self-forgiveness."

When I read that, something in me clicked. When truth hits home, it's like a spiritual orgasm (if you'll excuse the expression). Of course! It's when we judge others' actions that we separate ourselves from the All. And when we can remove the judgment from every person and every situation, we are lifting that heaviness from ourselves... it raises our vibration. It raises it to such a level that nothing seems to bother us any more. We can look at all the dramas being played out and acknowledge them, but not be affected in the same way as before.

I'm not saying that we are immune. Since we are all connected in consciousness, we can't help but be affected by everything going on. However, by keeping our vibration high, it's like water off a duck's back. We can acknowledge it, then let it go.

Contrary to my friends' warnings, television and world awareness has not brought me down. Instead it has made me more aware. And when I have "those days" when insecurity grips me, or I'm in a bad mood (I am still human, after all), I take measures to raise my vibration using the tools I've gathered through the years.

These tools include calming my mind by listening to high-vibrational music, doing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping), deep breathing, and especially talking to God and calling on my guides, and being grateful for everything in my life... being grateful for the opportunity to be on planet Earth at this crucial time in its history, and experiencing all that is going on as we head into what is supposed to be a major shift in consciousness and transformation.

I'm glad I'm here. And I'm doing all I can to keep my vibration high. I invite you to join me and take the judgment off the situation at hand, and do whatever it takes to live from your heart and follow your own guidance.

An article from the March 2011 issue of The Star Beacon.

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