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Sanat Kumara: Surrendering to Love, Compassion, and Caring for the Heart

Sanat Kumara: Surrendering to Love, Compassion, and Caring for the Heart
Channeled Through Mercedes Kirkel on April 11, 2011

I am here. I am the one known as the Ancient of Days, also known as Sanat Kumara. I am here to speak with you and to bring my blessings to all of you, and though you to many, many more, to all beings on the earth at this time.

This is a time of immense transformation that has been underway for eons. Those of you here can feel this. You are aware of it. You are still a minority, but you are growing. More and more people are aware that there is a great transformation underway, that this time is different, is remarkable. And the signs are showing up more and more. They're showing up in each of you in your life. They're showing up in the collective, in your countries, in your world altogether. Some of the ways you notice it is in terms of time. Your sense of time is changing. Things seem to be going faster and faster. There can also be a sense of your relationship to time slowing down, even as things are going faster.

Your relationship to your bodies is changing, and you may notice many changes in your bodies.

Your relationship to other people is changing. You may notice a certain detachment in relationships that seemed very close previously. You may notice that you're being drawn to different people. You may notice that people show up in your life suddenly who you have a sense of profound connection to, more than people who have been in your life for a long time. You may be making your connections with people who you have great soul history with, not necessarily in this lifetime, but who you have made agreements to re-meet with. Be aware of this. Be aware of people coming into your life. Be open to new connections that are powerful. Perhaps you may not be able to explain them in your mind. Trust your feeling.

You are starting to operate on a different basis. It is not the basis that you were taught. It is not the basis you have known for most of your life. It may feel like an unfamiliar terrain. It may feel like your balance is a little off, you're getting your footing. And this is to be expected. All of you are going through this change, and at the same time your world is changing. It is very immense what is happening and very wonderful. It is a bit like a birth. As most beings go through the birth, there can be times when it feels frightening, times when it feels painful, times when it feels overwhelming. There may also be times when it's very wonderful, easeful, joyful. It will tend to have qualities that are more towards the extremes. It won't be like life just going along as usual as you've known it, for the most part.

You are being called to trust more and more, to trust yourself first and foremost; to trust your connection to Spirit, however you experience that; to trust the changes that are happening. This is the big difference between your physical birth, when you came into this world, where you were helped by a parent, where you were helped by a nurse or a doctor or a midwife. You are being helped a great deal, but it is by the realm of beings who you may not be able to see as readily as you're used to. You are being helped by Spirit, always. But if this is not so readily available to you, it requires trust. And it requires you to use your spiritual strength that you have developed. More and more you will be called on to do this. And the more you do this, the stronger you will become. So it is a blessing, if you make use of it.

You are being called to live at a higher octave, a more spiritually-founded dimension. Your spiritual skills, your spiritual strengths, will become increasingly important. And you know what these are. They are the things that you have always strived for, that have always been recommended in spiritual paths: to live as love, to practice forgiveness, to practice gratitude, to open your heart, to embrace all as one, to serve others. This will more and more become your focus, on the whole rather than on this part or that part, taking care of just yourself or taking care of just another. It will more and more become about taking care of all, supporting all, helping all, embracing all, being open to all, and seeing that that is entirely doable. Whereas in the past, it did not seem possible. Now it will not be pleasurable for you to do otherwise. More and more, that is where you will be led. Even if it does not seem clear how that will work, you will do it anyway, and it will become clear.

So this is a wonderful time, and there are challenges. It is truly a birth. The more that you can flow with the changes, the more that you can relax your mind, open your heart, let your heart guide you, the more that you can open to your guides and ask for help, the more that your higher mind will open and the way will become clear. You will understand. Some tests require you to act while the clarity is still coming in. These can be the most challenging, but you will be shown, you will be guided.

There will be those who don't understand this process. That will be part of your test, to love them, to forgive them, to not let them affect your light, dim your light, that you continue to shine brightly and allow them their path. Allow them to find the light in their way, as you continue on your path. This also takes great trust, and you all have that within you to do.

If there is any unfinished business that you have, this is a good time to attend to it. If there are relationships that have not healed, that you have not forgiven yourself or the other, this is an important time to do that, for your own freedom, to allow your energy to move forward, and to bless the other, as well, in that process. If there is any area of your own life that needs completion, that has not been fully attended to, this is the time. It is a kind of a spring housecleaning. What is it that you are aware of, that you have been putting off perhaps, not feeling ready to do? This is the time to do that. Perhaps see if there is any guidance that you have not been attending to, that you have not been fully open to. Let yourself receive it. Some are being called to make changes in their life. If that is right for you, it will be shown. Some around you may be making changes in their life, while that is not your path. This is a time to be connected to your guidance. It is an interesting thing that at the same time that you are feeling this unity consciousness, it is all about finding your own unique path. They are not in conflict. They support each other.

And so dear ones, I ask if you have any questions of me. Is there anything you are confused by, would like understanding with, would like support, would like help? Are there any questions you would like to ask?

Question: How do I surrender into love?

Sanat Kumara: If you are not surrendering into love, there is some contraction, some force that is drawing you, drawing your heart into the other direction. The natural direction of surrender is open, a relaxed, free openness. If you are not experiencing that, there is a tension, a force going in the opposite direction. Most often that is a result of fear. So the process is to connect with the fear. And actually, the surrender happens into the fear.

What is it that you are fearing? Is it in a relationship with another person? What is it that you're fearing in that relationship? Are you fearing that you are going to be overpowered, that you're going to lose your happiness, your joy? Are you fearing that you will lose the other? What is it that you're fearing? That is the first step, to get in touch with that.

You may be fearing an emotion, to let yourself experience an emotion. There may be a certain pain that you are afraid of letting yourself have the experience of. So there can be steps to this. The fear can lead you to the next thing that you are resisting, holding yourself back from. That is the force of separation, the primal action of withholding, pulling back, based on some form of fear. And so you begin to open to that.

You see, many of you have the idea that you're opening to love. That will be the end result. What you open to is what you are resisting. So you find what it is you're resisting. Is it a fear of some change. Is it a fear of some circumstance? Is it a fear of some person? Is it a fear of letting yourself feel pain? What is it that you're afraid of, that you're separating yourself out from? Begin to open to it. Begin to allow yourself to go into it.

It will not be what you fear. What you suffer is the withholding, not the thing itself. It is always the separation that you are suffering. So the process is to open to life, and to let life open to you. And you will be guided in that process. But you must be willing. There is a part of you that has been afraid, that has been protecting itself by this shutting down, this pulling back. That motion has habit, has force to it, because you have been doing this over time. So now you must ask for help. You must say, "I am choosing to open myself to what I am resisting." And ask for help to do this. Ask for help in whatever form you relate to - your guides, God, Spirit, guardian angels, your higher self, whatever it is. Ask for help. Ask to be shown what it is you are resisting. And ask to be shown a different way that you can open.

Through that opening you will come to know love. You will come to know surrender. It is not a force of resistance. Surrendering and loving is not something you to do that's a kind of overcoming. It really is a surrender. It's a going into. And in that, you open yourself. Every step along the way, as you open yourself, you are met by the force of love and light that guides you. You are filled and opened, and you become stronger, step by step, in light and love. So you engage it one step at a time. And that step strengthens you for the next step.

Sometimes there are gifts, there are openings, where you suddenly leap forward. You suddenly receive a blessing, a gift, and you are moved much forward. Receive that when it happens. But do not force yourself to be somewhere where you think you should be. Be with yourself. Love yourself. Surrender to your own process and your own timing.

Is there another question?

Question: How best do we show compassion for those that are suffering, whether it's physically, emotionally, spiritually? Knowing that they have their individual path that they must follow, and yet we feel compassion within ourselves. How do we serve?

Sanat Kumara: Compassion is the force of love. When you sense that others are in pain, there are two different responses that you may have. You may have pain come up within yourself about what you understand the other is going through. In that case, the compassion is for yourself and for your own pain. You must give love to yourself for your pain that you have in this circumstance.

Perhaps seeing another in pain reminds you of similar pain in yourself. Perhaps it reminds you of the potential for future pain that you may experience. Perhaps you just feel your connection to that person, and there's a kind of pain of seeing another in pain. But you must understand the difference between your pain and another's pain. If another person being in pain stimulates pain in you, you must first be compassionate with yourself. You must love yourself. You must find the part in yourself that needs healing yourself for that pain, and love that part of yourself fully. It is like in your airplanes, where they say to put on the oxygen mask first if you are a parent before you go to help the child. You must be whole yourself before you have the true love and compassion to give to another.

So start with your own pain, if that is what is arising. That will free up your compassion, your love, to give to others. When you are full it is natural to give to others. There are many ways that you give to others. You can give to others your blessing and your prayer. That is direct food, and more and more you will come to understand that. You can give to others in practical ways. You might support them in all kinds of ways if they're in your physical sphere. Or you might support them in other ways if they're further away from you. All of these ways are about giving energy. When you give money, when you give help to another, you are only giving energy. Money is a form of stored energy. And when you bless, you are giving very direct spiritual energy. But in order to give energy, you must have energy yourself. So fill yourself first. Keep your cup full. Do this by always refreshing, restoring, growing yourself to be able to hold more light and love.

There will be a time when you hear about circumstances that seem difficult to others and you will be compassionate, in that you will be open-hearted. You will not be immune to their pain, but you will be full in your light and love. And the excess will flow freely to them. That is a great gift. That is a great blessing. It is the basis of all healing. So learn to fill yourself first. If another's pain diminishes your fullness, attend to yourself first. When you are full, when your cup flows over and you have abundance to give to others, then do so. Truly you are not separate from any. So your filling yourself fills all.

In the spiritual world there is confusion for many about helping others. You do not understand at times that it always comes from helping yourself first. If you do not understand your unity with all, this might seem selfish. It might seem like you're withholding from another. But this is never the case. You are always in unity; you are always giving to everyone when you give to yourself, and that is always required first. So begin with yourself, and let it flow from there.

Are there any other questions?

Question: What's the best way for me to care for my heart?

Sanat Kumara: The best way to care for your heart is to heal the places in your heart where you have shut down. This is usually because of your experience that has brought you pain in some way or other. Often times it happened at a young age, but not necessarily. In the third dimensional realm, this realm of separation, when you are hurt, when you are in pain, the thing to do that seems like it will be the most helpful is to separate from the pain, to close yourself off from that pain. Most of you have done this at times in your life, because there has not been wisdom and guidance and modeling about other ways.

So now you have parts of your heart that are not open, that you shut down, and it became a habit, it became fixed, it became closed off. You may not even know that that part exists anymore, because you have separated yourself from it. But this has hurt you. You need all of your heart - your physical heart, your emotional heart, your etheric heart, even your mental heart. Your scientists are finding now that there are immense cells, the same as your brain cells, in your heart, that you have huge capacity to think with your heart. But this requires that you free up any blockages, just like your surgeons go in and free up blockages in the physical heart. Many of you have blockages in your emotional heart, or your mental heart, or your energetic heart. These must be freed up and released.

So you must learn how to re-open these. And you may need help. There are those who are skilled at this kind of healing, who can help you with re-opening your heart. Again, it begins with choosing.

Every moment of your life, everything that is happening to you, you are choosing it. Much of it is at the unconscious level. It is a continuation of choices you may have made in the past that you have not altered and so are continuing up into the present time. But all is a matter of choice. So the first step is to consciously make a different choice, to choose to reconnect with your heart, your whole heart; to choose to heal, to open to the heart; and to choose to accept that path, to ask for help and guidance in doing that. And it will be given to you.

Your scientists, your third dimensional thinkers, do not understand very much about the heart - slightly less than they understand about the brain. And they don't understand very much about that either. But the heart is even more mysterious. It is simply because they are looking with the wrong lens, approaching from the wrong avenue. It is not that complex, but it is not going to come through your scientific model, for the most part. It is going to come through your feeling, through your heart-based functions. And these are natural to you. What is unnatural is that you have closed down upon them.

So your work is to reverse this, to open at your heart. And this is truly the primary work of the fourth dimension. Those of you who are understanding and drawn to the ascension process, this is your primary work. And it may come in many ways. It may come in many forms, not necessarily in the form that you expect. But if you understand, if you are conscious, you will see the form, you will understand it as a gift, as something that helps you. And this will heal your heart.

Truly, that is the work being done by the majority of people at this time. You are at different stages with it, but all of your work is about healing the heart, becoming whole in your heart, and your heart guiding you to your unfoldment, this amazing transition and opening and transformation that you are going through.

Is there anything else?

Question: I just want to say how delighted I am that Sanat Kumara came to us tonight.

Sanat Kumara: Blessings to you, dear one. Thank you for holding the space.

I bring you blessings of light, from the realm of light, from the realm of beauty, from the realm of love. You are all held in this realm, whether you see it or not. We hold you and embrace you always. We are pleased with all of you, with the people of the earth at this time. You are doing wonderful work. Your transformation is underway. We hold you in our hearts and bless you, and are so pleased to be with you, always.

In love and light and blessings, I shower you all.
I AM Sanat Kumara

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