Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Transformation of Light

The Transformation of Light
April 14, 2011

Dearest Beloved Ones,

A new energy configuration has been completed within the energetic template of the sacred body of the Earth. This new energy pattern is allowing for the complete manifestation of spiritual light into the physical planes of the Earth, and will allow the complete infusion of spiritual light from the highest dimensions into all parts of the sacred Earth, from deep within her core to all embodied life on her surface.

The completion of this passage marks the end of the era of separated consciousness, and the beginning of a unified and sanctified New Earth. During this new beginning, many of the old structures of separated consciousness will begin to dissolve more completely. There will be many abrupt and significant endings, including the passage of souls who have completed their journey on the Earth plane.

Beloved ones, courage and faith are needed in this new time, for the old ways are no more, and the new ways are still in the process of revealing themselves. What was not possible before will now become possible. Miracles will be seen and felt, even in the midst of the painful birthing process of the new. New possibilities will present themselves everywhere for those that have eyes to see them.

At this time of sacred manifestation, it is important to honor those that have sacrificed and given their lives to make this new time possible. We honor all those who have worked to create the New Earth that is now being born.

With all love and blessings,


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