Friday, April 22, 2011

Sananda: Become A Bearer Of The Sacred Cosmic Flames

Sananda: Become A Bearer Of The Sacred Cosmic Flames
Through Rev. Michelle Coutant
April 2011

Beloved Ones,

The dawn of a new era is upon us. The now moment is the most important moment you will ever live. It is the moment you have been awaiting for eons, and I tell you dear ones, that you are the ones you have been waiting for. You are the ones who will bring heaven to earth. You will create heaven once again on your beautiful planet earth. It is not a time for the faint of heart. This is the time for you each to step forward, to stand in your strength and courage and to know that you have each done this before. You are all masters; you have lived many past lives in great civilizations. You have brought forth your great gifts and the wisdom of God, as you have assisted to bring heaven to other planets. You have created great civilizations, through your dedication and determination.

You are the ones who have incarnated at this time, as you have within your memories, the remembrance of this great dedication and the creation of these civilizations. You have within your divine minds, all that you require to create heaven on earth in this now moment. Access it dear ones. Access it through your strength and courage, through your great desire, through your determination to excel, to succeed, to make this the greatest lifetime you have ever lived on planet earth. It was your intention before you incarnated, and we ask you to remember. Kindle the fires of your burning desire. Step out of the effluvia and rekindle your desire. As the effluvium dissipates through the dedication and the transmutation of the lightworkers around the world, the clarity is there to be accessed more easily. You must ask for the clarity in every now moment, you must rise above the effluvia and see the grea ter picture. If you allow yourselves to remain in the "what is" of the now moment, you continue to create more of the "what is." Rise above the effluvia of the now moment. Rise above and become clear, become one pointed as you create your desires for your highest good and the highest good of all.

Within each of you, your Diamond Core God Cell is burning brightly, as is your Three Fold Flame. At this time, we ask you to consciously call in the Ascension Flame daily, to further assist you. We ask you to become a keeper of the Ascension Flame, even as you have risen to the occasion and become a keeper of the Violet Flame. Set forth your intention, as you draw in the Ascension Flame, to hold this light in every now moment, for yourselves and humanity, for all life forms and for mother earth. Reinforce the Flame in your field, on a daily basis. It burns brightly for each one of you, and you may harness it, as you ask for the assistance of the Ascension Flame. Within the Ascension Flame is the coding of the ascension of every soul on earth who has achieved mastery and ascended. This coding is available to each one of you, to assist you in your own ascension and the ascension of the earth and all li fe forms. We ask you to hold this Flame, as you move forth in ease and grace, on the path of mastery.

Beloved ones, also call upon the Flame of Abundance. Call on this mighty Flame to assist you as you create that which you desire for your highest good and the highest good of all creation. Call on this blessed Flame, the light of the Source, to assist you. Hold this Flame for yourselves and for all humanity and the earth. See this Flame blazing out to all creation, as you create abundance for yourselves, as you assist all those who are creating heaven on earth. You are to share your abundance with others, joyfully. As you not only create your greatest desires for the highest good of all, you hold the thought form and the Flame for the abundance of all humanity, all creation, for the highest good of all. There is no limitation, no scarcity, no lack in the higher realms. Claim your abundance and strengthen and magnify this thought form for humanity, as you become a keeper for the Flame of Abundance. This Flame is burning brightly, ready to assist you, and you must reinforce it daily in your field, to keep it burning brightly in your reality.

Dear ones, the Sacred Flames will remain in your fields in every now moment, if you will take the time daily to sit quietly and reinforce the light of the Flames, through the assistance of your divine I Am Presence. You may hold the light of the Violet Flame in every now moment, and with your intention for the transmutation of all that no longer serves your highest good, the highest good of the earth, humanity, collective consciousness, the astral planes, and all creation, you will accelerate the ascension of your earth and all life forms. Sit quietly, as you meditate on the power of the Violet Flame as it lovingly transmutes in every now moment. For this great gift to be in motion at all times, you must reinforce it daily, invoking it through your mighty I Am Presence. If you will visualize and reinforce the Violet Flame for this blessed transmutation, as you arise each morning, and reinforce it again in the evening, you will hold the Violet Flame in your every now moment. Dear Ones, you may also set filters in place in every now moment, with your intention, so that you experience none of what is being released and transmuted. This will assist you in ease and grace, so that you do not draw any of it into your field, as it arises for transmutation. Ease and grace is accessible to you in every now moment. Set you intention so you may experience it.

Beloved Ones, we delight in the joys of the human experience, as we are by your side. Yes, it truly is delightful. As you conclude this grand and glorious experience and return to the higher realms, you will be astounded and overjoyed at what you have accomplished. Through your dedication and determination you will have created a tapestry of life, a tapestry of new experiences, new thought forms, and you will have created a great library for all to enjoy and gain the wisdom from, as they visit the earth in the future.

In the coming times, earth will become a blazing star in the heavens as part of her natural evolution. You dear ones, have been, and are assisting her in this blessed process, even as you continue on your own path, rising to new heights, rising also to take your mantle of light and return to the great halls of wisdom, the great cities of light, and once again shine your light blazing with all the colors of the twelve rays, blazing with many colors that you do not yet remember at this time.

Step forth, beloved ones, hold the Flames which your Creator has given to you, to assist you in your every endeavor. These are but a few of the Sacred Cosmic Flames of all creation. Call them forth with your loving intention for the highest good of all creation and allow them to assist you and all humanity, the earth and all life forms, as you return to the higher dimensions. Call forth a Flame and ask for the ascended masters and the angels associated with the Flame, to assist you, as you hold the light of the Flame. You may call on Serapis Bey to assist as you to hold the Ascension Flame. You may call upon Saint Germain for assistance with the light of the Flame of Abundance, just as you call on his assistance as you use the Violet Flame. The Flame of Abundance represents freedom, just as the Violet Flame represents freedom. There are many beloved beings and angels of the higher realms, associated with each Flame. Call upon them and allow them to make themselves known to you, and to assist you, as you hold the light of the Flame.

Become a bearer of these Flames, dear ones. I am with you to assist you, as you remain in the love of your sacred heart, in the flow of the River of Life.

I am Sananda

All my Love and Many Blessings,


Michelle began her spiritual practice in 2002. She studied intensively, meditated, and extensively educated herself. She continues this practice each and every day. She fully immersed herself in the wisdom teachings of Archangel Michael, through Ronna Herman. She quickly became so dedicated to the joys of her spiritual journey, that she was ordained in March of 2003 as an honoring of who she is.

Michelle attained certification as a Medical Intuitive and Quantum Practitioner. She became a vibrational healer, practices healing touch, and also works within the human energetic matrix. She is a messenger for Archangel Michael and Jeshua, and also receives wisdom from the Ascended Masters & Teachers through the Akashic Records, and is a disciple of the Kriya Yoga spiritual lineage. * * Michelle's Cosmic Blog: * Email: * 3472 S.W. Oar Court, Palm City, FL. 34990, USA *