Thursday, April 21, 2011

Archangel Michael with The Rainbow Children:

Archangel Michael with The Rainbow Children:
Wisps of Crystalline Light Orbs/Tubes
Transmitted Through Elanthra
April 17 - 19, 2011

Archangel Michael:

Greetings Dearest Ones ~

This is I, Archangel Michael, and I've come to you today on the waves of the latest energies ~ Waves of Crystalline Love ~ that have indeed manifested as magical, floating, luminescent Crystalline clear Orbs of Light. Clear, translucent Crystalline Tubes of Light/Vessels have also come forth to greet One and All recently, accompanied by The Rainbow Children. Know that these new energies, like all new energies that have come forth in the past, have been anchored into the Earth, and can be accessed simply by tuning into the higher vibrations by putting out the intention. It is that simple.

Today I would also have you know that my heart goes out to you in unwavering love, and I AM available to be by your side upon your calling. Your Life Missions are unfolding nicely, and I AM always available to assist you with this, as well as for your protection. We urge you to continue on, as you have made great progress and the New Earth is gleaming and teeming with Crystalline Life.

Today I come in with a comrade, Julius, a Rainbow or Crystal Child, and he has a divine message to relay on behalf of The Rainbow Children. So, I will take my leave, but know that All Is Well.

As above, so below.

With Crystalline Blessings,
I AM Archangel Michael


Greetings Co-creators of the New Crystalline Earth ~

The Universe requests at this time that you Take Pause.

Alright then, let us begin. Greetings, I AM Julius, and I come to you today as a representative of The Rainbow Children, Who Are my Brothers and Sisters. We would have you know that we are never afar, but rather are in your vicinity, as in these times we are BE~ing born, transitioning through mothers across The Globe.

A Divine Scenario has yet again graced The Planet and we are ecstatic to bring it forth to you at this point in time. So, without further adieu, let's get on with it.

On light ~ fluffy clouds, the Sheer, Shimmering 'Time Glass' vacillates, turning horizontally from West to East, be~fore rotating to assume the North to South standing, where it can then be seen to dispense and birth Divine Wisps of Golden 'Orbs of Light.' Radiant, Luminescent Orbs of Light branch out ~ Spurting and Budding Outwards ~ Stemming ~ Blooming and Expanding ~ Disseminating ~ Anchoring ~ Awakening and Arising from the Global Horizon from whence they came.

And 'The Key' was inserted into 'The Doorway' of the 'Main Light Code' at the Guardian of the Light Code's urging, and turned clockwise, and

'Waves of Light' have poured forth in vigorous billows.

Make way now, for the ancient 'Spirit of the Tree' would like to make itself known, and we ask that you take delight in beholding it's intricate, exquisite design. The Spirit of the Tree, whose roots have branched and spurted overhead, the masculine Spirit of the Tree, who holds the 'Divine Curved Duster' that resembles a feather and is oh so delightfully curved, as well as a 'Sieve Net' of sorts. And know that this is a talking tree that indeed has a message to relay to all. The message progresses as follows: "It is time for the scooping up of the residual stuff that is not needed."

And the Roots of the Tree can be seen to branch and twirl upward and outward, where it then joins with and transmutes into A majestic Diamond Heart of God spiralled 'Disked Craft' that has arrived to grace our presence, and know that it is the craft of 'The Federation of Light.' The speaker for The Federation of Light relays, "We would like you to know that things will be speeded up from now on. You Are protected; You Are never alone."

If you look yonder now, you will be able to feel or see 'The Tiger.' Can you feel or see how he has stood up on and laid his hind legs on 'A Square, Box-shaped, Seasoned, Clear, Corked Bottle' that he seems to have vested interest in? And as The Bottle is uncorked, releasing the Light Codes, The Tiger Power Animal, representing silent, solitary power, delivers a mighty roar across the Planet.

Dearest Ones ~ At this time, I would like to deliver a message on behalf of The Rainbow Children.

One and All, come let us gather together now, and let's set the mood. So, here We Are, and today we offer you a Divine Vision ~ 'A Permeation' or sorts. We would have you know that recently Magical, Sheer, Translucent Orbs of Crystalline Light have 'infiltrated' and 'permeated' The New Crystalline Earth. Moreover, these Clear Spheres of Golden Orbs, that are out of The Diamond Heart of God, have swirled into an array of coiled 'Crystalline Tubes of Light,' the latter which The Rainbow Children have come and playfully and gleefully slid through. If One veered and 'peered through' the Crystalline Tubes, one would see that they have served to herald in and create quite a riveting effect ~ a whirling vignette if I could. Know that The Crystalline Tubes act as 'irrigation tubes,' if I may. They serve to aid in permeating The New Earth with Crystalline Light Codes.

Today we would like you to know that this new energy that has ventured in represents flexibility, but not only the flexible Orbs of Light and Coiled Tubes, but 'Flexibility in Manifestation.' In an ever-changing world, it is advisable that One be Versatile and be able to maneuver through a myriad of circumstances; as quick as a 'Rabbit.'

When One becomes Crystalline, as with The New Children, you may find that you will be able to assess souls with one glance. And oftentimes One does not even need to see with the physical eye, but can feel the energy even with your back turned. And, yes, you will find that you will often be sensitive to energy, temperature, nature, smell, and stimuli such as music and noise. We, The Rainbow Children, urge you to discern all situations from the per-spec-tive of your Highest Self, being mindful that all experiences are indeed a learning experience and Divine.

When one is Crystalline, One must ensure that you do not become like a sponge, where you absorb negative emotions of others, but it is advisable that you remain in equalibrium and balanced between your masculine and feminine energies. Re-member to protect yourself in 3 bubbles of white or golden light, that are plugged or grounded into the Central Sun and Mother Earth.

To be Crystalline is to be 'A Sensitive,' and be~ing A Sensitive has many advantages, as well as challenges. Be mindful that you will oftentimes be emotional, where simple things will move you to the depths of emotion. By all means, we suggest that you feel all emotions and give them their place. You will also find that you will just 'know things,' and frequently you will be able to know much about One just by their aura or the energy around them, for auras do not lie. Please remember that with 'The Gift of Intuition,' as with all Spiritual Gifts,' comes integrity and responsibility, as per The Universal Laws.

A Crystalline person effects change and has presence. You will find that you will walk into a room, be silent, and, depending on your mood, a whole room of people will feel the light energy you emit, or otherwise. Often, even though you are silent, others will know and sense that there is something unusual or different about you. And indeed, many of you have already experienced this during your going-abouts as a Lightworker.

As we have advised before, treat your body as you would a clear crystal. Drink plenty of fresh, filtered water, get plenty of rest and spend plenty of time in nature. Indulge in stimuli such as coffee, sugar, refined foods and alcohol in moderation, or not at all. Eat protein like broiled or baked legumes, chicken, turkey and fish, and consume raw fruit and veggies (for their enzyme value), and raw, green, leafy veggies (that are nutritional powerhouses with an array of antioxidants).

Here's the thing, when a Crystalline person is upset, others seem to be able to smell it; anger and fear tend to emit somewhat of a sour smell, for lack of a better word thereof (chuckle).

As you become more and more Crystalline, know that 'Vibrant Technicolour' and being creative will entice you and all of your life will become a Creative Endeavor, upon the moment of your first opening your eyes to the time of night that you close them. Simple Experiences will bring you joy, and you will enjoy your Quietness of Be~ing.

Know dear Ones that the time has come now when You Are being asked to Stand Up And Walk in Courage. You Are Being Called To Service, and to do that which you were born to do.

In any situation, when you are challenged, we advise you to React With Love. You will always have two choices, you can react with fear, or you can react with love. Reacting with love will always be Divine, and we invite you to observe how others in turn react when you react with love.

You each have an Unique Energy Signature as a Radiant Spark of God. We urge you to "Leave Your Effect ~ Your Influence of Golden Love ~ Your Own Energy Signature, On The New Crystalline Earth." If you have looked around, you would have garned that the New Crystalline Earth is in dire need of your Golden Open-hearted Love ~ now, in this moment, in every situation. You Are Awake ~ You Are The Wayshowers, and others will emulate you. They will follow your example. Begin. We advise you to take the first baby steps. in your own way.

Enduring Hearts ~ may every moment of your day be filled with Majestic Creativity. May others be riveted by the Unconditional Love you bestow. We, The Rainbow Children, have occupied the New Crystalline Earth even as I speak, and, Hand In Crystalline Hand We Will All Create Movement And Momentum ~ Together As One. Re-member. There Is Strength In Numbers, And In Divine Love. Here You Are, poised on the thresholds of epic proportions. We advise that the time to come together as One is now. At this time, there are a myriad of consciousnesses and beliefs, even within The Community of Light, but we ask that, despite your differences, that you Bond Together now in Love and Light, for our love and services are indeed needed. The Baby Golden Chickies have 'hatched,' which will in turn effect 'Unions' and 'Reunions' and Sweet Crystalline Enterprising Blossoms.

We leave you for now, but know that We Are only a golden heartbreath away. Our protection and love are ever with you. Tag. you're it.


Blessings, In splendorous love,
We Are, The Rainbow Children
We Are, The Federation of Light

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