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Master Kuthumi: The Ways of the World

Master Kuthumi: The Ways of the World
Channelled through Natalie Glasson
April 4, 2011

A warm welcome is extended to you as we connect our energies as one; so much love is shared from my heart to yours as I honour your divine presence. As you gather to listen as I express wisdom from the very depths of my soul, let us gather in a sacred bubble of love to protect our energies and maintain our inner balance. Within this bubble of light our minds are clear; our thoughts extend from the source of the Creator, while we hold both a love for each other and the Earth. Through this process of loving all as one aspect of the Creator we also develop a presence of compassion for all. Let us exist in this harmony as we share our truth now.

The Earth is a very sacred and special place because it holds much beauty, love and wisdom for all to see. The reality of the Earth is something completely different because the reality that many experience of the Earth can be harsh, chaotic and confusing. It is a wonder how two different energies of beauty and confusion can exist as one on the Earth but this is due to the presence of humanity. The reality of the Earth is created by the minds of humanity while the very existence of the Earth is created by the Creator's vibration, intent and energy. The reality of the Earth is created by thousands of Gods upon the Earth. Each person on the Earth is a God or is an aspect of the Creator's mighty soul but most are unrealised Gods. The power of creation and manifestation still lies within each person forming the reality of the Earth. It is the mind of humanity that acts as a projection tool to create the Earth's reality, humanity works as one to create the Earth's reality because you all use the same method of creation. The mind projects all thoughts and feelings, this projection is then like a magic wand that allows you to view your creation. Many people are aware of this, they realise that through humanity's mind a world has been created that needs healing and attention. Numerous people acknowledge that chaos and confusion on the Earth has been created because of the same energies existing within the minds of humanity and so they turn to their own minds to begin the healing process. Each person has used their mind to create the Earth's reality to this very moment but now the seed of change and healing must be planted into the mind to instigate the change that the heart is earning for. Take a moment to absorb the enormous power that you hold as you sit in a human body, you and everyone around you have created the reality that you see and experience, but do you like what you see? Every person and their mind are linked as one. Have you ever wondered why people have the same ideas? This is because the mind of one person isn't separate from the minds of others; they are connected like a network and so can influence each other without anything being spoken. When you think about another, their mind and energy will be aware of your thoughts often on an unseen level but sometimes people are able to realise this.

The responsibility that you have of maintaining a peaceful, balanced, loving and harmonious mind is not just for you but for the peace of all of humanity.

Imagine if you had a loud speaker connected to your mind and every thought you accepted into your mind was projected through the loud speaker for all to hear. For one you would probably be embarrassed by your thoughts, the way you repeat patterns, hold on to ideas and rerun memories. I imagine that you would also become very bored of hearing your mind talk all the time and would be yearning for some peace. While this would be a wonderful exercise to understand your mind, it is already experienced on some level. On one level of your energy and being you can hear every thought that you create loud and clear, so can everyone else in the world because of your natural link and connections of energy. Your mind is a part of a larger source of energy, just because aspects of the Creator have been placed in physical bodies on the Earth doesn't mean that the energy of the Creator will ever separate; with this understanding the realisation of your responsibility dawns.

Many peoples' minds are not yet programmed positively and this can cause pain to the individual and to humanity so a change in the process and creation of the mind is needed in order to bring peace to the Earth. A way of programming the mind is to connect the mind with the Creator in order to nurture peace within the mind as well as overseeing the thoughts of the mind to eliminate fear.

When we understand the mind as a tool of projection we become aware of how powerful the mind is but also how susceptible the mind is to outside influences. The mind was designed to project the thoughts and creations of the soul or essence within. If this connection is not strong then the mind of an individual can easily be controlled by another. Many with or wishing to gain authority have already realised this, understanding how an idea can be expressed to humanity, accepted by humanity and then projected by humanity to create the idea as a reality on the Earth. This often happens without humanity even realising. Try to remember now if you have ever taken a thought or opinion of another in to your mind and projected it as your own thought to create your reality. A simple example of this could be that when you wake in the morning and you notice it is raining but do not pass your opinion on this. Then you meet someone and they say to you that it is a horrible day because it is raining. You then agree with their thought and accept it into your mind, thinking that it is a horrible day because of the rain even though a moment ago you were indifferent about the rain. You accepted this person's thought as your own and projected it into your reality and maybe you then created a negative day for yourself because you were open to another person' s view on the reality of the Earth. This is a very general explanation but influence can be achieved on larger scales as people are often told what to think. You may think that I am now telling you what to think, to some extent this is true but I know that to those I speak they are connected to their heart and intuition and so are able to feel what is appropriate to absorb into the mind. There is a need to protect the mind rather than allowing other people to create through your own mind.

To protect your mind you must understand your mind and question thoughts that are given to you by others as well as thoughts that you create. Asking yourself whether they are the truth, hold a positive and loving vibration or will manifest to aid peace and a deeper connection with the Creator. It is to imagine that your mind has two switches, automatic and manual, turn the switch to manual and allow yourself to sift through your thoughts discarding those that do not have a higher purpose or no purpose at all. Not only are you stopping your mind being influence by others but you are protecting yourself, understanding more about yourself and helping to create a better reality on the Earth. When you find that your mind is being influence by another it is important not to punish or blame this person but to simple correct your thought process and love this person for helping you to work on building the balance and strength of your mind.

This process allows you to take a hold of your own inner power, realising that the only energy you can truly trust in is our own and the mighty Creator, because everyone around you is achieving a similar process of growth and so may be experience confusion. Following your intuition is now more important than ever. When you accept your power in this way you begin to follow your own path and experience or attract what is needed for you. Many people are use to other people projecting thoughts through their mind and find is difficult to trust themselves, the thought of following a path that is correct for them rather than the path that the group are following may bring up many fears. Each of you have a divine purpose on the Earth, you cannot truly experience this if you allow others to influence you, the influence must come from the very core of your being, then you will know that you are following the will of the Creator and are fulfilling your own needs as a God on the Earth.

Your reality and future is filled with endless possibilities because your mind and soul are projecting and creating at all times. The speed of the Earth's energy is quickening also which means that thoughts can manifest instantly rather than over a period of time. Humanity is also evolving and changing constantly so the path before is filled with possibilities. In the past your path would have been very certain and prepared, if someone accessed and described your future for you then it would most probably be true and would manifest in that way. With the quickening of energy and humanity's accelerated growth everything is changing all the time, the possibilities of your future are changing with every given moment. If you or a person accessed and explained your future to you at this very moment one possibility or pathway would be described. If the same occurred the next day even at the same time the explanation may be completely different because you have grown so much in a short time and so are allowing new possibilities to open up to you. This is why it is important to live in the present now, to protect your mind and to know what your heart and soul desire. Rather than holding onto certain expectations or understanding for your reality, there is a need to simply know that you have endless possibilities available to you and that you are connected to the will of the Creator. At every given moment on the Earth you will enact the will of the Creator with divine perfection; this understanding will open more possibilities up to you but will also create a clear path forward for you to achieve your purpose and much more but it is the thought process of being open and accepting of any experience that comes your way that feels correct in your heart that will give you tremendous freedom and focus at all times. Allowing the mind to only be susceptible to your heart and soul is for importance. It can be frightening to let go of all expectations created by you or others for the future but once it is achieved and practiced you notice a peace within and the firm guiding hand of the Creator, so confusion, insecurity and pain will be discarded.

I hope that in our quiet bubble of light I have assisted you, dissolved some fears, anxieties and worries as well as inspiring you.

With pure love always,
I am Master Kuthumi

May you walk in the love and light always,


Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website she shares the channeled messages of the Creator's helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet. She offers a service of channeled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.

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