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Uriel's Message -- Guardians of the Old and the New

Uriel's Message -- Guardians of the Old and the New

Each moment arrives with new energy and potentials, different possibilities and outcomes and opportunities for expansion into a new future or contraction into a new past. Each of you is guardian of the new and of the old energies in your lives, for humanity and for the earth. You enter into each lifetime mostly unaware of the results of previous lifetimes because you are tasked, in each life journey, with transforming the energies of the past. These energies are not there for you to use and repeat, they are simply reminders of a past that you have come to transform, applying new vibrations to create a different future.

The energy of the past is always part of your life experience as a reminder of the foundation of the energy you, as the family of humanity, have created and are here to change. Everyone on the earth today is here to shift an energetic aspect into a higher, more spirit-based energy that has a place in the ascended earth paradigm. You may see this as moving forward but as guardians of the new and the old, it is a process of re-purposing the old energy with the intention of shifting it into a higher vibration. The old is part of the new and the new arises from the old.

But when you forget that the purpose of re-calling the old is to transform it into its higher aspects and it becomes the dominant factor in your life experience you have stepped back into the past. While the energy of the past is of value and useful, the emotions and fear of the past are not, when they become the energies of the present moment. As you re-call the past, be sure to separate the energy from the feelings, beliefs, thoughts and experiences that are stored there. They arise to remind you of what needs to be transformed and do not need to be experienced. This is a time for you to practice 'hands off' transformation, where you work energetically and with great, purposeful intention but outside the realm of physical experience and more in the area of energetic consciousness.

The question to ask of the past is 'what is a higher vibration or aspect of this energy'? What is the highest vision you can carry for yourselves, for the world and for humanity? What is the highest experience of love, peace and joy that you can envision for the world and how can the energy of the past be transformed to empower that vision? You experience the past so you can envision a different present and future. Use your guardianship of the old to access enough of the past to have clarity about what you will transform and your guardianship of the new to access this moment's highest energies to envision the highest and best potential for your greatest guardianship, which is that of the ascended earth.

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