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Universal Mind:Now Is The Time To Clear

Universal Mind:Now Is The Time To Clear
Channeled by Alec Christsos Gabbitas
March 30. 2011

Leaving behind all that unwanted baggage is the ultimate gifting that you may allow yourself to readily accept, in humility yet in grandeur, that only you will feel the beauty thereof. Your journey thus far have been many and numerous and the driving force that is within your mighty heart is screaming at you and your only submission is to allow the dross and debris of so many yesteryears to fall by the wayside and be gone! You have now such amazing opportunities to jettison all that emotional and mental clutter which has been erupting out from your beings with gusto and great apace, as the aftermath of the tragedies have overloaded your waste bin with tons of excess deposits of baggage!

As you draw down from Central Sun through your Higher selves, that wonder filled golden white crystal light, direct it downwards flowing through your 12 essential chakra's, likened to a spiritual shower cascading forth one by one from above your head to toe and into the earth star beneath your feet, and yet further into the very heart center of the beloved planet where Mother Earth ever awaits your loving connection. Allow her ever loving pink unconditional love flowing up through your earth star, filling you with her loving embrace within a pyramid of crystal encompassing your heart; and likewise see an inverted crystal pyramid from above also encompassing your mighty heart, forming a six pointed star of balance. Visualize this expanding into the twelve pointed star as harmony is realized and the universal essential rays are duly energized, and your Merkaba is enlivened and you are free to utilize your radiant and expansive light bodies.

Daily wash yourselves through and consciously envision all emotional debris being washed away and transmuted in the violet ray supported by Saint Germain, Portia, Amethyst and Zadkiel, whose presences are ever reachable as you so decree in highest good. The ongoing trauma's of the world will flood through your crystal clear purified vehicles, dispensing also the angers and fears as many nations are in need of releasement and cleansing. Be those pressure release valves for the planet as these denser energies keep on 'channeling' through and washed out into the ethers to be alchemized or cleansed. Bring in the pure light from the heavens, from Central Sun and also the Orion Belt as pure crystal energies issue forth through these Universal crystals. Be the light unto to the world and bless the planet and Lady Gaia with your loving and graciously accepted support.

The entire world now being affected by the multi-faceted and multi-purposed shifting and clearing that are most evident at these times and these are roads that have need to be traveled, and the hands of domino's are indeed in the throes of gradually beginning to fall, yes indeed, one by one. There will come a time on looking back, when the pattern that is not clear at this now moment, will indeed be crystal clear in hindsight, this will be in the nearness of time.

Be not in fear at the seeming disarray and dire looking scenario's, for there is a bigger picture that has space and rightful timing for all these pieces of the jigsaw to slot into place. They are those greater times of realization on this beloved planet and you are all, in your sovereignty, the brave players who are playing the leading roles in the script. There is an ending, and it is set in gold and affirmed in the Akashic, as seen, done and dusted, for so it is.

The sensitivities of many on planet, as the universal and planetary tempo now quickens, is surely felt within the solar plexus' which appears taut with fear and tension. Lightworkers and sensitives are becoming as barometers for the planets' inhabitants who dwell in the war zones and the disaster areas alike, where the emotions of anger, fear and despair are so strong that many are picking up on these emotional vibes. Also experienced are apprehension and acute anxiety as these emotions are ongoing and have a 'need' to be surely dealt with by self protection and continual self cleansing with the violet flame.

This world wide phenomena will continue as all these changes take place as emotions are running high with those in direct line of fire, so to speak. So keep on self cleansing and placing continually the circles of white light protection and violet/gold light for transmuting, invoking also Christ light abundance.

Being out in every day normality at these times, might also create a situation of feeling somewhat threatened by the sheer volume of street noise and also seeming endless chatter and physicality! Again, cleanse and protect, clearing and injecting with golden white circles of light energy. Make the most of any opportunity to get into nature as much as you possibly can; feel the ambience of the grass, the tree's and flowers, the birds and the sun, and blue skies. Also drink as much clean water as possible, feeling yourself drinking in of the pure energies that God gifts us with. Imagine this water that you are drinking to be crystal pure nectar or lifes precious elixir of the Gods; drinking deeply, filling yourself with this divinity, with these adamatine particles. You will not have to be always in this state of 'tension or imbalance,' for soon will you adjust and allow these energies to flow through you and out into the transmuting ethers.

Mother nature is there always to assist and to bless; there will be continuing climes of challenging energies to deal with, and deal with them you shall, as you begin to 'tighten up' emotionally and mentally, transmuting the seeming tirade of raw emotional discharge from a varying world's challenging events.

Hold your vision of that forthcoming New World that your presence demands, distant yourselves from the suffering of those who have chosen in majestic gifting, and allow them their moments of light, glory and transformation. All these events will be earned and worked for, and it is this inner resolve deep in the souls of many that urges them forwards in seeming adverse odds. All have the divine right to express what their hearts invoke and it is for you to become marginally more detached, honouring their infamous gestures to serve and to save Hu-mankind and to 'fly' with the beloved planet.

Envision the tens of thousands around the world, including those in Japan whose excellent portrayal of peace and platitude amongst their enormous disaster and current living accommodations - how truly great thou art! Envision them in their magnificent world acclaimed roles as gentile, compassionate, caring, sharing and calming souls in an unparalleled Oneness of Unity Being!

They are contributing grandly in the scheme of things and much, much , much has already been weaned and reaped, adding to the worlds Akashic account in a manner that defies any wordy acclaim. Loving thy neighbor, and how!

God moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform, and we will be seeing more of these miraculous wonders as time gathers in momentum and the very best will be portrayed by magnificent man/woman when his/her neighbor is sadly afflicted and in need, laying a morsel of bread at an others open door!

Mighty and magnificent 'new-worldly' loving souls, you are again assured of the continuing support in your every endeavor as your lights continue to glow across the skies and the heavens. You are ever invited to walk your talk and to rest assured that "the Father sees when even a sparrow falls" and this is divine truth. Everything, indeed everything, is energy and the size of these energies are unimportant but the motive and intent surely is. So, again you are told to go forth and to multiply; sow your seeds in God's good name, for truly will they blossom and bloom as only that which is born of the light can.

You are in full flow as the ascending evolutionary progress is running at a pace that is by far exceeding all expectations!

Be still and know that You Are God.

(c)2011 Channeled by Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and an ever United Kingdom. Please copy and share, giving full credit to the source of these messages * Email: