Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Beloved: Tune in to your Source Channel!

The Beloved: Tune in to your Source Channel!
Received by Kenton David Bell

The Source Channel. You see, it's always there but we're just bringing your attention to that frequency; the frequency that is you, the frequency that is Source, the part of you that is Source, and that is what the Great Remembrance is about. Really about just tuning in to our frequency that reminds you of your true nature, your divinity, you see; just tuning into a frequency, not much different than turning a radio dial, not much different at all.

You see that you are made in the eyes of the Creator, you are the Creator, made in the image of the Creator because you are the Creator, you are part of the Creator. And when you turn to Source, whatever you might call it -- God, Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Allah -- whatever name or facet or expression of Source that you are familiar with, really what you are doing, what you're truly doing in that moment, is seeing your own expression.

And in that moment that you are having that experience of tuning in and feeling oneness with your God Source, what you're really doing is just seeing yourself, you see. Nothing more, nothing less. Because when you see God Source, you're seeing yourself. Because you are made in the image of the Creator.

So what would happen if we begin to recognize that we are all one? We are all cut from the same cloth? That we are all ladled from the same soup, in a sense? Because that's the way it is!

In this time of Great Remembrance, the things that cause separation, the things that cause hate (seeing that you're right and the other one is wrong) is beginning to fade, beginning to dissolve.

We are the Beloved. And so are you.

Truly all of the great spiritual teachers told us that all are able to attain such oneness with Source. How could this be true from some and not for others? It has long been a false belief on the Planet that true enlightenment is reserved for a special few. Not so, dear friends.

A mentor of mine, Alan Cohen, says, "you spot it, you got it." This is true. Whenever and wherever you see Source, you are seeing yourself.

Whenever you see or experience something other than Love, it is a lie. Love is the only real expression of Source. Source is you. As we remember our true nature, the separation begins to fall away. Judgment can't live in Love. There is no fixing, there is only wholeness.

Todays thoughts: You are always connected to Source. It is only an illusion that you cannot be. However, that illusion can be powerful enough to have you not in your power. Allow yourself to let go of the resistance. I set my dial on my Source Channel!

I have the same DNA, the same ability as the great ones before me to know Source. I look for Source everywhere I go, in everything I do. Knowing it is me.

I choose to live in the truth of Love. I allow all thoughts of separation to fall away.


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