Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Where are You?" - Kerrie O'Connor

"Where are You?"

"Time to Get Off the Fence"

I was recently at an event where I had the privilege to hear internationally known metaphysical master teacher Stuart Wilde. Mr. Wilde has written over 30 books and has been called "The Teacher's Teacher" with his many years as the "Fore-Father" in the metaphysical world. He was sharing some of his experiences then he said something that really hit me. He said that 80% of the people that have read his books stay there going from one book to another or to the latest favorite "how to" authors but when it comes down to applying and making the changes in their daily lives 80% of these people stop. They feel good, are inspired but don't go any further.

Why it hit me so deeply is I see the same thing with many of my clients or people I encounter in my life. They want the changes or they are so sick and tired f their life's situation but if it means a major change and deep down they know it may meant leaving a dead end job or toxic relationship or they have to change their perceptions, forgive people who have hurt them or accept that life isn't always a bowl of cherries. They "freeze" or stay frozen in fear. 80% of the people are sitting on the fence because they also know it means taking total responsibility and accountability for their lives.

As far as the 20% of the other people another 10% will make some changes, get out of toxic scenarios. They will start taking accountability and responsibility for their own lives but when it comes down to going against core beliefs, generational patterns, their security, money, health or self-worth, they can get stuck in the FEAR of the "unknown".

The "human" side of us all wants "written guarantees". For example if I leave this toxic marriage someone else will come along or if I leave this dead end job I will have success and happiness in my next job.

Then there's that other 10% that really have Let Go, Allow, Surrender and escaped out of the "Matrix". The deeply ingrained mental patterns and continue to work on their mental/emotional baggage. They're free to live life as a human BEING instead of the human DOING.

This year the theme for 2011 is all about transformation. We can "Create Heaven on Earth NOW". When we decide we are ready to get off the "fence" to apply the tools and information we receive through whatever resonates with you. There are many miraculous things happening everyday. When we clear and change our perception of how we view the world and how we feel throughout the day this helps us step beyond the veil of the emotional and mental patterns that are ingrained in us.

Does it take work? YES. Will you have to make changes in your life? YES. Can these changes seem scary at first? Absolutely. But the results that you'll feel, witness and then experience make it all worth it. You are FREE, free to feel the genuine support that is all around us runs through us and is us. The "Holy Grail" lies within us and when we stop looking outside for something or someone to rescue or save us; you begin to tap into the miraculous God-Force that we are made of. You start feeding, caring and growing that spark of divinity. The spark then turns into a flame then fire then passion that burns away illusions that we are separate from Source/Creator. We are free to develop a relationship with the Cosmic Force when you integrate your wounded child/shadow. The veil lifts and the cosmic dance begins. You are able to step beyond your worst fears because you realize if you don't you are "dying" and stopping short from feeling the God-Force run through you. You energetically support yourself, which opens up your heart. As your heart opens you will re-member an ancient feeling of what it feels like to be unconditionally loved and supported because it's the fiber of your divine essence. That flame/passion in your heart literally gives you the energy or life-force to keep you on your journey. Then you re-member we are the ones we have been waiting for. That passion/fire ignites your dreams and you are FREE from opinion of others, no one can latch on to you because you're vibrating at a different frequency. You see, feel the good, the bad and the ugly but choose to direct your life-force to "The Good". Then you become the Divine Aspect of Creator that you are and then can you create "Heaven on Earth NOW".