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Mastering the Art of Choosing Realities by DL Zeta

Mastering the Art of Choosing Realities by DL Zeta

Working with timeline shifts is one way to master the art of choosing
the realities you experience. Each person accepts and lives according to
standard-issue realities or they wake up and take an active role in
their life by choosing the realities they experience.

In order to effectively shift to timelines where chosen realities exist,
you need to become as awake as possible in your life. By stepping back
and playing the role of the observer, you can gain awareness of any ways
you move through life on autopilot.

Unconscious Lapses, Accidents and Episodes of 'Bad Luck'

Most everyone has unconscious lapses. These lapses account for times
when one experiences undesired realities. Accidents, illnesses, missed
opportunities, unfortunate decisions and episodes of "bad luck"
sometimes occur during unconscious lapses. These lapses also make it
impossible to act in ways that bring you the highest and best
experiences and realities. When you are asleep at the wheel, it is
impossible to make conscious decisions and shift to new realities.

Life and how it unfolds is no mystery. The awakened consciousness is
able to choose its own realities while the sleeping consciousness moves
through a life dictated by old scripts. This is a condition that leads
to feelings of victimhood. But these feelings of victimhood are not
"bad" because they can help us by prodding us to wake up. If life were
working smoothly, perfectly, there would be nothing to jolt to awake
when we drift off to sleep. The bumps in the road help jolt us awake and
keep us awake.

Signs of Awakening

The awakened person has an expanded awareness developed through silence,
inner listening, communing with nature and a willingness to yield to the
natural flow of the universe. This awareness brings a heightened
sensitivity that enables one to perceive the energies that exist around
them. Once a person begins to see how their energies interact with the
web of life, they are able to live from a "big picture" perspective.
When a person can step beyond themselves and choose the highest and best
for all concerned, they are making awakened decisions. Comprehending the
impact of one's actions and energy makes it easier to take 100%
responsibility for one's experiences. Total self-responsibility allows
one to rewrite life scripts through awareness, intention and conscious

Accessing the Library of Life Scripts

Each person has existing storylines in their library of life scripts.
Each person begins life with a small repertoire of life scripts that
change and evolve over time. Each person lives their life according to
these existing scripts until they write their own. Living according to
old, pre-existing scripts can be defeating and disempowering. If you
have a history of losing, you will lose. If you have lived in poverty,
that will continue to be your fate until you change the life script that
binds you to a life of poverty. If your relationships all end with great
trauma and sadness, this trend will extend into the future until you
learn to rewrite certain life scripts operating behind the scenes.

If you are awake in your life, you can choose to go "behind-the-scenes"
of your life and enter the library of life scripts where all your
current storylines are stored. You enter this library by intending to do
so and allowing yourself to visit this location in consciousness.

As you enter this library, you may be surprised to find the tone and
nature of the scripts contained there. These may be old scripts handed
down to you from your family. They may go beyond your present lifetime
to re-enact past life scripts downloaded to your consciousness at birth.
These past scripts are carried over to give you another opportunity to
complete understandings that allow you to move to the next phase of your
spiritual journey.

As you examine these scripts, the events of your life up to that point
are no longer a mystery. Every detail of your life is written in these
life scripts. As you review these scripts, you will likely see revisions
you want to make in keeping with your present goals and visions. You are
free to change these scripts and rewrite them. As you re-envision
existing storylines, you activate new timelines and shift to their
accompanying reality threads.

Practice Rewriting Life Scripts

Once you begin rewriting scripts, it is natural you will experience some
trial and error. Allow yourself time and opportunity to experience the
changes you are creating. Leave off with self-judgment. Observe the
result of the changes you make from a detached perspective. Then, with
awareness, rewrite and rework your scripts.

Rewriting life scripts helps you fine-tune the vision you hold for your
future. As you go through the process of choosing from among your field
of potentials, you consciously learn steps that can in time become so
intuitive you automatically scan for potentials and choose realities
most aligned with your visions and intentions within each moment.

Releasing Scripts Based in Resistance, Doubt and Fear

As you rewrite life scripts, you may encounter some scripts that resist
efforts to transform them. These scripts may incorporate mechanisms such
as resistance, victimhood and struggle. Resistance stems from doubt and
difficulty in allowing. As long as you move through life with feelings
of doubt and resistance, you will not step into the role as creator of
your life. Doubt and fear are not awakened states. Your fears will bind
you to whatever you don't want. This will prevent you from taking
responsibility for everything in your life and entering the mastery
mindset that allows you to consciously enter the library of your life
scripts. It is this mastery mindset that allows you to rewrite old
scripts that no longer serve your highest good.

If you encounter old, deeply-entrenched scripts steeped in resistance
and doubt, sit with the emotions behind these scripts. Be compassionate
with aspects of your being that have lived according to these scripts.
Love these aspects and ask them to accept the new scripts you have
written, and to participate in your new storylines. The awakened
consciousness is able to stare down and face feelings of doubt and fear
and see through them. The awakened person is able to bring about inner
healing through love and compassion. They have the insight and patience
to sit down with feelings of doubt and see where they stem from. It is
this willingness to see and embrace "what is" that helps release old
scripts with awareness and understanding while shifting to new realities
of chosen timelines.

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