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Manifesting 'Magic' with Timeline Shifts

Manifesting 'Magic' with Timeline Shifts
2 April 2011 - 1:59pm | DL Zeta
DL Zeta
Timeline shifts are not really magical, though they may seem to work magic when you use them as a tool for navigating everyday reality.

Timeline shifts are possible between an infinite number of potential reality threads that spin off each person's present reality thread. These potentials are alternate realities energetically "already in existence". We are able to activate an alternate thread into our physical reality and begin traveling along this thread through awareness, intention, focus and action.

By using this process for creating reality, you are able to scan the potential reality threads accessible within each moment, choose the thread most aligned with your desired outcome, and shift to this new life track.

Signs that your Present Timeline is not Working

Using the timeline shift process is one way to step past old ways of creating and experiencing reality. One need not persevere in joyless and unfulfilling timelines for decades trying to change realities that remain firmly in place. One need not swim against a constant tide of obstacles to realize the visions they hold. In fact, if this is the reality you are experiencing, it it time to stop and re-evaluate the course you are following. A path fraught with constant obstacles is a sign it's time to shift to a new timeline where your chosen realities are happening.

Trying to Change Existing Reality Threads is a Waste of Time and Resources

We have said you can't really change the nature of a particular reality thread. Now we will tell you why it is not in your best interest to even try and change a thread. It takes an incredible amount of life force energy and effort to try and change "what is." We might liken this mindset to the person who buys a tall skyscraper so he can tear it down to build a carwash in its place. While this might be possible if one has unlimited time, energy and resources, it is hardly worthwhile in the greater scheme of things. The universe always works in support of the simplest, most efficient course of action in every case. To go against the natural flow of the universe is depleting and out of harmony with one’s higher purpose. In the above case, the simpler course would be to either buy an existing carwash or build a new one on a vacant property.

Another analogy would be trying to get a movie theater to show a different movie from the one showing that evening when all you need to do is to go down the street where the movie you want to see is currently showing at another theater. Both of the scenarios we have described sound absurd yet people attempt to change reality all the time. If you could harness all the energy spent trying to change the existing storylines within reality threads, that energy would power the world! It's a huge waste of time, energy and resources and yet it's done all the time.

Trying to change an existing reality thread is like moving concrete around. Literally. Once a reality is in existence it is concrete, immovable, unchangeable. From an energetic perspective, trying to change an existing reality thread will bind you more strongly than ever to the reality you are trying to change. If, for example, you are a writer who wants to become a best-selling novelist, sulking and lamenting about missed opportunities, writer's block, bad luck and so on, will only bind you to the reality thread of a down-on-your-luck writer who aspires to become a successful novelist but never does. History is filled with examples of people trying unsuccessfully to change their present reality thread instead of simply shifting to a new reality thread.

The same writer described above can choose instead to use the timeline shift method, simply stilling his mind and scanning his field of potentials to find the timeline where he is a best-selling novelist. Once he chooses this timeline, he listens within and remains alert for steps to take to more fully realize this timeline. A willingness to act is key to the timeline shift method. Our writer in question who makes the shift may find himself feeling drawn to take certain steps that could result in his meeting someone who is organizing a group of gifted writers who help spur him toward success or he may meet someone who has a friend who is an editor - or any number of other synchronistic scenarios.

Synchronicities are just signposts showing us we are making the shifts we desire. They tell us we are taking actions to shift toward the reality of our choosing.

Mastery Consciousness and Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

Timeline shifts are an important component of spiritual mastery because they are based on the premise that one chooses one's reality rather than trying to change it. The master accepts that the desired reality thread already exists within its own location or zip code in consciousness. She understands that activating this thread is a matter of choosing and activating that thread. Implied in this process is the mindset of the detached observer who acts not from desperation or need but from inner knowing and determination.

Mastery consciousness leaves no room for doubt. In order to liberate one's self from doubt, one stands strong in the inner knowing that desired reality threads exist and can be activated. This doesn't mean one will always know how and when their desired realities will manifest. When one takes the steps to study and understand the workings and nature of the universe, one gains direct knowledge of how to manifest through timeline shifts. This knowledge is based on experience of the inner planes. Knowledge of the inner planes combined with determination, spiritual alignment, and the willingness to act is a powerful elixer that makes everything possible.

Spiritual Masters don't need 'Guarantees'

Those who need guarantees that everything will work out if they take certain actions are still acting from doubt. Doubt binds us to realities where desired realities are beyond our reach. Faith has long been thought to be an asset in manifesting and it is helpful in certain situations. However, as we enter this new time when spiritual mastery is more attainable than ever before, we are asked to move beyond blind faith and belief to the place of inner knowing.

Faith is based in hoping and asking for something, and neither asking nor hoping are the way of the spiritual master. Faith like doubt leaves open the door that chosen realities may not manifest. The master steps forward into each new moment knowing they will persevere in confidence, determination and allowing until their desired reality manifests.

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